The Gridiron Games

The Gridiron Games

by Keith Lemon


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ISBN-13: 9781481713160
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/14/2013
Pages: 88
Sales rank: 1,094,821
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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The Gridiron Games

By Keith Lemon


Copyright © 2013 Keith Lemon
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-1316-0

Chapter One


Opening scene

A collision is about to happen. Two football players, wearing out of this world pads, are in slow motion about to collide. They hit. Sounds of pads crack!


TANK awakens from his dream next to his very attractive wife. He starts his morning routine.


TANK is jogging down the street. He passes two house wives jogging. They stare him down like a piece of meat. He says hello.

He jogs in front of his old high school, WJHS. He has flashbacks of Peewee Football; he scores a touchdown.

A passing car honks at him out of respect, he waives back.

He then has a flashback of playing football in high school. A shot of him from behind reveals his last name, TANK. He is taken back to his old State Championship Game his senior year. He makes an incredible play on the football and picks six to the house. VICTORY! The stadium roars!

TANK makes it to the high school stadium bleachers. He stops and looks up at them. He has a flashback. It takes him to the big apple, New York City. He receives his Heisman Trophy, as his high lights play in the background.

TANK does a few sets of bleachers and finishes with box training. He buys a power bar and Gatorade and consumes them both. He starts his jog back home, and then arrives at his house. His wife greets him with a kiss.


TANK arrives and is the first player in the locker room. His COACH approaches him and asks him about the upcoming game.


Well TANK I have to say that I am pretty bummed your leaving me next season. Our office is promising big things for this organization next season and I wish you could be a part of it. I want you to know I've loved you like a son these past 14 years, and these fans love you too. You took this team to greatness twice and that will never be forgotten. Now I want you to go out there today and have some fun. Knock some dicks stiff, what do you say?


You bet your ass COACH. I'm playing lights out today. I just tweeted that I'm guaranteeing a victory! I have put it all on the line, time and time again for this city, and after we win tonight, I'm going to look at this crowd and know that I gave them my all in my last game ever.

The other players begin walking into the locker room. COACH shakes TANKS hand and heads back to his office. The assistant coach hangs up the itinerary until kickoff. The other players come and talk to TANK. They love him very much. They wish him the best and let him know they have his back. They will WIN!


The clock reveals that there is only 4 minutes left. Good guys are up by 2 points while the bad guys have possession and are driving for a field goal for the win. Despite TANK and his team's efforts, nothing is slowing them down. The other team gets the ball down to the 15 yard line. TANK makes a sack on 3rd down. COACH calls a time out. They huddle. TANK asks to be put in on the field goal block. COACH agrees. TANK goes in. Both teams are lined up. The snap is up with a good hold. TANK, blasts through the line with every ounce of heart and strength he has. The kicker steps forward and drills the ball solid. TANK gets his hands up and blocks the kick. VICTORY! The crowd erupts and storms the field. People, players, and coaches are holding TANK in the air. He loves it. He's truly in a moment of glory. Nothing else in the world matters except this moment, it's glorious.

A reporter is trying to interview TANK among the ruckus. She asks him a question


You must be pretty excited after that finish? How does it feel to go out victoriously?


It feels GREAT. I haven't had a feeling like this since high school. I 'm truly blessed. I just want to say thank you to COACH and our players. They called a great game and moved the ball well and our defense played lights out. To all my teammates, I want to say that I love you, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


TANK, tell me. What was going through your mind pre-snap?


Well let me just say, that was just a spur of the moment decision. I just felt something inside of me not wanting to be off the field so I asked COACH and he agreed ... It was magical. Right before the snap, I was thinking about what first move I would use, and when they snapped the football, I swam over the tackle and leaped with everything I had.


Well thank you TANK and I hope you have a good night. You deserve it.

TANK begins to celebrate a little bit more with the fans. He sees his wife at a distance. She's making her way to him. When they find each other, they share a deep hug and kiss. She's crying. He hugs her and tells her he'll see her later. He walks back to the locker rooms.


The team is showering and getting ready for the press conference. They are rushing because they are strapped for time. ESPN is playing in the background. They show highlights from around the NFL. At the bottom of the screen there is something streaming in black and white. "GIGANTIC UFO IS HOVERING OVER NEW YORK CITY". Everyone watching becomes more and more intrigued. They turn the channel to channel 10 for full coverage. Quickly players and coaches are digesting what is happening. The locker room is silent. Finally, TANK, stands up in a towel, and addresses his team.


(Concerned) Gentleman, I think this would be a good time to take this party home to your families. I'm sure they are worried same as us. We'll do the press conference tomorrow. COACH is that ok with you?


I agree. I will let you know the times tomorrow. And TANK, great game son!

COACH shakes his hand and goes into his office. TANK leaves the locker room as fast as he can. He gets into his diesel F-350 dually and drives away.


While driving, TANK, calls his mom and dad and lets them know about the UFO. Then he calls his wife and lets her know. They discuss what their plans are ... (Flying X Ranch)! His wife begins to pack without him.


After arriving home from his NFL game, TANK rushes inside and begins to help his wife pack for their ranch. He helps bring down the packed luggage and loads it into his truck. He goes back inside and he and his wife raid their cabinets of all non perishable food items and place them into a gigantic bag, then load it in the truck. He locks the house and flips some keys to his wife.

He then goes and opens his shop door. In lies a semi truck. He pulls out and backs up to a freight trailer along the side of the building. He connects and pulls forward.

They both pull out of the driveway and begin their journey to their ranch. TANK follows his wife's truck closely, wanting to protect it. He gets on the c-bee radio and checks in with his wife.



Mamma bird, come in. Do you copy?

She replies


I read you loud and clear babe. How far do you think we're out?


I would estimate about an hour tops. I think we're in the clear though. I would figure there would be more panic around. People are probably at home or in front of a TV somewhere mesmerized by the UFO still, which is good for us, it'll give us more time too prep.


TANK I'm scared


Don't be scared! We have everything under control. We're the prepared ones, remember? We'll be there before you know it.


The convoy pulls into the driveway of the ranch. They stop and both get out checking the situation carefully. TANK, walks to the back of the trailer and opens the door. The shot of what's inside follows. It's impressive. It looks like there has been much time and thought involved in his prepping method. TANK unlocks his gun cabinet and grabs a few more pistols. He hands one to his wife who checks it. They get back into their trucks and continue down the driveway. After they get out, they tactically make their way in. They check the house and it's all clear.


Babe if you want to start unloading the truck you can. I'm going to unload the trailer of essentials and park the trailer and rig inside the barn for now. Pull the truck in the garage after you're done.


Ok. I'll find you when I'm done.

They both head their separate ways and begin their preps. After they're done, WIFE makes dinner. They sit, with guns in sight and watch the drama unfold live. After several hours, they both get tired and go to bed.


After a decent sleep, TANK wakes up in his bed alone. He gets scared for his wife and rushes down stairs to find her. He finds her making breakfast and just smiles. He walks over to her and gives her a kiss.


Thanks for making breakfast it smells amazing. I can't believe you let me sleep in so late.


Well you needed your rest. You just played a professional game of football yesterday. I know you have to be sore. Maybe I'll give you a massage later if you want.


Ok, any word from the UFO yet?


No, nothing yet. The white house has been trying to contact it all night.

Just as she says that, the President appears on TV to address the people.


My fellow Americans, It brings me great sadness to inform you that the way of life as we know it has come to an abrupt halt. In three days time, at 01100, a comet, with a collision course of earth will arrive, and in doing so, will cause catastrophic events around the world. We didn't want to cause any panic, so we have been as mild as we can until now. The time however, unfortunately, has come upon us where we must let humanity make its own choices. The UFO you are seeing isn't a UFO at all. It is merely an Ark, only big enough for the selected few. It will become home for doctors, scientist, engineers, authors, political figures, and movie stars and athletes. These people have been hand chosen due to their innate qualities. As for the rest of you, you will all be given remaining resources we have left. In exactly 3 hours all major power grids and public facilities will be shut down. Martial Law is now in effect. I advise all citizens alike. The time to be with family and friends is now. Keep true to your selves and to one another. The most important thing of all is FAITH! Let your faith take you to paradise. Have faith in a better life and to the people of the world, good luck, and to my fellow Americans, from everyone here at the white house and deep down in my heart, I love you all very much. It has been an honor to be your President. Now I salute you one last time and say good bye, good luck and god bless!

The TV goes dark. Then back to live feed of the UFO. Immediately things have changed.


(Crying) TANK I'm so scared right now.

He looks at her in her eyes.


Baby I will not let anything happen to you. We have a good chance of survival here. It's going to take some serious force to take this farm from us.


I'm not worried about that. A comet is headed straight for earth. Is it possible?

The power goes out. TANK holds his wife.


Good thing we installed our own power grid right?

WIFE looks grateful for such a man.


Defiantly! You're the best baby


(With flashlights in hand)

Listen, all we have to do is hold down the farm for awhile. We're good here. And besides, that's why we built our own, state of the art bunker out back, remember?

For a moment, TANK and his wife, just smile at one another. He begins to walk away.


I'm going to go switch the power back on around this place.


Can I come with you?


Of course you can.

On the 3rd morning they head into their bunker out back and lock themselves in.


TANK and his wife wait humbly for the unknown to happen. They begin to pray.


I just want you to know that I have loved you since the first time I saw you. I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.


I remember that day well. You came up to me and asked me if I had a pen. Of course I couldn't say no to the famous college football player, so what did I do. Not only did I give you a pen I also wrote down my phone number with it.

TANK just smiles.


I love you so much.


I wouldn't want to spend the end of the world with anyone else babe.


Mean either baby. We've only ever needed each other, and that's how we'll go, with each other.

TANK kisses her hand. He checks his watch. It is 1031am. Its 29 minutes until impact. At 10 minutes left they kiss to say their goodbyes. At 5minutes left they start to pray. 10.9.8 ... 7.6 ... They close their eyes and brace for impact. Their bunker starts to shake. The comet causes all major volcanoes to blow and all fault lines to crack causing major earth quakes and tsunami around the world. Entire coasts are wiped out. Cities no longer stand. Everything else is ruble or was demolished in an instant.

After the initial impact, the inside of the bunker is filled with dirt, dust, and smoke. TANK and his WIFE lay passed out on the floor with supplies scattered around them.


TANK and his WIFE are still passed out. TANK begins to revive a little. The sound of metal banging ensues. Then, the bunker door opens. A very bright light shines in. TANK, while barely still conscious, is being pulled up by an invisible force to the light. With one eye half open, he reaches out towards his wife. He can't touch her. He keeps floating up. Then TANK is gone and so is the light.


TANK is aboard an ET spaceship, lifeless and asleep, hovering over what appears to be an Earth like planet (EARTH X).

While waking up to reality, TANK, awakens to a view of space from the room's window. It's an astonishing view that he has never seen before. He can't believe his eyes. Not a peep from his mouth. He's in pure amazement. The ship begins to descend into the atmosphere. The new planet looks like a greener version and more architecturally fit than Earth. It has a lot of glass and stone work around. Everything looks more peaceful and natural. Vegetable gardens are everywhere. Entire cities are covered with bright beautiful neon colors. Solar and wind power are clearly in effect here. The ship fly's over the city until it reaches the stadium. It then hovers over the stadium, as if to show TANK a look down on the stadium and the game being played.

The doors open and in walks a man named DELATORRE.


Hello Tank. My name is Delatorre. I am your team manager and enforcer here.


How do you know my name?


Well we've been scouting you for awhile now. Since we had word that Earth might perish, we've had our eye on you. You were the only one that made it safely away from Earth. Everyone else we were recruiting and wanting to bring here with their families, weren't prepared enough to stabilize until we got there. Fortunately for you, you were prepared and were still alive when we got to you. We tried to revive your wife, but she was already dead. However, we did manage to retrieve her DNA. The pole shift was much more violent than anyone imagined it would be. Earth never stood a chance.

TANK, in sadness, turns to the window to keep watching the game below. He is sad, but intrigued at what he's seeing.


Isn't it astonishing? I bet you would've never dreamed of playing football in the heavens.


They are so fast, look at them. I don't think I could even compete with them. Are the rules pretty much the same?


Yes for the most part. The only real difference is that this game is played at a much faster pace and higher level than that of earth, mainly due to the slight difference in gravity and technology.


Interesting, anything else I should know?


YES! This is unlike anything you've ever played. You're used to playing football in its purest form. Football on Earth is the purest form of football in the Universe. No technology is used as a part of the game, but here on Earth X it's kind of the point. Our Gridiron is made with the state of the art universe technology and the same goes for our pads. The technology levels the playing field for any good athlete by eliminating the use of steroids and enhancements. Everyone becomes greater equals with our pads. Only hard work and dedication will make you a better player. So if you're the best athlete on the field, you will be dominating in this game. The better athlete will always prevail. Everyone is given the same chance to give their all, in all three phases of the game.


And how is that?


Well not only do we play to win, but we play the game for the Ultimate Play!


What's an Ultimate Play?


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