The Great Qur'an: An English Translation

The Great Qur'an: An English Translation

by The Monotheist Group
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Over the course of centuries, Islam has undergone a process of sub-categorization into numerous denominations. As such, nearly all translators have belonged to one school of thought or another, allowing the influence of such denomination(s) to come across in their interpretation of specific words or verses, and how they choose to translate them. The Great Qur'an, is an attempt to be free from the influences of sectarianism, and gives the reader a genuine and honest viewpoint of Monotheism's Holy Book by translating it the way it always deserved to be translated. The Great Qur'an, is the result of a group effort by people who do not belong to any denomination, and for the first time in many centuries, are simply proud to call themselves 'Muslims' as God had named us centuries ago. The Great Qur'an, is unique in the fact that it uses neither footnotes nor author comments, letting the text speak for itself and delivering to the reader as close a rendition of the pure message of the Qur'an as physically possible.

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ISBN-13: 9780982586778
Publisher: Brainbow Press
Publication date: 11/11/2017
Pages: 484
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