The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity's Future

The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity's Future

by John Renesch

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2013 GRAND PRIZE WINNER FOR NON-FICTION by Next Generation Indie Book Awards

It is not too late to create the future we all say we want for our children and our children’s children—a future that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. The Great Growing Up projects this vision and shows a way for generating this global reality. It’s time to grow up and assume a more mature responsibility toward each other and our planet.

“John Renesch is not only a smart man, but also a wise one. The Great Growing Up offers a conscious choice for the kind of future we want to create and the role we each want to play in bringing it about. Don’t just read this book—do it!” —Alan M. Webber, cofounder, Fast Company magazine

“With so many of us struggling, we all need a vision of hope that looks at life, business and the dark side of human behavior right in the eye. That’s what John Renesch does in this provocative, comprehensive guide to the future—and our role in constructing it.” —Patricia Aburdene, author, Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

“An inspiring, visionary book detailing both the dangers and the opportunities before us, John Renesch persuasively shows how, despite the turmoil of our times, we can collectively rise to the occasion and create the society that we all know in our hearts is possible.” —Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain, Waking Up in Time, and other books

“John Renesch, renowned futurist and prolific author, has written a deeply provocative book to inspire the evolution of a new humanity. The Great Growing Up brilliantly captures the critical importance of the present moment and outlines a trajectory for achieving a mature, peaceful future for all. John’s roadmap to our collective future is clear, compelling, and transformative. His new book is important and empowering. I highly recommend it.” —Lynne Twist, co-founder, The Pachamama Alliance

4YG (Four Years Ago) is a campaign to shift humanity’s course toward a just, fulfilling and sustainable future by the end of 2014. The author is donating all royalties to this initiative, a project of the not-for-profit corporation The Pachamama Alliance.

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Publisher: John Renesch
Publication date: 12/16/2011
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About the Author

Author, The Great Growing Up, Getting to the Better Future, Steven's Choice and eleven other books, business futurist and humanitarian, publishes "John Renesch's Mini-Keynote" monthly newsletter (free from John is a private coach/mentor for consultants and senior executives. He is also the Founder of FutureShapers, LLC.

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While we claim to admire people and groups who achieve great things - achievements most people think of as impossible - many of us live quiet lives of desperation, resigned to taking various anesthetics to make things more tolerable. Record amounts of anti-depressants are consumed and addiction to various substances and behaviors is standard fare. Clearly we have become a society that has renounced its idealism and traded it for lives of busy nothingness. The best available explanation is we find it too painful to maintain our idealism; the disappointment is too difficult to handle. But we pay a price for renouncing our idealism. We give up a piece of our soul - as people, as nations, and as citizens of the world.

While we have made huge technological advances in recent years, and have gained widespread wisdom from sages throughout the ages, many of us wonder why we haven't achieved the peaceful and secure existence here on Earth we claim to want. In the past century we have experienced breakthroughs of all kinds that allow us to create the kind of world we want for ourselves. So it isn't a matter of the conditions being right. We have the wherewithal!

The cynic's cry, "it will always be the way it has been.” This a disillusioned perspective, resigned to the present reality being as good as it gets. This is hardly the adventurous human eager to explore the unknown, setting out on the quest for what lies over the horizon. The cynic has lost the spirit of adventure, spirit of exploration and, perhaps, the spirit of being human.

Let us re-engage that inner explorer in us and leave space to NASA and the other outer space experts. Let us leave the oceans to the people already engaged in those explorations and leave the study of subatomic particles to the world's scientists. With all these people and organizations fully engaged in their adventures into these uncharted territories, there are still at least five billion of us who could start exploring who we are and what we want.

We have everything we need to transform society except, perhaps, the will. The first step is to choose. We must decide the promise of humanity is important enough to stand for it…and stand tall for it with all our might! Then we may get closer to answering the question of who we are and start acting more consistently with what we want.

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