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The Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology / Edition 2

The Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology / Edition 2

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The past 30 years have seen the field of clinical neuropsychology grow to become an influential discipline within mainstream clinical psychology and an established component of most professional courses. It remains one of the fastest growing specialities within mainstream clinical psychology, neurology, and the psychiatric disciplines. Substantially updated to take account of these rapid developments, the new edition of this successful handbook provides a practical guide for those interested in the professional application of neuropsychological approaches and techniques in clinical practice. With chapters by leading specialists, it demonstrates the contribution that neuropsychological approaches can make to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a range of brain disorders, as well as addressing the special considerations when treating children and the elderly. As before, the book is divided into 10 sections, covering everything from methodological and conceptual issues, developmental and paediatric neuropsychology, funcional neuroanatomy, and the historical context. Throughout, the content draws on contemporary neuroscientific techniques, focusing on the methods of functional imaging, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry and cognitive rehabilitation. It also provides background information on laboratory and research techniques, as well as covering relevant neurology and psychiatry. The book will be essential for trainee neuropsychologists, students and teachers in the clinical and cognitive neurosciences/psychology, neurobiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.

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ISBN-13: 9780199645817
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 03/02/2012
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 912
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Table of Contents

Part 1 - Historical context
1. Neuropsychology: past, present, and future, John C. Marshall and Jennifer M. Gurd
Part 2 - Methodological issues
2. Basic concepts and principles of neuropsychological assessment, Jonathan J. Evans
3. The methodological and statistical foundations of neuropsychological assessment, Klaus Willmes
4. Principles of cognitive rehabilitation, Nicole D. Anderson, Ph.D. C.Psych., Gordon Winocur, Ph.D. and Heather Palmer, Ph.D.
Part 3 - Neuropsychological Impairments
5. Assessment of attention, Joke Spikman and Ed van Zomeren
6. The Rehabilitation of Attention, Tom Manly, Jessica Fish and Ian H Robertson
7. Assessment of perceptual disorders, L.D. Kartsounis
8. Recovery and treatment of sensory perceptual disorders, C. Groh-Bordin, G. Kerkhoff
9. Neuropsychological assessment of memory disorders, Veronica Bradley and Narinder Kapur
10. The natural recovery and treatment of learning and memory disorders, Barbara A. Wilson
11. Assessment and treatment of disorders of visuospatial, imaginal, and constructional processes, Lilianne Manning
12. Assessing disorders of awareness and representation of body parts, Carlo Semenza
13. The assessment of acquired spoken language disorders, Claus-W.Wallesch, Helga Johannsen-Horbach & Gerhard Blanken
14. Motor speech disorders: an overview, Nick Miller
15. Treatment of spoken language disorders, Jane Marshall
16. Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment of Disorders of Reading, J. Richard Hanley and Janice Kay
17. Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation of writing disorders, Pelagie M. Beeson, Ph.D. and Steven Z. Rapcsak, M.D.
18. Assessment of executive function, Paul W. Burgess
19. The Natural Recovery and Treatment of Executive Disorders, Andrew D Worthington
20. The neuropsychological assessment and treatment of disorders of voluntary movement, Georg Goldenberg
21. The neuropsychology of acquired calculation disorders, Marinella Cappelletti & Lisa Cipolotti
22. Assessment and treatment of emotional disorders, Guido Gainotti
23. Assessment of Anosognosia for Motor Impairments, Anne M. Aimola Davies and Rebekah C. White
Part 4 - Developmental and paediatric neuropsychology
24. Treatment and rehabilitation of paediatric/developmental neuropsychological disorders, Stephen Whitfield
Part 5 - Neuropsychopharmacology
25. Neuropsychopharmacology, C.M. Bradshaw
Part 6 - Underlying medical disorders
26. Vascular disorders, Clive Skilbeck
27. Neuropsychological presentation and treatment of traumatic brain injury, Nigel S. King & Dr. Andy Tyerman
28. The Neuropsychological Presentation of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, Julie Snowden
29. The Neuropsychological Presentation and Treatment of Demyelinating Disorders, Peter A. Arnett & Amanda R. Rabinowitz
30. The Neuropsychology of Endocrine Disorders, David M. Erlanger, Ph.D., Geoffrey Tremont, Ph.D., Jennifer Duncan Davis, Ph.D.
31. The Epilepsies, CM Thompson
Part 7 - Neuropsychiatric conditions
32. Clinical presentation of neuropsychiatric disorders, Ronan O'Carroll
33. The clinical assessment of neuropsychiatric disorders, Mervi Pitkanen, Eli J. Jaldow, and Michael D. Kopelman
34. Neuropsychological rehabilitation of schizophrenia, Bjorn Rishovd Rund
35. Treatment and rehabilitation of neuropsychiatric disorders, Laura H. Goldstein
Part 8 - Forensic neuropsychopharmacology
36. Forensic issues in neuropsychology, William W McKinlay, Michaela McGowan and Jane V Russell
Part 9 - Functional neuroanatomy
37. Functional neuroanatomy of spatial perception, spatial processes and attention, Gabriella Bottini, Eraldo Paulesu, Martina Gandola and Paola Invernizzi
38. The Functional Anatomy of Learning and Memory, Hans J. Markowitsch, Martina Piefke
39. Functional neuroanatomy of language disorders, Claudius Bartels and Claus-W. Wallesch
40. Functional neuroanatomy of executive process, Joaquin M. Fuster
Part 10 - Clinical context and resources
41. Clinical and laboratory examinations relevant to clinical neuropsychology, Udo Kischka
42. Neuropsychological deficits within the World Health Organization's model of illness (ICIDH-2), Derick T. Wade
43. The internet and clinical neuropsychology, Vaughan Bell

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