The Guardian's Wildchild

The Guardian's Wildchild

by Feather Stone

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BN ID: 2940013429079
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication date: 09/26/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 277
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The Guardian's Wildchild 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Wildchild Sidney Davenport has seen one possible future of the planet and it is bleak in The Guardian’s Wildchild by Feather Stone. As a young Guardian, Sidney will do everything she can to prevent the use of Sun Crystals by unscrupulous people to take over the source of energy used around the world, but this leads to her arrest and imprisonment, awaiting execution by the rigid government. Captain Sam Waterhouse is a by-the-book naval officer but, after meeting Sidney, he begins to doubt the path his superior officers are taking. A good man at heart, Sam learns from Sidney that what is happening is not for the higher good and he realizes he has to take a stand, as long as he can rescue his two sons from the Admiral’s control. When all the issues collide, Sam must make an important decision – become a Guardian and possibly sacrifice what is most dear to him or succumb to the evil. Will his relationship with Sidney provide him with the support he needs to make the right choice? Feather Stone has created a deep and interesting story incorporating paranormal abilities, personal awareness, naval protocol and plenty of twisting mystery in The Guardian’s Wildchild. Intense at times and tender at others, the action reflects basic aspects of good and evil and the part each person can play in the overall state of the world. Great characters, good dialogue and numerous ups and downs keep you reading to see how things will turn out, and provide tremendous examples of the forces we all possess to make a difference in the world. Great story with amazing depth.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This is a very well edited and put together story.  It is captivatingly written with an intriguingly unique concept.  Stone has created a history of these people that gives you the necessary background information.  She also covers the key events in a long period of time quickly, but without the reader feeling left behind or rushed.  Stone`s brilliant descriptions painted a mural for you, allowing you to see the scenes separately and as a whole. I was quite shocked with the vast array of character types in this novel.  They were all well developed, letting you know who they really were, and meshed together into a group of people who definitely kept you on your toes.  You get to know these characters so well that you feel like you`ve met them and that you`ve journeyed with them.  You really feel for, and with, these wonderful people.   This story was extremely well put together with a cohesive and coherent storyline.  Stone pulls together a brilliant cast with some action and a few tear jerker moments to create a wholly unique and very captivating story.  My only issue with this novel was the ending.  It fits with the story perfectly, but…  Overall, I would definitely recommend this story to others and would pick up more work by this talented author.   Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
DaniC More than 1 year ago
This beautifully written paranormal dystopia is a book that captures you and doesn’t let go. It is a fast paced read about powerful but peaceful Guardians who only want to protect the world and help those who have forgotten that they too are Guardians. The story is mainly about a girl named Sidney Davenpport. When she was young it was prophesized that she would help the earth from those who were bent on leading it into darkness. She is gifted and a bit wild, which is why her mentor calls her Wildchild. She and her brother, Danik, are asked to break into a military based to retrieve some information. While doing this she is caught and is ordered to be executed. She is sent to the USS Nonnah where she meets ad eventually falls in love with the captain, Samaru Waterhouse. The Guardian’s Wildchild is filled with New Age thoughts and wisdom. It has a bit of a surprising ending to it that I will admit bothered me somewhat. Overall I really enjoyed this book and the journey it took me on.
Novelsontherun More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved ‘The Guardian’s Wild Child by debut author Feather Stone. I love the author's name! This is a book I wouldn’t normally read, and I am glad I did. Sometimes in life you get drawn towards things and I think this book was one of them. This book had me in a bit of a reading trance, where I just wanted to keep reading and reading. It is set in the future and the first few chapters take us in leaps of years to get to where we meet Samura Waterhouse. The first few chapters explain to the reader what has happened after the Quake of 2020 and the political thing that followed. There are certain people who are working towards claiming total power and anybody getting in their way will be swiftly eliminated. The Guardians know of the darkness the planet holds in its near future and some of them together with the underground try to stop the path that will be taken. I am trying very hard not to give away the story. I am trying to wrap my head around how to write this review as there is a lot that goes on in this book, it all weaves together to bring an outcome that was different and I loved it. The characters are not teenagers. They are men and women who have lost and also are trying to find. There are several messages in this book. Feather kept me so entertained. I loved the spiritual side of her story. It wasn’t boring it was very interesting and powerful. Feather really does make the reader think about our planets future. Samura aka Sam is a stunning character. He has lost a great deal in his life. Sam’s wife was murdered, he knows that much and he believes it was somebody on the Naval Base, he just isn’t getting any cooperation from his seniors. He is trying to solve the mystery of why his wife was killed and who was involved. The story is mainly set on the USS Nonnah. Sidney Davenport lives on Hawk Island. You will not find it on any map. She is a wonderful character who has a Red Hawk named Celeste as her friend. We get painted a wonderful picture of her spirit guide Seamus and Greystone her mentor. They all help her in this book. She has a cheeky brother named Danik who helped get her into the pickle she has herself in. Captain Samura Waterhouse and his crew use the Nonnah to get them to Acapulco and back retrieving the cargo for Admiral Garland. The Admiral has a hold over Sam, his two young boys. Sam must do as ordered and the Admiral will not harm his sons. The Nonnah is also used to take prisoners out to sea and execute them. Enter Sidney who has found herself a prisoner on the USS Nonnah and awaiting execution by Captain Waterhouse, two bullets to the head. No blood spilt on US soil. What has Sidney found or done that has attracted this type of attention from Captain Butchart? Sam sets about trying to figure out why Captain Frank Butchart wants Sidney executed on her arrival on his ship. This book has, betrayal, fearless characters, powerful messages, love, painful loss, some scenes are very gut wrenching, great sub characters, a strong storyline and telekinesis. I’m trying to figure out what genre to stick this book into as it has thriller aspects, clean romance, danger, murder, in the future, spiritual, political, powerful execution scenes, and it is a very clean book. You are never bored, the pages turn easily. It’s a different read which will pull on your emotional strings in some scenes and leave you totally gasping in another, it has a very unexpected ending, a very powerful ending.
IngaKS More than 1 year ago
My review: The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone was a surprising book for me. It was well-written, the characters were likable and the plot was captivating. Regarding the plot: The very beginning of The Guardian's Wildchild caught my attention right away and that is always a good start. You get the picture of a very different Earth, where military runs almost everything. if you don't like ti you are punished. The setting was compelling and well-described, so the author did a very good job with the world she created. Sidney is a Guardian and she is captured to be sentenced to death. The impossible happens and Sidney falls for the very man who has to execute her and she struggles with her feelings. The fact is, that she cannot deny the increasing attraction towards Sam. The story is about good versus evil, Light versus Dark, about love and trust. I truly liked the story, but there was one thing which disturbed me and that is due to my expectations to the genre. I expected and paranormal romance, but, the story is mainly about the mystery for me. Yes, there was a romance, but not enough for me. The mystery part of the story was well thought through and had lots of twists and turns, which definitely makes The Guardian's Wildchild to a very good book. Regarding the characters: I loved Sidney.Even though I couldn't relate to her personally, she was an interesting character. She was strong and sweet. Sam's character surprised me a little. He was somewhat tormented and dark person who had lost his hope, but Sidney balances him and makes him believe that there is still ways out. Generally: The Guardian's Wildchild is a genuinely good paranormal book and I would recommend it to people who love mystery, interesting twists and turns!
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
The Guardian's Wildchild caught me off guard. The opening paragraph demanded my attention. When the story opens, Earth has been ravaged by natural disasters. Martial law is in effect. No mercy is shown to those perceived as a threat. Sam Waterhouse is a virtual captive to the military he is part of, there's no way out without risking his life or those of his children. Sidney Davenport is a Guardian, she was destined for greatness. When she is captured and sentenced to execution aboard Sam's ship, their worlds collide and are radically altered. Neither may make it out alive. The Guardian's Wildchild really surprised me. I'm not sure why, but I expected this book to be more of a paranormal romance. There is definitely a strong paranormal slant to the story, and a bit of romance. But it really read, to me, like a mystery. And that's fine. The story was really strong, with the twist coming at every turn. The Guardian's Wildchild was very well-written. I didn't love all the choices or avenues the story took, but the motivations were concise and well-thought out. The author seemed to have a strong sense of the story she wanted to tell and never took the easy way out of an awful situation. And I must say, I was very surprised with the ending. It was tough and raw. And I honestly never saw it coming. If you like stories that have a intense mystery with a fantasy spin, The Guardian's Wildchild may be the book for you. Favorite Quote: "The year 2020 was one long, terrifying nightmare. The planet trembled violently for months as if desperately trying to shed it's skin. " (pg. 1)
Bnickel More than 1 year ago
I know this is going to sound totally cheesy, but truly, reading this book was a journey. Stone has a remarkable ability to draw readers into this world she's created. It's our world projected into a future that's lost the most beautiful part of being human. Really, what the protagonists are fighting for throughout the story is to bring this beauty back. It's hard for me to say whether this story was more character driven or plot driven - both are so strong. And the setting - most of it on a Navy ship out to sea - is fantastic. But I can say that my favorite part of the story was Sidney. She's a supernatural wild child, making her own set of rules but in the end wanting to do what's right. She's the classic heroine and yet unlike any main character I've ever read before. Okay, I have two favorite parts. My other favorite part was something I'm not sure I can quite describe, but I'll give it a shot. It was the author's ability to pull me right into the middle of a scene and feel the emotions. There are very few stories that have ever brought me to literal tears, and this is one of them. It wasn't even a climactic moment of the story, but I'd been so pulled into the scene, feeling what each of the characters were feeling and...yeah, I lost it. Twice. I think this story would appeal to fans of the supernatural as well as those who are more reality based, because the story brings together both believers and skeptics.
Feather_Stone More than 1 year ago
Nov 22, 2011 Krystal Looking for a strong, brassy heroine? Sidney, one of the main characters, will appeal to the reader. She manages to stay strong and tough even through some of the most difficult times of her life. The reader will form an easy and instant connection to her. Sam is more of a tough cookie. However, he is compassionate when it counts. The reader may take slightly longer to warm up to him, but he is not hard to like either. The setting is a Navy ship far away from land, brings a bit of a magical quality to the book. There is an undercurrent of change that fits nicely into the setting of the book as well. The characters, especially the main characters, are very dynamic. They do not remain the same throughout the book, they have realizations/epiphanies, form relationships, and develop new understandings. The reader will be fascinated to watch the author deftly pull the sub-plots together. Sam is normally a very disciplined man. When Sidney, as a prisoner, is placed on the boat, Sam's perception changes. Already suspected of treason, Sam is now in dangerous waters. The quiet, romantic scenes between Sidney and Sam are believable and just plain cute to read. The reader will be rooting for their relationship. Sam attempts to distance himself from his prisoner while Sidney fights feelings for her warden/jailer. This book was very fast-paced and fun to read. Readers should enjoy that the author provides an epilogue, there is resolution. The characters, especially Sam and Sidney, will remain memorable even after the reader closes the book. This book is recommended to young adults/adults.