The Hardest Thing: A collection of five short Stories

The Hardest Thing: A collection of five short Stories

by Brian Cainan


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ISBN-13: 9781420866001
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication date: 06/28/2006
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Whether he is taking midday tea with the Queen Mum, or in private audience with His Holiness, the Dalai Llama, Brian Cainan�s life is not for the meek of heart. Not even Cainan�s closest friends know exactly where he was born, although speculation centers on the American Midwest. A longtime expat, Cainan keeps residences all over the world, but spends most of his time at his bungalow on the windswept beaches of western Morocco, where he passes many hours windsurfing and watching breathtaking African sunsets.

Naturally camera-shy, Cainan avoids the paparazzi like VD, but occasional shots of the author at nightclubs in Ibiza or big-game hunting in the sub-Sahara have been passed around the Internet.

A relentless pursuer of grandiose adventures, Cainan still manages to find great pleasure in the simple details of life, such as love, loss and betrayal. In his first published collection of stories, Cainan explores these very details in savvy, sexy prose that will inspire emotional vertigo.

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The night had been so much fun. Elephant ears, roller coasters and carnival lights. Jason felt like a little kid weaving in and out of carnival goers with Chad. It had been a perfect night.

When he saw the gypsy�s tent with the palm-shaped sign out front that read Your future is yours to be told he knew it was the perfect ending to the night. Chad was a bit more reserved and apprehensive, muttering something about crystal ball reading quacks, but that didn�t stop Jason.

The fortune teller was an old shriveled woman. Her once black hair was a curious shade of blue-grey. She smelt of incense and never passed a smile their way.

She took Jason�s hand into her withered, wrinkled hand and immediately cringed with a deep shiver. Her eyes fluttered several times and then closed harshly. Jason�s body shuttered with his own deep shiver. She was good. He�d give her that. She was giving him the creeps.

Jason shot a look over at Chad who eyed the pair with an amusing stare, his emerald eyes dancing with pleasure. His mouth curled into the sexy grin that Jason knew was an I told you so. That look, both infuriated and turned Jason on at the same time.

The old witch let out an exacerbated sigh that brought Jason�s focus back to her. Her eyes remained closed, but she began to speak. My child, she began. I see much strife in your past, but I see happiness in the present. Jason nodded. Good guess, he thought. That could be true for everyone that he knew. The psychic wasn�t off to an unbelievable start.

There is much love and passion in your life now, the gypsy continued. It is a love you have sought for a long time. A love that you thought you weren�t worthy of.

Jason shifted his gaze back to Chad who in turn was already staring deep into Jason�s own azure eyes. That much of what the old woman said was true. Up until that past year Jason felt that he was a loner. He felt that that one person that everyone was destined for just didn�t exist for him. All the wishes he�d made on his lucky star had gone unanswered until one day he had just given up making the wish. That was when Chad came into his life.

They had literally bumped into each other. They were in a coffee shop. Jason was late as usual coming back from lunch. He had stopped in the corner coffee shop to grab a chai. After waiting in a long line forever he was rushing to the counter to throw some cinnamon on top of his chai and he banged into Chad. Jason dropped his chai and Chad spilt his ice mocha on himself. Just before Jason broke into a string of curse words he looked into Chad�s eyes and realized that he had just ran over the most attractive man he had laid eyes on. Chad smiled that sexy little smile and before they had parted ways they had decided to meet for dinner that very night. A year and a mortgage later the two had bought on old Victorian mansion to fix up and were living together. In one clumsy second Chad had become Jason�s world.

The old gypsy sucked in another breath bringing Jason back to the present. Her clammy hand still grasped his and he wasn�t sure whether it was his imagination or if her grip was getting tighter.

This love, she continued. This love encompasses you. It shields you from the truth and she abruptly paused. Her lids fluttered open. Her coffee colored eyes were wide. This love will bring death to you, she whispered.

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