The Great Snowball Escapade

The Great Snowball Escapade

by J. D. Holiday


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The Great Snowball Escapade by J. D. Holiday

In the story, Wilhemena Brooks' cousin, Bud Dunprhy come to live with her family. Wil, as she likes to be called, finds her pink pencil sharpener is missing after Christmas. Wil knows Bud has it! Who else would have taken it?
Bud doesn't like girls! In fact, Bud doesn't like anybody. Wil tries to ignore him but he pulls her friends hair, taken over games, and when Bud is in trouble he making his "you're going to got it" face at her.
After a snowstorm closes school, Wil and her friends go sled riding. Bud shows up and starts a snowball fight which lands Wil in her room for the rest of the day for fighting.
When her pencil sharpener is found, Right where she left it, Wil decides she has to try harder to understand her cousin and stay out of trouble. Her mother told her to be nice to Bud and to treat him like she would like to be treated. If Wil treats Bud nicely does that change anything for her?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780981861425
Publisher: Book Garden Publishing
Publication date: 03/16/2010
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 0.19(w) x 7.81(h) x 5.06(d)
Age Range: 6 - 8 Years

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The Great Snowball Escapade 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
SherryE More than 1 year ago
Wil Brooks has a new visitor in her house. It's her cousin, Bud. Bud is going through some tough times because his parents are divorcing. As is the case with many kids in that situation, he's acting up and being mean. Wil can't stand it! Why does this nasty kid have to live with her and ruin her life? Things are pretty bumpy until Wil decides to try to be nice to him. Then she discovers that Bud isn't so bad after all. The Great Snowball escapade is a sweet story that encourages kids to try to put themselves in the other person's shoes. It teaches them to think about why someone might act the way they do, and it helps them think about how their own actions might affect the other person. It's a story that encourages empathy. The Great Snowball Escapade is an excellent chapter book for kids ages 6 - 8.
SFC_Magazine More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth Synopsis: Bud was very mean to Wil at all times. Bud was irritated by everything that Wil did. Wil constantly upset Bud, and put her down. No one will take her side of the story either, not even her mother. It got so bad that she wanted to go and live with her grandmother instead of put up with Bud. But her mother wouldn't allow it. Wil's Mom said that he was mean because he was hurting. He wasn't a bad kid. He's just going through a lot of changes. Wil was upset that no one was taking her side. She thought that nothing would ever change about her predicament until she was stuck with Bud because of a few snow days. Can they reconcile their differences and live in harmony? Overall Thoughts: This is a great book about how to deal with mean siblings and kids. It offers kids great lessons about how to cope with bullying-types of behaviour and mean kids. These are important lessons for kids to learn. Siblings can have a difficult time getting along. Many kids will be able to relate to the issues in this book.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
Wilhelmina Brooks, who prefers to be called Wil, is a second-grade girl. She lives with her parents and older brother Jason who happens to be away in military school. Over Christmas vacation, Wil's Aunt Karen Dunphry, who is separated from her husband and recently lost her job, and Wil's cousin Bud, who is also in second grade, come to stay with the Brooks. Wil likes her aunt, but Bud is mean to her. On the way to their first day at school after Christmas break, Bud makes fun of her name and throws a snowball at her. At school, he mistreats her friends. And she is sure that he stole her pink pencil sharpener which she got for Christmas. When Wil complains to her mother that evening after dinner, her mother replies that people sometimes say and do things that they shouldn't when they're hurting, so it would be best for them to look past some of the things that Bud is doing and try to understand him. However, that may be easier said than done. How can you be nice to someone who's taken your pencil sharpener? Is it possible for Wil to make up with Bud? And what can she do to try? The Great Snowball Escapade is a chapter book with a heart-warming story about the importance of understanding the problems of others and treating them as we would like to be treated. J. D. Holiday is also the author and illustrator of the children's picture book Janoose the Goose,
JDHoliday More than 1 year ago
I have an 8 year old reluctant reader in my house and always like hearing input on good books for this age group. Anyway, this book "the Great Snowball Escapade" struck a chord around here. Life is full of changes and so often they are challenging ones. This is the story of Wilhemena Brooks, a little girl who's life has hit a bit of a rough patch and her cousin, Bud Dunphry, who's in more of a tailspin. Together they discover that their new life together can be okay, maybe even good. It's a simply told story with realistic overtones and is the book to buy for any kid going through a difficult life change. The illustrations are gritty but charming and it's a truly engaging novel. Author and Illustrator Carolyn Watson-Dubisch~~~ I highly recommend The Great Snowball Escapade. My daughter and I love the book! J.D. Holiday is a very talented writer and illustrator. Children can relate to Wilhemena's life being turned upside down when her cousin Bud moves in with her and her family. Bud is misunderstood. At first there is alot of tension, blaming between the cousins, even the kids at school blamed Bud for everything that went wrong. In the end everything works out. Wilhemena and Bud learned to trust each other as friends do. Nata Romeo~~~~ It's not easy being a kid! Grownups invariably forget how difficult it is to be a child, this book's author does not! This reminds me of my childhood and the problems I encountered. I'm sure it will make my child feel like he is "normal" in this crazy world. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews by Emma Knightley~~~~ A story all school children can identify with. Wilhelmina has had a rotten Christmas, thanks to her mean cousin Bud coming to stay. Things don't get any better when she returns to school - not only is Bud in the same class, but she has to sit next to him! Bud is the school bully. He dictates who is allowed to play and where, he fights with Wil and her friends, deliberately gets her into trouble with teachers and her Mum, and there is no getting away from him because now he lives in her home! Bud's parents are going through a divorce, and Wil's Mum encourages her to be understanding and nice to Bud, but that's not easy when he's so mean. "The Great Snowball Escapade" has a believable and likeable heroine and children will easily identify with her and the situations she finds herself in. The book is effectively illustrated throughout with simple line-drawings. Do Bud and Wil finally sort out their differences? You'll just have to read the book to find out. by Angela Cater Children's writer... (Manchester, UK~~~~ POSTED by JD Holiday
ReeseConnell More than 1 year ago
This book is a fun read for kids and they will also learn how to treat each other. The cousins can't get along which leads them to getting into trouble with their parents. The mother in this book has the right idea,'they must treat each other like they want others to treat them.' A very good lesson to learn!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is great for helping children feel like their feelings matter. It also teaches them that they sometimes have to act like grownups and do things that are difficult to do. Which is a hard lesson to teach but is essential for children to learn.