The Guide to Woodworking with Kids: Craft Projects to Develop the Lifelong Skills of Young Makers

The Guide to Woodworking with Kids: Craft Projects to Develop the Lifelong Skills of Young Makers

by Doug Stowe


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Introduce children to the craft of woodworking and watch their executive function skills thrive.

The Guide to Woodworking with Kids is a culmination of craftsman Doug Stowe’s four-decade career in woodworking and nearly twenty years of working with students K-12 in his Wisdom of the Hands woodworking class at the Clear Spring School in his hometown of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This comprehensive guide offers step by step instruction for teachers, parents and grandparents to offer safe woodworking opportunities to their students and kiddos as a way of developing a wide range of valuable life-skills. Based in part on the philosophies of Froebel’s Kindergarten and Educational Sloyd, this book illustrates the importance of doing real, hands-on activities in school and at home that enable students to:

  • Think things through for themselves
  • Develop skill, originality and inventiveness
  • Explore their own self-interests
  • Plan, organize and execute meaningful work
  • Prepare to profitably employ leisure time
  • Be handy and resourceful
  • Develop both character and intellect
  • Create useful beauty to benefit family, community and self

    The Guide to Woodworking with Kids is more than a woodworking book, it’s gives parents, grandparents and teachers the confidence, encouragement, and the insight needed to safely engage children in life-enhancing creative arts.
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    Publication date: 05/26/2020
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    About the Author

    Doug Stowe began his woodworking career in 1976 and was reminded of the importance of hands-on learning by teaching his own daughter in the wood shop. In 2001 he launched the Wisdom of the Hands Program at the Clear Spring School to prove the value of hands-on learning in a school wood shop. He is the author of 13 other woodworking books, over 100 articles in woodworking magazines and educational journals, and publishes a blog dedicated to promoting the value of hands-on learning, The son of a kindergarten teacher, Stowe has become a respected authority on learning for all ages. In addition to teaching at the Clear Spring School, Stowe teaches adults the fine art of woodworking at schools and clubs throughout the United States.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Getting Started

    Materials and Preparation 13

    Shop Safety 16

    Tools 19

    The Knife 21

    The Clear Spring School Workbench 26

    Make and Use a Square 30

    Planes 32

    Saws 34

    Boring and Drilling Tools 37

    Hammers and Nails 38

    Sanding and Shaping Tools 44

    The Lathe 46

    Part II Project

    Preparing for Projects 51

    Platforms 55

    A Basic Toolbox 58

    Miter Box 64

    Wheels, Wheels, Wheels 68

    Jigs for Making Wheels 76

    Cars, Trucks, and Other Vehicles 84

    Toy Trains 92

    Animals, Puppets, and Superheroes 96

    Pull Toys 108

    Sloyd Trivet 110

    Boxes of All Kinds 114

    Making Pens 128

    Furniture 134

    Resources 138

    Index 142

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