The Gypsum Construction Handbook

The Gypsum Construction Handbook

by RSMeans

Paperback(Older Edition)

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The Gypsum Construction Handbook by RSMeans

One of the construction industry's longest-running, most relied-on references, The Gypsum Construction Handbook was first published by the U.S. Gypsum Company in 1904. For more than a century and through several editions, the book has become a trusted standard. This new 6th edition is an illustrated, comprehensive, and authoritative guide on all facets of gypsum construction.

You'll find the newest product developments, installation methods, fire- and sound-rated construction information, illustrated framing-to-finish application instructions, estimating and planning information, and more. System descriptions – together with full data on products, accessories, tools, equipment, and applications – help plan and estimate projects and ensure compliance with performance criteria.

Cost- and time-saving techniques keep the work on budget. New in the sixth edition are chapters on sustainable construction methods and products, building movement, fire resistance, heat transfer, sound transmission, and vapor/moisture control.

The Handbook covers both new construction and repair and remodeling and includes:

  • framing
  • drywall and veneer plaster
  • joint treatment and plaster finishing
  • interior cement board
  • ceilings
  • conventional plaster

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780876292587
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2009
Series: RSMeans Series , #12
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

1. Drywall & Veneer Plaster Products

Describes complete line of construction products, including Sheetrock brand gypsum panels and Imperial brand gypsum base for drywall and veneer plaster construction, sheathing, predecorated walls and ceilings. Also, beads, trims, framing, insulation, fasteners, adhesives, joint compounds, coatings, tapes, plaster finishes and textures.

Gypsum Panel Products.
Products Available.
Exterior Gypsum Ceiling Board.
Veneer Plaster Gypsum Base Products.
Gypsum Liner & Sheathing Products.
Roof Board.
Floor Underlayment Products.
Suspended Ceiling Products.
Bead & Trim Accessories.
Framing Components.
Cavity Shaft Wall & Area Separation Fire-Wall/Party-Walls.
Framing & Furring Accessories.
Sound Control & Insulation Products.
Firestop Products.
Joint Compounds.
Concrete Finishing Compounds.
Reinforcing Tapes.
Veneer Plaster Finishes.
Interior Texture Finishes.
Powder Texture Products.
Sound-Absorbing Plaster Finish.
Ready-Mixed Texture Products.
Interior Patch & Repair Products.

2. Framing.

Framing practices and procedures for wood and steel framing. Includes details for resilient channel installation, chase walls, furred ceilings and walls, and door and window openings.

General Requirements.
Wood Framing.
Steel Framing.
Resilient Channel Framing—Steel Framing. 
Chase Wall Framing.
Drywall & Plaster Ceiling Suspension Systems.
Wall Furring.
Resilient Framing—Wood Frame.
Framing—Partition Corners.
Framing—Door & Window Openings.

3. Cladding.

Detailed instructions for installing drywall and veneer bases in single and multiple layer configurations. Also covers predecorated panels, water resistant panels, sheathing, insulation, fixtures and specialty materials. Provides information on fastener requirements and special constructions such as curved surfaces, arches, soffits, etc.

General Planning Procedures.
Methods for Applying Drywall & Veneer Bases.
Gypsum Drywall & Plaster Base Application.
Trim & Finishing.
Gypsum Sheathing Application.
Interior Gypsum Ceiling Panel Application.
Exterior Ceiling Board Application.
Gypsum Board Suspended Ceilings.
Mineral Fiber Blanket Application.
Perimeter Isolation.
Floating Interior Angle Application.
Fixture Installation.
Curved Surfaces.

4. Backerboard Installation.

Durock brand cement board products and installation procedures, including proper attachment, taping and finishing. Encompasses moisture and climatic considerations, proper framing, fasteners, and finishing options in baths, kitchens, floors and specialty uses.

Cement Board Products.
Durock Brand Accessory Products.
Job Preparation & Design Considerations.

5.Finishing Drywall Systems

Complete guide to proper joint treatment and surface preparation for drywall construction. Includes installation of corner beads, trim and control joints; hand and mechanical finishing with setting-type and drying-type compounds; addresses special environmental and lighting situations. Covers textures, resurfacing and redecorating.

Levels of Gypsum Finishing.
Finishing Level Definitions.
Recommended Levels of Paint Finish over Gypsum Board.
Applying Trim Accessories.
Joint Treatment for Drywall Construction.
Applying Compound over Concrete.
Applying Sealant (Caulking).
Applying Textured Finishes.
Powder Texture Finishes.
Sound-Rated Texture Finish.
Ready-Mixed Texture Finishes.
Ready-Mixed Texture Paints.
Creating Texture Patterns.
Interior Patching & Repairing.
Redecorating Ceilings.

6. Finishing Veneer Plaster Systems.

In-depth instructions for selecting, preparing and installing veneer plaster systems apearance and abuse-resistance options. Encompasses one-coat and two-coat veneer plaster systems and specialty finishes.

Advances of Veneer Plaster.
Veneer Plaster Finishes.
Applying Trim Accessories.
Joint Treatment & Surface Preparation for Veneer Plaster Construction.
Veneer Plaster Finish Applications.
Painting Veneer Plaster.
Radiant Heat Plaster System—Diamond Veneer Finish.
Special Abuse-Resistant Systems.
Resurfacing Walls & Ceilings.
Decorating with Pigmented Finish Plaster.

7. Conventional Plaster Products.

Describes full line of conventional plasters, laths and accessories for successful completion of plaster systems. Helps evaluate specific situations and end-use requirements to mathc plaster products to needs. Includes gypsum and plaster laths, beads and trims, clips and screws, framing components and specialty plasters.

Plaster Bases.
Trim Accessories.
Framing Components.
Basecoat Plasters.
Portland Cement Plaster.
Finish Plasters.
Gauging Plasters.
Finish Limes.
Prepared Finishes.
Sound-Absorbing Plaster Finish.
Ornamental Plasters.
Special Additives.

8. Conventional Plaster Application.

Comprehensive guide to plaster systems, including framing installation, base and lath application, accessories and control joints, plaster mixing and application and finishing options.

General Planning Procedures.
General Job Conditions.
Framing Installation.
Applying Plaster Base.
Applying Fasteners.
Applying Control Joints.
Applying Basecoat Plaster.
Setting Time.
Applying Finish Plaster.
Ornamental Plasters.
Special Additives.
Sound-Absorbing Plaster Finish.
Replastering Old Plaster Surfaces.
Door Frames.
Caulking Procedures.
Fixture Attachment.

9. Acoustical Ceiling Design & Application.

Complete information on selection and installation of acoustical ceiling systems, including design considerations. Also contains information on standards, building codes, sound control, lighting and light reflectance, fire safety, seismic considerations and HVAC.

Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Products.
Specialty Ceiling Panel Types & Manufacturing Processes.
Acoustical Requirements.
Lighting & Light Reflectance.
Structural Implications.
Environmental Considerations for Installation.
Fire Safety.
Standards for Suspended Acoustical Ceilings.

10. System Design Considerations.

Outlines methods for matching systems to specific performance criteria. Covers fire and sound criteria, wood and steel partitions and sound control systems. Specialty systems include area separation walls, cavity shaft walls, fireproofing, curtain wall/fire containment systems, thermal insulation, air water and vapor control.

System Technical Data.
Structural Criteria.
Fire & Sound Tests.
Wood Stud Partitions.
Steel Stud Partitions.
Sound Control Systems.
Area Separation Fire-Wall/Party-Wall Systems.
USG Shaft Walls.
Floor/Ceiling Assemblies.
Beam & Column Fire Protection.
Curtain Walls & Penetration Fire-Stop Systems.
Head-of-Wall Construction Joints.
Air, Water & Vapor Control.

11. Planning, Execution & Inspection.

Selection of materials, regulatory requirements, handling, job conditions, movement in structures, product quality and inspection.

Factors Affecting Results.
Selection of Materials.
Performance Requirements.
Handling & Storage.
Job Conditions.
Movement in Structures.
Equipment Selection.
Product Quality.
How to Inspect a Job.
Inspecting Drywall & Veneer Plaster Installations.
Inspecting Conventional Plaster Installations.

12. Problems, Remedies & Preventive Measures.

Trouble shooting for drywall, veneer plaster, conventional plaster and cement board problems. Cites problems and how to handle them.

Drywall Construction.
Veneer Finish Construction.
Cement Board Construction.
Texture Finishes.
Conventional Plaster Construction.

13. Safety Considerations & Material Handling.

Provides health and safety considerations relative to drywall and plaster applications.

Handling Wallboard & Other Panel Products.
Other Physical Hazards.
Health Hazards.
Safety Tips for Installing Ceilings.
Additional Sources of Safety Information.

14. Tools & Equipment.

Defines tools and how to use them. Includes framing tools, board and lath tools, mixing equipment, finishing tools, hand and spray texturing equipment, machines, hoses, guns, nozzles, etc.

The Tool for the Task.
Framing & Acoustical Ceiling Installation Tools.
Board & Lath Application Tools.
Caulking Equipment.
Mixing Equipment.
Drywall Finishing Tools.
Mechanical Taping Tools.
Plaster Tools.
Hand Texture Equipment.
Coating Spray Equipment.
Spray Texture Equipment.
Hoses, Guns & Nozzles.
Miscellaneous Equipment.

15. Building Sciences.

A review of building science principles that relate to design, selection and installation of building materials, with emphasis on gypsum panel products. Includes building movement, fire resistance, heat transfer, sound transmission and vapor control.

Fire Resistance.
Heat Transfer.
Sound Transmission.
Vapor Control.

16. Sustainability.

An overview of sustainability as it applies to building design and construction materials, including USG efforts.

A Construction Priority.
What Is Sustainability?
Achieving Sustainability.
Sustainable Product Design & Production.
The Economics of Sustainability.
Essential Elements of a Sustainable Building.
Basic Measures of Sustainability.
Best Practices.
Sustainability Assessment Tools.
Product Testing & Standards.
USG Sustainability Design Tools.

17. USG Chapter.

A review of USG Corporation, it’s industry products, history and core values. Also includes useful online resources.

A Construction Priority.
What Is Sustainability?
Achieving Sustainability.


Agencies, ratings, testing procedures, comparisons, standards, conversions, rating designations, company literature, plant locations.

Agencies and Organizations.
Drywall, Plaster & Acoustical Ceiling Installation Tolerances.
Gypsum Board Screw Usage.
Metric Terms & Equivalents
Metric Conversion.
Specification Standards.
ASTM Application Standards.
ASTM Standards for Performance Specifications & Test Methods.
Products/UL Designations.
Permeance—USG Products.
Thermal Coefficients of Linear Expansion of Common Building Materials.
Hygrometric Coefficients of Expansion (unrestrained).
Thermal Resistance Coefficients of Building & Insulating Materials.
USG Plant Locations.

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