The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed: How to Manage Food, Booze, Stress, Sex, Sleep, and Exercise on Campus

The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed: How to Manage Food, Booze, Stress, Sex, Sleep, and Exercise on Campus

The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed: How to Manage Food, Booze, Stress, Sex, Sleep, and Exercise on Campus

The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed: How to Manage Food, Booze, Stress, Sex, Sleep, and Exercise on Campus


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***2022 Independent Press Award: Winner, Young Adult***
***American Book Fest Best Book Award: Winner, College Guides***
***NYC Big Book Award: Distinguished Favorite, Health/Fitness***
***Readers Favorite Book Award: Bronze Medalist, Health/Fitness***
***Living Now Book Award: Bronze Medalist, Health/Wellness***
***Firebird Book Award: Winner, Health***
***Literary Titan: Gold Award Winner***

The coach's guide to beating the Freshman Fifteen, Sophomore Slump, crippling anxiety, and your worst hangover! Learn to take care of yourself, and de-stress throughout your undergrad years and beyond.

Every fall, millions of young adults crash into college fired up for the best four years of their lives, ready to experience campus life, take classes about things they’re interested in, and meet people from all over the world. Most students, however, are better prepared to pick their major or talk to strangers than they are to take care of themselves in the college setting. College students today are more depressed, anxious, and stressed than previous waves of students; they’re also more sedentary, not really exercising, and living in a meal-plan limbo supplemented with ramen and coffee.

In this comprehensive field guild, high school coaches Jill and Dave Henry break down the facts and deliver doable, no-BS strategies for managing physical and mental health on campus. In addition to helpful, interactive graphics, the coaches share their relatable true stories—ranging from the ridiculous to the serious—to discuss the five biggest health obstacles students face in college. On top of research-backed tips, The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed also features raw and personal advice from current students on college campuses across the country. 

While simply figuring out what to eat and how to exercise can be completely overwhelming, this guide goes beyond a basic crash course on how to be healthy. Jill and Dave cover everything from crucial time-management skills to the complex sensitivity of self-doubt, sexual assault, and depression with humor, humility, and heart. The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed is a complete road map for how to take care of your mind and body that will not only set students up to crush the next four years, but will also provide a foundation they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781510759091
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 06/01/2021
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 655,617
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Jill and Dave Henry have been coaching, entertaining, and educating teens in Los Angeles for more than twenty years combined. With every graduating class, they’ve fielded their student-athletes’ concerns about the transition to college, particularly the dreaded freshman fifteen. Determined to help, the Henrys decided to leverage their professional backgrounds (Jill is an award-winning statistics teacher; Dave is an Emmy-nominated editor and television producer) and create a resource to help young adults enjoy college without sacrificing their health. 

Read an Excerpt

I used to moonlight as the mascot now and again back in high school. Nothing builds character quite like a few hot hours in a giant pirate-head coated with decades worth of sweat. When I got to college, I wanted to utilize the invaluable entertainment skills I’d developed during my time as a gigantic human puppet. There seemed to be only one choice—I became a tour guide. 

My tours were filled with bad jokes and awkward pauses. The only comment that consistently earned something other than pity laughter always happened in front of the dining hall, where I would talk about how fat I'd gotten since coming to college. While standing on a bench outside the entryway, I'd slap my belly for effect. "There's an all-you-can-eat buffet set up inside," I said, like a carnival worker trying to lure unsuspecting guests into the House of Horrors. "The food here is so good that I gained the Freshman 20!" Then I'd go on about how I had used all of my savings to buy new pants because I'd split the seams in the old ones. Apparently, the weight gain happened to everyone, so I wasn't embarrassed. And hey, at least I wasn't wearing a giant pirate head.

“When I went in for my annual physical, I realized the Freshman 15 was real. Or the Freshman 22, in my case. I should have expected it, as I had been getting a tad bigger in the muffin top area.” —Saint Mary’s College of California, Senior

Google "Freshman 15," and you'll get nearly 80 million results. Many articles give seemingly simple yet unrealistic advice on how to avoid it: always walk to class, take the stairs instead of the elevator, don't eat a whole stick of butter. Blah, blah, blah. Others state it’s entirely a myth—arguing that college weight gain is very minimal and actually the result of the physical transformation from a teen to an adult body. A second puberty of sorts? Who knew! There is some truth to that claim because it is entirely normal and healthy to gain around five pounds during college as your body continues to change. For many, however, it's more than that. We spoke to a lot of students, and no one tried to blame their bodily changes on blossoming into an adult. Whether their weight gain was two pounds or fifteen, students were more than capable of zeroing in on how they were sabotaging their health. Some cited a total lack of exercise, others hard boozing, but an overwhelming majority declared that their rapidly expanding figure was a direct result of eating like a pig on Christmas. All of the food. All of the time. All of it! 

In this chapter, we're going to give you an efficient, straightforward food rundown that will be less preachy than a typical health book and less dense and technical than a nutrition class. Dave and I still eat like shit sometimes, and we're going to argue that you should too. There are, however, some things that you should keep in mind when you're shoving things in your mouth, particularly given the excessive nature of the college environment. A categorization of foods based on their quality will be combined with some pointers on how to chow down, given the unfathomable amount of options you'll be exposed to. We’ll also discuss strategies for experiencing all of the food in a way that won’t make you feel like shit all of the time. Feasting at a buffet requires an awareness of portion control, so if you’re hoping to hold onto your sweet pre-college physique, stick around for that. And finally, we’ll talk about cooking for yourself and the complications that can arise when food freedom becomes a reality.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Orientation 1

Chapter 2 Food 8

How to Choose When Faced with Choice 10

What to Eat 13

How to Eat 15

Indulge Like a Pro 23

Quantity Control 27

Cooking for One 30

The Struggle Is Real 35

For When You Forget 41

Chapter 3 Booze 43

New Friends and New Surroundings 45

Drinking Like a Fish 46

Drinking Like a Responsible Land Mammal 51

Stages of Intoxication 57

Alcohol and You 61

On a Lighter Note 70

Heavy Stuff 74

Be Smart 87

For When You Forget 87

Chapter 4 Exercise 89

Why Bother 93

When to Work Out 97

What to Do 101

The Gym 104

Outside the Gym 124

Crafting Your Own Workout Plan 126

Falling Off 126

It's Worth It 129

For When You Forget 129

Chapter 5 Stress 132

Feeling Stuck 134

It Starts with Stress 134

Stress Management 136

Getting Ahead of Stress 142

The Usual (Stress) Suspects 149

Types of Stress 161

Stress-Related Conditions and Concerns 163

Don't Join the Contest 171

For When You Forget 173

Chapter 6 Sleep 175

Downsides of Sleep Deprivation 177

Cycles, Rhythms, and Schedules 181

Sleep Rules 186

Waking Up 189

Tracking Your Sleep 191

Sleep Roadblocks 192

Rest Assured 200

For When You Forget 200

Chapter 7 Trial and Error 202

Pretrial: Where Are You At? 203

The Trial: Focus on Habits 208

Get Testing 213

Getting Ahead of Obstacles 216

The Error: It's Not Failure 219

For When You Forget 221

Chapter 8 Graduation 223

Acknowledgments 231

Endnotes 235

Index 249

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