The Gulen Hizmet Movement: Circumspect Activism in Faith-Based Reform

The Gulen Hizmet Movement: Circumspect Activism in Faith-Based Reform


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ISBN-13: 9781443839891
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 01/08/2012
Pages: 300
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About the Author

Tamer Balci is Assistant Professor of Middle East History at the University of Texas-Pan American. He received his BA in History from Istanbul University and his MA and PhD, also in History, from Claremont Graduate University. He teaches the history of the Ottoman Empire; the history of the Early Middle East, the Modern Middle East, and Women in the Middle East; and Theories of Nationalism, as well as World Civilizations survey courses. His general research focuses on the development of intellectual ideas in the post-WWI Middle East. Some of his most recent research subjects are the clash of Islam and nationalism, the Turkish-Islamic synthesis, and the Gulen Hizmet Movement. His last article, 'The Rise and Fall of Nine Lights Ideology,' was published in Politics, Religion & Ideology in June 2011. Christopher L. Miller received his bachelor's degree from Lewis and Clark College and his PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is currently Associate Professor of History, Religious Studies, and Law at the University of Texas-Pan American. He is the author of Prophetic Worlds: Indians and Whites on the Columbia Plateau (1985). He is also co-author of Making America: A History of the United States, now in its sixth edition (2012). His articles and reviews have appeared in numerous scholarly journals and anthologies as well as standard reference works. He has been a Research Fellow at the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, Harvard University and was the Nikolay V. Sivachev Distinguished Chair in American History and Culture at the Lemonsov Moscow State University, Russia.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction The Gülen Hizmet Movement: A Cautionary Tale Tamer Balci Christopher L. Miller 1

Chapter 1 The Oratory of M. Fethullah Gülen Adem Akinci 23

Chapter 2 Fethullah Gülen's Vision for Peace through Education and Dialogue Süphan Bozkurt Yetkin Yildirim 47

Chapter 3 Islam and Democracy in the Thought of Nursi and Gülen Tamer Balci 61

Chapter 4 Islamic Mediators and Creators of Grassroots Demands: The GHM Compared to the MB Egypt and MB Jordan Sonia L. Alianak 91

Chapter 5 Among the Heavenly Branches: Leadership and Authority among Women in the Gülen Hizmet Movement Maria Curtis 119

Chapter 6 The Genius and Vulnerability of the Gülen Hizmet Movement Mark Webb 155

Chapter 7 The Gülen Hizmet Movement and Secularization Theory: Explaining the Improbable Christopher L. Miller 165

Chapter 8 Pursuit of Piety in the Public Sphere: A Weberian Analysis of the Gülen Hizmet Movement Semiha Topal 189

Chapter 9 Is Genuine Interfaith Dialogue Impossible? Alasdair MacIntyre and Fethullah Gülen in Conversation Thomas D. Pearson 201

Chapter 10 An Analysis of the Gülen Hizmet Movement's Interfaith Dialogue Activities Mustafa Ruzgar 215

Conclusion: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and the Gülen Gestalt Christopher L. Miller Tamer Balci 233

Works Cited 251

Contributors 285

Index 289

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