The Hair of the Dog

The Hair of the Dog

by Karl Sabbagh


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ISBN-13: 9781848540897
Publisher: Murray, John Publishers, Limited
Publication date: 01/15/2010
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.70(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Karl Sabbagh is a writer and a television producer whose previous titles include Palestine: A Personal History, The Riemann Hypothesis, and A Rum Affair.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Heaven and Earth 1

Is this a record …? 3

An Exploded View 6

Cosmic coincidence 10

Dropping in on the Big Bang 12

Henrietta's milestone 14

All in a spin 18

'We are stardust …' 20

Combing the universe 22

Looking for a black swan in space 25

Does intelligent life cause the universe? 28

Why is the sky dark at night? 30

How long does a light year last? 34

The world's oldest nuclear reactor 37

Killer lakes 40

On the rocks 41

Up from the ashes 43

Mr Global Catastrophe 44

Plus and Minus 47

The most important machine that doesn't exist 49

Pi = 3 52

The Hair of the Dog

Stuffed in Hastings 54

Rope around the Earth 59

Mozart's Dice Waltz 60

The ultimate 'aide-memoire' 61

Does I + I really equal 2? 65

It all began with a dinner party… 69

'Knicknack Googlewhack' or how Google works 72

My infinity is bigger than your infinity 74

Surf and serve 79

(W)rapping with Mozart 81

The Fireman Hypothesis 83

What a coincidence 85

Names that count 89

Flora and Fauna 93

One leaf or two? 95

Flower power 97

My neighbour, the sticky hairy plate 98

Half animal, half plant, and good on toast 101

Who invented the wheel? 104

Flipping crayfish 105

The oldest living organism on Earth 107

Animal magnetism 109

The bird that knows physics 111

How eyes evolved 113

Them dry bones 117

Curiosity killed the elephant 120

'Caw, I never forget a face' 122

Paper tiger, hidden faker 125

Dogged by unfairness 126

The multiplication of species 128

Brain and Mind 131

Can money bring happiness…? 133

Who moved my finger? 135

Now you don't see it, now you do 137

Facing up to bad choices 139

You do what I do 141

Can the blind see? 144

Is your brain really necessary? 148

Are we really as clever as we think? 150

The fifth taste 153

Cave artist or cave autist? 154

Why doesn't the Earth move when we move our eyes? 156

Blinding with scientism 158

Gilbert was right 161

Atoms and Molecules 165

The world's smallest musical trio 167

Unfair to Buijs-Ballot? 168

Positive fallout from the bomb 170

An uncertain future 173

Why should we fall through the floor? 175

Critical mass for Louis Slotin 178

Tall story 181

The riches of Ytterby 185

What is smashed in an atom-smasher? 184

Seeing neutrinos 186

Clock inside the rock 188

Sickness and Health 191

Ticking boxes saves lives 193

'I love you - share my MHC? 196

The Hair of the Dog

Tribes of the Inner Elbow 198

Why is DNA like a knitting pattern? 199

Some unhealthy words 202

The eyes don't have it 203

How to live to 110 (100 is passé) 205

Premature peepshow 206

Many coagulations 209

'Radiation is good for you' 212

The hair of the dog 214

Eureka on Highway 128 216

A La Recherche du Pong Perdu 218

Sex and science 221

Which woman has made the greatest contribution to medical research? 224

One blind baby or sixteen dead ones? The choice is yours 227

A 'sugar scalpel' 230

Baring your soles to X-rays 234

Stemming disease 236

Resistance is futile 239

Odds and Sods 243

The ship that repaired itself 245

Whips, thongs and cracks 247

What's the difference between a hypothesis and a theory? 250

Wagon wheels 253

'Some mute, inglorious Disney…' 255

Before Babel 257

ESP nuclear blast predictor 261

The Hawthorne Effect 263

Sod's Chain 266

Answer that phone! 270

How many piano tuners in Chicago? 272

Arab science under the telescope 274

Why does a mirror reverse left and right but not top and bottom? 279

Communicating at an unknown rate 282

Swinging the lead 284

Europe to America in an hour, by train 286

Fundamental chemistry 288

Acknowledgements 291

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