The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part IV - Centerfire Rifles

The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part IV - Centerfire Rifles

by J B Wood

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The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part IV - Centerfire Rifles by J B Wood

This New Edition is revised and expanded to include the 72 most often disassembled pistol designs (plus 250 variations) and 1,800 photos - all in 592 pages.

Pistol disassembly/reassembly has never been easier.

Clean and maintain your autoloading pistols yourself. This book makes it simple, thanks to author BJ Wood's expertise, step-by-step instructions, and crisp photography.

Detailed Photos show field-stripping and detailed disassembly step in proper order and clearly illustrate the parts involved and then (simple) tools used.

Easy-to-understand text describing each step guides everyone - novice or expert - through the disassembly and reassembly of 72 different pistol models - plus some 250 closely related models.

No other book provides this kind of photo-illustrated information.

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ISBN-13: 9781440224195
Publisher: Gun Digest Media
Publication date: 12/01/2003
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 576
Sales rank: 924,392
File size: 129 MB
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Table of Contents

Argentine Model 1891 Mauser13
Austrian Mannlicher Model 189520
British SMLE No. 1, Mark III28
Browning BAR36
Browning BLR 8146
Calico Model M-90056
Colt AR-1566
Czech Vz52-5777
Dixie Sharps Model 187487
Egyptian Hakim95
Egyptian Rasheed106
Feather AT-9 Carbine116
FN-Model 1949 (ABL)135
French MAS Model 1936145
French MAS49-56152
German G.43161
Harrington & Richardson Ultra172
Hi-Point Model 995179
Italian Carcano Model 1891 Carbine188
Japanese Arisaka Type 99195
Krico Model 600/700203
Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1961-MCA211
Marlin Model 336221
Marlin Model 9229
Mauser Model 1898238
Mossberg 479246
Navy Arms 1873 Springfield255
Remington Model 14A265
Remington Model 8276
Remington Model 600285
Remington Model 700291
Remington Model 742297
Remington Model 788310
Remington Rolling Block317
Ruger 44 Carbine325
Ruger Mini-14337
Ruger No. 1345
Ruger Model 77353
Ruger Model 96-44361
Ruger Model 99-44368
Russian AK-47375
Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 1891383
Russian SKS (Simonov)390
Sako Forester400
Savage Model 99407
Savage Model 110416
Savage Model 340424
SIGArms Model SHR970424
Springfield M6 Scout437
Swedish Mauser Model 1894443
Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Model 1911450
Thompson/Center TCR 87458
Thompson Model 1927A1468
Timber Wolf Carbine475
U.S. Model 1894 Krag-Jorgensen484
U.S. Model 1917 Enfield491
U.S. 30 M-1 Carbine498
U.S. M-1 Garand506
U.S. Model 1903 Springfield515
Weatherby Mark V522
Winchester Model 70529
Winchester Model 71537
Winchester Model 1873546
Winchester Model 1892556
Winchester Model 1894566

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