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The Guanine - Nucleotide Binding Proteins: Common Structural and Functional Properties

The Guanine - Nucleotide Binding Proteins: Common Structural and Functional Properties

by L. Bosch


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ISBN-13: 9780306431548
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 01/01/1989
Series: NATO Science Series: A: Life Sciences , #16
Pages: 420

Table of Contents

New Structural Data on Elongation Factor-Tu:GDP Based on X-ray Crystallography.- Progress on the Three-Dimensional Structural Determination of Trypsin-Modified EF-Tu-GDP.- Three-Dimensional Structure of ras p21 Proteins.- The GTP-Binding Domain Revisited.- Novel Mutants of EF-Tu.- The Elongation Factor EF-Tu from E. coli Activates the tRNA-tufB Operon in Trans by Binding to a Cis-Acting Region Upstream of the Promoter.- Structure-Function Relationships of the GTP-Binding Domain of Elongation Factor Tu.- A Mutation that Hinders the GTP Induced Aminoacyl-Trna Binding of Elongation Factor Tu.- The Application of Fluorescent and Photosensitive Analogues of Guanine Nucleotides to the Function and Structure of G-Binding Proteins.- Affinity Labeling of the GDP/GTP Binding Site in Thermus thermophilus Elongation Factor Tu.- Characterization of Elongation Factor Tu from Bacillus subtilis Modified by Affinity Labeling.- Effects of Kirromycin on the Elongation Factor EF-Tu and its Interactions with GDP or GTP and tRNA. The Application of Zone-Interference Gel Electrophoresis, a New Method for the Analysis of Weak Complexes.- Factors and Ribosomes: Their coupling and Mode of Signal Processing.- The Structure and Regulation of Mammalian Initiation Factor eIF2.- Structure of the Human ras Gene Family.- A Mutational Analysis of ras Function.- Analysis of the Biochemical and Biological Activities of Deletion Mutants of the H-ras p21 Protein Suggest that GAP is an Essential Component of its Effector Function.- Purification and Molecular Cloning of Bovine GAP.- The Function of the Mammalian ras Proteins.- Biochemical Properties of Ha-ras Encoded p21 Mutants.- Structural and Functional Studies on c-p21, v-p21 and the and Genetically Engineered Guanine Nucleotide Binding Domain of EF-Tu.- Structure and Function of ras p21: Studies by Site-Directed Mutagenesis.- The Cyclic AMP Producing Pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Involves CDC25 and ras Genes Products.- Mutations at the RAS2 Locus that, in a ras1- Background, Impair the Growth of Yeast on Nonfermentable Carbon Sources.- Structural and Functional Analysis of ypt Proteins, a Family of ras-Related Nucleotide-Binding Proteins in Eukaryotic Cells.- Analysis of the ras Gene Function in Dictyostelium discoideum.- Identification of Guanine-Nucleotide Binding Proteins in Plants: Structural Analysis and Evolutionary Comparison of the ras-Related ypt-Gene Family from Zea mays.- Does HIV nef Protein Belong to the G-Protein Family?.- Structure and Function of G Proteins from Mammalian and Yeast Cells.- Three Forms of Gi Discriminated by Synthetic Peptide Antisera.- Identification of Functional Domains in G Protein ? Chains.- Behavior of Membrane Guanine-Nucleotide Binding Proteins as Signal Transducers.- Transducin: the Molecular Switch in Visual Excitation and a Model for Biological Coupling Enzymes.- A Novel Cytosolic GTP-Binding Protein with Phospholipid Stimulated GTP-Binding and GTPase Activity.- Role of a G Protein Homolog in Yeast Pheromone Response.- Signal-Transducing G-Proteins in Dictyostelium discoideum.- Tubulin as a G-Protein: Regulation of Tubulin-Tubulin Interactions by GTP Hydrolysis.- Tubulin Structure and Nucleotide Binding.- Tubulin as a G Protein?.- Author Index.

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