The Handbook of Austroasiatic Languages (2 vols)

The Handbook of Austroasiatic Languages (2 vols)

by Paul Sidwell, Mathias Jenny



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ISBN-13: 9789004282957
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/15/2014
Series: Grammars and Sketches of the World's Languages
Pages: 1330
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.50(h) x 3.10(d)

About the Author

Mathias Jenny, Ph.D. (2005) University of Zurich, is senior researcher at that university. His research focuses on language history, typology, and contact in Southeast Asia. He has published numerous journal articles on the languages of Myanmar and Thailand, as well as the monograph The Verb System of Mon (2005).

Paul Sidwell, Ph.D. (1999, University of Melbourne) is an ARC Future Fellow at the Australian National University, Canberra. His research focusses on the history and classification of Austroasiatic languages and implications for social history of SEAsia. He authored Classifying the Austroasiatic Languages (2009).

Contributors are Mark Alves, Gregory D. S. Anderson, Aung Si, Kevin Bätscher, Walter Bisang, Kees Jan Bos, Marc Brunelle, Supakit Buakaw, Niclas Burenhult, Becky Butler, Sujaritlak Deepadung, Arthur Holmer, Nicole Kruspe, Jinfang Li, Yongxian Luo, Patrick McCormick, Keralapura Shreenivasaiah Nagaraja, Neil H. Olsen, Suwilai Premsrirat, Ampika Rattanapitak, Felix Rau, Hiram Ring, Nattamon Rojanakul, Kenneth D. Smith, Jan-Olof Svantesson, Tobias Weber, Rachel Weymuth, and Ewelina Wnuk.

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