The H Chi Minh Guerilla Warfare Handbook

The H Chi Minh Guerilla Warfare Handbook

by David G. Yurth


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We already have the technologies and means for solving all of these problems:

* Converting sea water to fresh water without burning fuels or creating pollution
* Providing virtually infinite power without burning any fuels at all
* Erasing CO2 as an exhaust gas at the source
* Remediating radioactive emissions from spent nuclear fuels
* Eliminating virally-caused cancers and other biocidic pathogens without surgery, radiation or pharmaceutical interventions
* Growing organic, non-GMO food without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers

If we know how to solve these problems, why haven't we done it? What stands between the problem and the solution?

More than 50 years ago, an aging oriental man dressed in black pajamas, leading a rag-tag army of peasants and partisans,booted the French colonial army out of his country by out-thinking and strategically exhausting them. How he managed to drive both the colonial armies of the French and the invading forces of America and its allies out of Vietnam represents a case study with far reaching strategic implications for those of us who are faced with the challenges of managing the deployment of potentially disruptive technological innovations.

The right to control global social,economic and political engineering is the battlefield on which today's most important wars are being fought. In this book, David Yurth distills some of Hồ Chi Minh's strategic thinking and tactical execution into a set of concepts which he believes are universally applicable to the process of technological innovation.

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