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The Hands of the Prime Minister

The Hands of the Prime Minister


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Hands of the Prime Minister is a unique chronicle of the special accomplishments of the former prime minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, as captured by renowned photojournalist Philip Holsinger in 183 pages of interviews, field notes and personal observations - and over 165 magnificent black and white and color photos. Written in English, French, Spanish and Creole.

For a brief period, from 2012 to 2015, the emerging nation of Haiti experienced a season of extraordinary progress and increased security. Plagued by years of disasters, man-made and natural, this brief period marked a time of hope in Haiti. This was in a large part the result of a hands-on, inclusive government set up and managed by the young businessman turned Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. He is the longest-serving Prime Minister in Haiti's modern history and his success is credited to his managerial approach to leading the troubled nation where he and his staff developed channels of communication with all levels of society, including the many-sided opposition.

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ISBN-13: 9781737096504
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Publication date: 06/15/2021
Pages: 186
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About the Author

Laurent S. Lamothe was the youngest and longest serving Prime Minister of Haiti in modern times. During his tenure Lamothe presided over the design and implementation of an important social policy agenda targeting the poorest sectors of the Haitian population; a massive nationwide building effort including schools, bridges, and roads that are clearly visible throughout Haiti today; and a foreign direct investment strategy that saw foreign direct investment increase to its highest level in a generation. Lamothe is a world innovator having founded in 1998 Global Voice Group SA (GVG), today considered a world-leading provider of ICT solutions for telecoms and fiscal authorities. Following his successful tenure as Prime Minister Lamothe has focused his efforts on strengthening institutions serving the poorest of the poor. In 2015 Lamothe founded LSL World Initiative (LSL), a global organization specializing in innovative financing for development and dedicated to the socio-economic empowerment of developing and emerging countries. In December 2015, Lamothe founded the Louis G
Lamothe Foundation in Haiti in honour and memory of his father Louis G Lamothe, a renowned educator. The Foundation focuses on inclusive social entrepreneurship and a Think Tank focusing on strategies that will lead Haiti towards emerging country status by 2041.

Philip Holsinger is an American photojournalist and writer reporting in the immersive, first-person style of the Gonzo tradition. Holsinger has worked in some of the world's most volatile regions observing conflicts and human peril; including the aftermath of war in the Balkans, the effects of Southeast Asia's drug war, and Nicaragua's Miskito region once at the heart of the Iran-Contra affair. His work is displayed in mixed-media exhibitions and through mostly private contract reporting. Holsinger served as a private contractor for the Haitian Primature from April 2013 to September 2014 documenting the social and ethnographic effects of the government's national development projects. Prior to this contract and following, Holsinger traveled extensively throughout Haiti, living for a time with the warlord generals in the notorious gangland, Cite Soleil. He is the author of two previous books of photojournalism - A Tourist of Saints: A Photo Graphic Journal of Haiti (2014, Henri Deschamps); and Unembraced: Photographic Dispatches (2010, self-published).

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