The Handler

The Handler

by D.R. Graham


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ISBN-13: 9781511634762
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2015
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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The Handler (Entangled Embrace) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Sami_Creech More than 1 year ago
Cain is on a mission to find the man who got away, the one who has for some reason set out ot hurt his family even if it means they all end up dead. To this end he travels to L.A. and is housed with a biker gang that is also determined to get this guy. While on his search he has to make a living so he takes a few contracting jobs on the side. One of those jobs happens to land him at a set for a popular pop star, granted one he’s never heard of but whatever. His initial impression of Lincoln is that she is hot but also a huge pain in the arse. Lincoln is used to getting her way so when some construction dude actually tells her the truth instead of what she wants to hear she is stunned and intrigued. Needing a break from her everyday life Lincoln ropes Cain into joining her on tour. She could use a friend and he can use the money. The longer they are together the more their feelings develop. Danger seems to follow them no matter where they go. Are they after Lincoln or Cain? When the man Cain is hunting seems to appear at all their locations he is determined to keep his family and Lincoln all safe. When Cain finally gets the answers to all his questions will it leave him with a sense of peace or broken? Can a normal man actually have a shot at a relationship other with an international star? What started out as just a job turns into so much more. 
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
The Handler is a heart stopping story of love, revenge and finding closure. The characters are nicely written. I enjoyed the first meeting between Lincoln Todd, the teen popstar, and Cain Allen. Their interaction made the characters come to life. Cain is determined to see his father's murders brought to justice. I admired his courage and determination. The Noir et Blue motorcycle club gave the story an edgy feel. How they are portrayed was different that what I expected. It made for an interesting storyline. Lincoln was a complex character. She may have fame and adulation, but she needed a friend. Cain was a person she could depend on to be honest. They made an interesting couple. D.R. Graham writes with flair. I found her secondary characters interesting. They definitely added suspense to this fast moving story. It was easy to be pulled into this book. I needed to know if Lincoln and Cain had a chance at a relationship. The ending was powerful and took me completely by surprise. I liked this off-beat story. I want to read more of D.R. Graham.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review Cain owed Mug two months' rent. He gave Cain until Friday. Cain's girlfriend is Liv. Cain worked with Tomcat whenever he got the chance. Cain's dad had been murdered and Liv and Cain had seen 3 guys running from the burning house. The cops caught 2 of the 3 and they saw the LA Boom Slangs tattoo. Digger is the international President of the Noir et Blue Motorcycle Club. He had been one of Cain's dad's best friends since they were kids. Tomcat and Cain and the rest of the group were fixing a video shoot for a pop star named Lincoln Todd. Cain's best friend back home said he had seen Liv out with another guy. Cain didn't want to believe she was cheating, but online pics confirmed she was getting cozy with him. Lincoln looked like she could use a friend and Cain felt bad for her. He ended up letting her stay at Mug's with him (he slept on the floor). Lincoln spent her best day ever with Cain. Lincoln is a very insecure person, never making her own decisions, at least in the beginning of the book. She is used to having her whole life controlled. Even though she supported her addicted father and mentally incompetent mother, she still loved them. I found her to be loyal, caring and compassionate. She was also responsible. She grew up a lot throughout this story and it was great watching it happen. Cain was a very careful young man. With the stage he was in at this point, he was always looking over his shoulder and always looking for the third person. I found him to be caring, giving, and compassionate. He tried to be responsible, but also doing what he felt he had to do. He also grew throughout this story. It was a great story with a great plot. I highly recommend it.
ETrupkiewicz More than 1 year ago
Think biker ... rough, tattooed, leather, maybe earrings, probably couldn't care less about most anybody. Then your stereotype is off. Meet Cain Allen, whose father was a founding member of the Noir et Bleu motorcycle club, under whose protection Cain finds himself after his father is murdered, his mother irreparably scarred, and his younger sister Huck traumatized by a member of a rival gang. Two of the murderers were captured and await trial. One got away, and only Cain can identify him. He's made it his life goal to track down that last killer and achieve total justice for his broken family. And then he meets the renowned teenage pop star Lincoln Todd --- sexy, sweet, self-centered, talented --- and fate intervenes. In a surprising twist, he finds himself hired as her "handler," to keep her company between shows on her European tour. The more he gets to know her, the more he sees who she really is ... afraid, indecisive, with a messed-up family, loyal, and most of all, lonely. Cain's top priority has always been to keep his family safe and find justice ... but now, oddly enough, he's got Lincoln to worry about, too. And he's finding that he doesn't mind much at all ... Let me introduce THE HANDLER, by D.R. Graham, a new release this month from Entangled Publishing's Embrace imprint. The best part about the story (and there are many excellent components to consider) is the fact that it's written entirely in Cain's perspective, in the first-person point of view. Teen and New Adult romances tend to be written with two perspectives, male and female, even if the sub-genre is suspense/thriller as in this case, but somehow, staying inside Cain's head the whole time works really, really well. Cain is an engaging character, someone I wanted to get to know more about from the very first page. He's dedicated to his family, especially his sister Huck, and wants nothing more than to find his father's killer ... but, contrary to the way a lot of his colleagues and acquaintances in the biker world work, Cain wants to see justice brought about the right way, if at all possible. Even his momentary snaps of judgment and conscience in the novel feel justified, especially when his character and integrity kick back in and keep him from doing something stupid. His endlessly patient, loyal, selfless nature might seem too goody-two-shoes for some readers, but in fact, getting inside his head for the duration of the story reveals that he's just as torn between justice and vengeance, just as tempted by lust as by love, as anyone else. He's not a superhero, off to save the world ... he's got demons, and they plague him relentlessly. Perhaps that's why he finds himself getting along so well, unexpectedly and entirely to his surprise, with Lincoln, who has her own demons and her own screwed-up upbringing and wild relatives to deal with. She's facing burnout from so many months on tour, giving audiences what they want, doing what her agent wants, and ignoring her own needs. Watching as Cain reaches outside his own circle to draw Lincoln out of indecision and fear, and into being a more confident, healthy young woman, is as sweet a reward as any this romance could offer. # # # Author: D.R. Graham Title: THE HANDLER ISBN: 978-1-62266-313-2 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this work from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
I had loved book one in Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club series and I was quite sure that I'll like this one too. Happy to say that I loved it! It is even better than book one in many ways. Although both books can be read as stand alones. It has drama, romance, beautiful singer, bikers and a lot more. I especially loved the twist in plot at the end. That was very well done. Cain is looking for his father's murderer. His girlfriend is not happy about him being so far away. His sister also wants him at home but he has to do this if he wants to live in peace with himself. But then he is offered a job, it paid well and all he has to do is babysit a teen singer. He never thought it could be as difficult as it turns out to be. Soon he is trying to keep his distance from Lincoln and also trying to protect her from his past. Now because of him her life is in danger to and he must take action before it is too late.
KimBlack-TOJPubServices More than 1 year ago
Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley. What happens when a brutally honest guy meets a lonely superstar? He becomes her handler and offered a four hundred and thirty thousand dollars to be her friend. Cain Allen wanted nothing more than to find the last man responsible for killing his father and putting his mother in the hospital, but with the trial six months away and with him being no closer to finding the third guy involved, Fireball, he was stuck being away from his little sister and girlfriend. Strapped for cash, he appreciated his friend Tomcat for calling him in on a job, since his housing accommodations involved a couple of bikers from the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club and he needed to pay his way or risk angering them. Little did he know... His life was going to change the second pop star Lincoln Todd entered the picture. His brutal honesty earns him Lincoln's trust and a way to earn money to help his family. But his decision to "handle" her causes more trouble than he anticipated. How can he keep his distance and protect her when the dangers he went looking for in California follow them on their tour? I loved this story! The author did an amazing job developing the characters and made them all related. I was rooting for Lincoln and Cain from the second she confessed her age lol and was happy with how the story progress. By the end, I didn't know who to trust and was seconds from pulling out a pen and paper and trying to take a crack of who the untrustworthy suspects were. I would recommend this book to anyone and will be reading more from this author.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This new adult romance, second in the Noir et Blue MC series but easily read as a standalone, is the story of Cain and Lincoln. Cain is searching for his father's murderer and the motorcycle club his father used to belong to is assisting him as they want payback too but Cain is the only one who can identify the man on sight. He does some odd jobs for the club and when one of those jobs involves stage set up for stunning pop star Lincoln, he ends up with a pretty sweet offer - be her 'handler' for $10,000 a day while she goes on a European tour. No one can resist that kind of money and besides, Lincoln looks like she needs someone to be on her side anyway. He agrees, but his father's MC past puts them both in danger. Now he's got an extra job - to protect her while still pursuing his father's killer. Can he find the man before things get out of control? I really enjoyed this story! One of the refreshing things about it is that there is no sugarcoating of what life around a motorcycle club is like. There is the power that comes with being in a position that scares the general population and that power enables things to happen quickly for Cain. But there is also the danger inherent in having that power and things can easily spiral out of control. Cain isn't part of the club, he's just being helped because of his father's previous association with them. But as the story progresses he finds himself torn between keeping his distance and getting what he wants. The club is on the periphery in the first part of the story but gets more and more involved the closer Cain gets to finding out the identity of the killer. There is lots of action, intensity and drama as things play out. Along with the MC action there is Cain's relationship with Lincoln. She has a rather sad history and hasn't ever had anyone she can really rely on - until Cain comes along and his blunt honesty is what she's never had before. And she likes it. It makes her feel like she's worth something, that someone is willing to give her the unvarnished truth. I liked the two of them together and the slow progression of their relationship. They are still young, under 20 and it was nice that they didn't just hop into bed together. While Lincoln may act sexually mature for her music videos , it's just an act and in reality she isn't that way at all, something Cain soon comes to realize and value. It was also really interesting to have a male/female romance all in the male point of view, and I really liked that. It's Cain's story after all and it made sense to have him tell it all. Overall I found this to be a really entertaining, dramatic and well paced story with lots of action in the second half to keep the reader fully engaged. The romance is sweet and the characters believable. 5 stars.