The Great Rip-off in American Education: Undergrads Underserved

The Great Rip-off in American Education: Undergrads Underserved

by Mel Scarlett



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ISBN-13: 9781591020318
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.08(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Mel Scarlett (Murfreesboro, TN), who holds an Ed.D. in Higher Education, is president emeritus of Middle Tennessee State University. He has been involved in higher education as a professor, dean, president, and consultant for over forty-five years.

Table of Contents

The Intent13
Part 1Creating a Climate for Change
1.What If?17
The Book Plan19
Special Bulletin19
The Two Faces of American Higher Education22
2.Characterizing the "Rip-off": The Boyer Commission Report23
Leadership's Dilemma Explained27
Beyond the Criticism28
Reinventing Undergraduate Education29
Comments about the New Model31
What Is a Research University?32
When and How Did It Begin?39
4.Decades of Criticism, Business as Usual41
The Expose42
Study Capsules45
Why the Lack of Response?48
5.Fraud in Higher Education?51
The Twenty Deadly Sins52
Educational Fraud55
The Call to Action56
Part 2Dogmatic, Radical Recommendations for Reform
Preface to Part Two61
6.A General Concern63
External Governance67
Internal Governance73
A Plan80
Advantages of the Plan81
The Board Staff Dilemma81
Summary of "The Plan"85
Difficulty of External Change85
8.Leadership: The President and the Board89
Shared Leadership94
Shared Leadership (Other Employees)96
9.The Faculty Role99
11.Probing Deep into Teaching and Learning--and What about the Internet?113
Preparation: The Ph.D.115
Evaluation: Department Chairpersons118
Academic Freedom120
Reward Systems121
Other Recognition121
Faculty Hiring: A Candidate's Emphasis122
Class Size124
Criticisms of Undergraduate Instruction Still Around125
The Lecture Examined126
Other Ways to Enliven Instruction128
Faculty Preparation129
A New Doctor's Degree131
Fantastic Fantasy Future137
The Internet and the New Millennium142
12.The Academic Program145
Coherent Undergraduate Education146
General Education147
The More Structured 50 Hours Plan150
The Process of Developing the Undergraduate Curriculum151
Program Inefficiencies160
Student Retention167
Core Course Considerations169
13.Conduct: Campus Climate and Values175
University Conduct181
All Categories of Campus Conduct Problems185
14.Finances: Yesterday and Tomorrow193
Going Back in Time194
Rational Radical Reconstructive Reform199
Public Relations and Private Fund-Raising209
Part 3Wrapping It All Up
Conclusion: Action!215
Long-Standing Concerns216
An Ominous Update223
The Importance of Reform225
Breaking the Logjam226

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