The Handy-Dandy Handbook for Movies in Social Studies

The Handy-Dandy Handbook for Movies in Social Studies

by Mike Ward


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My name: Mike Ward

Book Title: The Handy-Dandy Handbook for Movies in Social Studies

As a self-published work I use this publishing information: © 2017 TLC3 for E Publishing

Back Cover:

Looking to increase student engagement? Do you use movies in your classroom to make content come alive?

The Handy-Dandy Handbook for Movies in Social Studies will:

- Increase student engagement

- Provide 12 reproducible, field-tested activities that support 12 popular movies about history

- Guide students through major historic topics that align to state standards

- Serve as a great asset to accommodate visual learners

- Encourage connections that will drive inquiry and conversation

- Save you time in preparation

- Help you facilitate a meaningful learning experience

Mike Ward, Educator and Coach from Michigan. Nearly 30 years of teaching students from all walks of life has led Mike to a unique philosophy called TLC3 for E. His philosophy leverages Technology, Literacy, Content, Curriculum, and Creativity for Educators seeking to give all students every opportunity to be successful. It blends a standards-based approach with authentic learning experiences to engage students and encourage lifelong learning.

The TLC3 for E philosophy is driven by a format called A Template 4 Success. Each learning unit has its own unique template. The template provides an organized course plan, complete with appropriate content and documentation infused with 21st century skills. These essential skills include, but are not limited to, creativity, problem-solving, communicating, collaboration, decision making, entrepreneurship, and research. Mike has taken great steps to make the activities real, which allows students to take ownership of their learning. In addition, the template clearly communicates most, if not all, expectations to students, parents, administrators, and the community.

His philosophy helps teachers maximize effectiveness and efficiency. It has been successfully implemented in many academic classes as well as with the football players he coaches. Since time management is a key ingredient in success and job satisfaction, the template has helped teachers use limited time to maximize effort while continually turning out a better product for students.

The journey to perfect this philosophy has been a long one. Mike’s resources are designed to pique your interest and encourage future collaboration, so you and all of your students can begin to reap the benefits.

Mike’s passion for teaching is only surpassed by his excitement for learning.

Author's Note: Please correct two errors located on two pages:

Answer Key - 12 Years a Slave - p. 16 - Day #1 - 1. change A to B

Answer Key Lincoln - p. 26 - Day #1 - 1. change A to B

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780955240942
Publisher: Maravilla Publishing
Publication date: 11/20/2017
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents



Featured Movies:

1. 1492 (PG-13)

Answer Key: 1492

2. 12 Years A Slave (Rated R) Day 1

12 Years A Slave (Rated R) Day 2. 11

12 Years A Slave (Rated R) Day 3. 13

Answer Key: 12 Years a Slave. 16

3. Lincoln (Rated PG-13) Day 1. 17

Lincoln (Rated PG-13) Day 2. 21

Lincoln (Rated PG-13) Day 3. 25

Answer Key: Lincoln. 28

4. Avalon. 29

Answer Key: Avalon. 33

5. The Lost Battalion - Part I (Day 1 - 50 mins) 34

The Lost Battalion - Part II (Day 2 - 50 mins) 37

Answer Key: The Lost Battalion. 40

6. Movie: The Grapes of Wrath. 41

Answer Key: The Grapes of Wrath. 40

7. Red Tails (Rated PG-13) Day 1. 48

Red Tails (Rated PG-13) Day 2. 51

Red Tails (Rated PG-13) Day 3. 53

Answer Key: Red Tails. 55

8. Rescue Dawn (Rated PG-13) Day 1. 56

Rescue Dawn (Rated PG-13) Day 2. 58

Rescue Dawn (Rated PG-13) Day 3. 60

Answer Key: Rescue Dawn. 61

9. Forest Gump – Video Activity. 62

Answer Key: Forrest Gump. 66

10. Selma (Rated PG-13) Day 1. 67

Selma (Rated PG-13) Day 2. 69

Selma (Rated PG-13) Day 3. 72

Answer Key: Selma. 74

11. Mandela (Rated PG-13) Day 1 Long Walk to Freedom

Mandela (Rated PG-13) Day 2 Long Walk to Freedom.. 77

Mandela (Rated PG-13) Day 3 Long Walk to Freedom.. 79

Answer Key: Mandela. 81

12. The Butler (Rated PG-13) Day 1. 82

The Butler (Rated PG-13) Day 2. 85

The Butler (Rated PG-13) Day 3. 88

Answer Key: The Butler

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