The Great Curse Reversal

The Great Curse Reversal

by Todd Gaddis


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When I read Todd Gaddis' books, I think of the great preacher and author Chuck Swindoll. Todd weaves in wonderful illustrations as he leads us to the fountain of truth for refreshing. Practical help for daily living flows like a river from every page. He paints beautiful portraits of grace and mercy for us to behold in such a way that we can "get it." -Larry McFadden, evangelist and author
In the beginning, God spoke into existence the heavens and the earth and saw that they were good. Then, He created man in His own image, gave him dominion over the rest of creation, and saw that it was very good.
Unfortunately, paradise didn't last for long. Bliss turned to blunder when Adam and Eve ate fruit from the only tree they were told to avoid. Immediately, mankind became ensnared by sin.
In The Great Curse Reversal, Todd Gaddis explores the work of Satan in the Garden and the first couple's subsequent plunge into iniquity. He details the only true answer to mankind's predicament, a reconciliation that comes through Jesus Christ. As the book progresses, special emphasis is given to the tragedy of Hell and the delight of Heaven -along with a description of the Second Coming, judgments, rewards and the establishment of a new heaven and new earth.
Read and ruminate over this book, discovering the antidote for the poison of sin. As an added bonus, you'll learn about the wonderful plans God has for those who've received Him and the disaster in store for those who don't.

About the author: Todd Gaddis has been a pastor since 1990 and currently serves at First Baptist Church in LaFayette, Georgia. He has written for Focus on the Family, Leadership, Pray, War Cry and numerous LifeWay publications.
Before entering the pastorate, he worked in public relations and fundraising for a Christian college and also as a corporate sales representative. His books are: Prophecy 3.0 (2012), Upon This Rock (2011), The Spiritual "It" Factor (2010), Journey to the Center of Love (2009), Reclaim Your Body, Restore Your Soul (2008), Money and More (2007), The Great Curse Reversal (2006), Escape from Wits' End (2005), and The Compliments of Christ (2004).

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ISBN-13: 9781554520749
Publisher: Essence Publishing, Canada
Publication date: 11/28/2006
Pages: 115
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