Green Teen Cookbook

Green Teen Cookbook

by Laurane Marchive, McElroy, Pam




Going green is hard to do, especially when it comes to food. There are acronyms to learn, labels to decipher, seasons to accommodate, and grocery stores to navigate—and that's before you even turn on the stove!

The Green Teen Cookbook cuts through the chaos and shows teens how to shop smarter, cook more consciously, and eat a healthier diet. And in addition to the 70+ incredible recipes (created by teens, for teens), the book also includes Illuminating essays about freeganism, flexitarians, vegetarianism, and more. You’ll learn how to shop on a budget, get the most out of what you already have, and information on seasonal ingredients.

Eating locally grown, organic, and cruelty-free food is a laudable goal, but it's hard to achieve without some help. The Green Teen Cookbook provides that essential assistance. It's more than just a cookbook: It's an all-in-one guide for going green and eating well.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781936976584
Publisher: Zest Books
Publication date: 07/29/2014
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Laurane Marchive studied journalism at the Institute of Political Sciences, Lille, and Modern French Literature at the Sorbonne, Paris. After working as a journalist in France, Indonesia, and India, she moved to London where she is now working as an editor, translator, and rights agent. She also works as a freelance circus performer.

Pam McElroy is an editor and caterer living in San Francisco, California. She edits books of all genres and caters under the name Meatball Maven. Her favorite hobbies are reading cookbooks cover to cover and cooking epic meals for her friends and family. She lives with her husband, Albie, and cat, Stella.

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The Green Teen Cookbook 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
book4children More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful addition to the teen cookbooks in existence. It has short sections on safety in the kitchen and how to eat healthy, locally, organically, etc. The recipes are mostly simple, easy to make (yet healthy to eat) dishes, but there are a few slightly more complicated ones as well. There is a great selection of vegetarian recipes as well as recipes that use meat. The ingredients are mostly things that I keep in my kitchen anyway, so I didn't have to go on any obscure ingredient hunts while making recipes from this book. I really like how eating healthy and simply is made accessible to teens, especially for those that are getting ready to head off to college. If you or your teen is looking for simple, everyday meals to eat, this is a great resource. Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this tour. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
WonderWmn More than 1 year ago
The name is catchy, the ease of use as a functioning cookbook works well (pages open wide), the recipes seem pretty easy to follow, but the tone of the entries inside are set by the images on the front cover, and they are just not enticing for a teen looking for something to start from.  Having teens myself, they were excited about the cookbook, especially with one being in the pastry arts at the local tech school, but it because quickly evident that these recipes were just not the kind they had much of an interest in.  There is a varied amount of recipes in the book; How To's, guide, basic sections and a big bonus is that the dessert section does not take up any more than the other sections.  I can't say how many times I've picked up a cookbook to find that the majority of the recipes were desserts. There are plenty of different recipes in this cookbook.  Everything from how to boost up your basic yogurt to those with flair, such as rancheros.  There are numerous ethnic type recipes in this book that are great beginner type recipes if one's interested in expanding their palate.  The downside is once again, the pictures with the recipes.  Several of them just aren't eye appealing to the point of wanting to try them out.  Another downside is that there are just too many ethnic recipes in the book.  A different name for this cookbook could provide a whole different outlook on it and as the primary chef in the household, I have to say that it's marketability would rise.   I do like the fact that the majority of the recipes have ingredients that aren't hard to find and have the common names used.  If you've ever gone looking for Asian chili paste, you know this dilemma well.  The guide in the beginning of the book is full of great information for the upcoming consumer.  This guide gives information on how to eat healthy and seasonally.  It also provides the basics on organic food, vegetarianism, the pros of buying locally and what is fair trade.  Everything that consumers young and old need to know, throwing out a lot of the mystery and giving the reader the beginning knowledge to either take as is or grasp and research further.   All in all, a good cookbook for teens who are looking to mix things up a bit.  A bit of a overhaul on the pictures and possibly a name change are things that I find would really make this cookbook stand out over all the others on the market.  Cookbooks are kind of like restaurants, the good ones prosper and are well visited, those that are kind of all over the place get one time visits and those that just don't pop and sizzle from the get go, are rarely looked at.
ImaginaryReads More than 1 year ago
This a great book filled with simple recipies by teens for teens. These range from breakfast foods to soups, salads, and sandwiches, to snakcs and sides to main courses to desserts. Best of all, this is a cookbook dedicated to being green and healthy. This doesn't necessarily mean becoming a vegetarian (there are meat recipies in here!). It means being eco-friendly and eating ethically. It means becoming aware of the impact of our diets and choice of food on the world. If you're interested in learning more about this, there is a section in the front of the book that you may peruse. Otherwise, this is a fantastic cookbook for anyone but especially young adults. As a college student, this is the kind of cookbook I want. It provides simple easy recipes. The ingredient lists are short and easy to fulfill, and more importantly, they tell me exactly how long I should expect to be cooking and how many servings I can expect to make. My first priority is my studies; I don't have time to try and figure out where to buy my ingredients and how long I'm going to spend cooking. Thankfully, these recipes don't take more than an hour to make for the most part. The procedures are also simple and easy to follow. I love how "quick tips" are provided on how to really bring out the flavor in the recipes or change up the recipe. Sometimes, I may like a recipe, but I don't want to keep eating the same thing. These quick tips provide easy guidelines to follow when I want more variety in my diet while keeping true to what I love. I haven't had a chance to try out one of the recipies yet, but there are a few I have my eye on (like the energy bar—it looks like it'll make a good snack or breakfast-on-the-go). I look forward to making a home in my kitchen for this fantastic cookbook!
TheBumbleGirl1 More than 1 year ago
The Green Teen Cookbook is filled with simple eco-minded recipes created by teens for teens to use. However, there truly is no age limit to those who want to create delicious quick meals, snacks and desserts. Anyone can learn from these recipes!  The 'Rough Guide' to eating healthy and seasonally was a great intro for my kids to learn about how important it is to eat the right food for vitamins and growth. There is also an intro on the difference of Vegetarianism and Flexitarian, which also helped my children understand better how people choose to eat and stay healthy.  Recipes that you can find in this book: anything from how to make your own mayonnaise, peanut butter or chocolate spread,  to energy bars and hash browns, to seasonal snacks, lunches and dinners, and of course, delectable healthy desserts. Each recipe has been created by different teens from around the world - a picture and quote from them is featured with their recipe. Ingredients are common and directions are easy to follow.  One of the best parts of the book is the Kitchen Safety guide that my husband and I read and then re-read to our kids. As parents, we sometimes rush through things without thinking thoroughly and have realized that it is truly important to remember to use different cutting boards for different foods in order to avoid cross contamination. And to thoroughly clean, sterilize and store everything in its right place.  Overall, this book is definitely drool-worthy! The close-up pictures of every recipe are intoxicating. The recipes are easy to follow. And the book is definitely easy to follow, for all ages. I look forward to cooking more recipes with my kids. *A paperback copy was sent by the publisher for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.