The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery

The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery


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The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery (#16 in the Happy Hollisters series)A visit from Gram and Gramp Hollister in the Hollister home at Shoreham opens up the opportunity for the five children to go to Canada with their grandparents to see the Mardi Gras and Winter Carnival in Quebec. That, however, is not the only purpose of their trip. Mr. Hollister tells the children that a Christmas gift he had ordered for them has taken overlong in reaching Shoreham and, although he had wanted to keep it a secret, he is now worried about the delay. The gift was a cariole, a French Canadian sleigh, and was to be made by a master sleigh maker in Quebec. He commissions the children to try and solve the mystery of the missing sleigh. The children meet many interesting people and are introduced to the customs and ways of the French Canadians as well as encountering adventure and excitement in their efforts to find the sleigh . . . maker and the sleigh. The crowning glory for the children is their participation in the parade at the Winter Carnival.Again a Hollister story of mystery and adventure, with a setting that will introduce young readers to a different way of life in a most interesting and historic location.First published in 1958, this charming mystery-adventure story, faithfully reproduced, is now available in paperback and eBook for the first time! Written for boys and girls between the ages of six and twelve, The Happy Hollisters are wholesome books, with an accent on humor and good, clean fun. Integrity always pays off and right wins over wrong. Parents, grandparents, and teachers love these books for their healthy celebration of life in simpler times. Kids are thrilled with the fast-paced action and will not want to put them down. The action-packed illustrations make the story - and the Hollister family - so vivid that the reader has a feeling of really sharing in on the adventures of this lovable and interesting family.

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ISBN-13: 9781541346109
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/18/2017
Series: Happy Hollisters , #16
Pages: 170
Sales rank: 310,966
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West was actually written by Andrew E. Svenson, a prolific yet somewhat anonymous, writer of books for children. Jerry West was the pen name assigned to Svenson when he started writing The Happy Hollisters for the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book packager well-known for its development of children's book series including Tom Swift, The Bobbsey Twins, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. Many of these series were intended to have long publishing lives, and were written by multiple authors using the same pseudonym. The Happy Hollisters, however, were all written by Andrew Svenson, whose identity as Jerry West was kept secret until several years after his death in 1975.

Andrew Svenson was born in Belleville, NJ, in 1910, and his interest in writing started early. He was editor of his high school newspaper and yearbook at Barringer High School in Newark, and then went on to study Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. After his graduation in 1932, he worked as a reporter and editor for the Newark Star Eagle and the Newark Evening News.

Andrew Svenson was encouraged by his friend Howard Garis (author of Uncle Wiggily) to try his hand at juvenile fiction. He joined the Stratemeyer Syndicate as a writer in 1948, where he contributed to established series as Franklin W. Dixon (The Hardy Boys) and as Laura Lee Hope (The Bobbsey Twins). The first volume in his own original series, The Happy Hollisters, was published in 1953 by Doubleday & Company, and he was made a partner in the Stratemeyer Syndicate in 1961. As he wrote and developed 33 titles in The Happy Hollisters, he was also creating additional series for children under other pen names: Bret King by Dan Scott and The Tollivers by Alan Stone.

Under various pseudonyms, Andrew Svenson wrote more than 70 adventure and mystery novels for children, which were published in 17 languages and sold millions of copies. The Hollister family was modeled on his own family and he often used Svenson family events and travels as the foundation for The Happy Hollisters books. He also kept copious newspaper clippings for story ideas, and interviewed hundreds of school children and teachers for additional suggestions. These ideas were then worked into his storylines, adding an educational element that was appreciated by parents and educators alike. The children loved the stories for their elements of danger and excitement geared to their comprehension level.

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