The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics

The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics


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"The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics is a rich and unparalleled resource. The writers here are among the best in this discipline and will add to your thinking in enriching ways." —Ravi Zacharias

“This long-overdue volume is crucial to the next generation of missionaries and apologetic evangelists.” —Norman L. Geisler

"Some of the most well-known scholars of our time. This is a must-read for anyone who seeks to share the gospel and defend the faith!” —Josh McDowell

Do You Truly Understand Your Faith?
Can You Defend It?

Scripture calls every believer—including you—to be prepared to defend the faith (1 Peter 3:15)?

From the preacher to the churchgoer, the teacher to the student, The Harvest Handbookof Apologetics is the comprehensive resource all believers need in a world full of uncertainty and relentless criticism. This collection of well-reasoned, Scripture-based essays comes from respected Christian apologists and Bible scholars, including...

  • Norman L. Geisler
  • Josh McDowell
  • Gary R. Habermas
  • Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  • Ron Rhodes
  • Edwin M. Yamauchi
  • John Warwick Montgomery
  • William A. Dembski
  • Randy Alcorn
  • Stephen C. Meyer
  • Randall Price
  • Ed Hindson

What is the evidence for Jesus's existence? How can you address the seeming contradictions in the Bible? How can you best explain the relationship between science and faith? You'll discover concise and convincing responses to these questions and many more.

Defending your faith is a lifelong quest, and this handbook is the perfect guide to help you skillfully answer the topics people ask about. Prepare to "contend for the faith" you call your own (Jude 3)—and become equipped to evangelize with wisdom and passion.

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ISBN-13: 9780736974288
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Series: Harvest Handbook Series
Pages: 528
Sales rank: 575,936
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Joseph M. Holden (PhD, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, Wales) is the President of Veritas International University in southern California ( He is the general editor of the forthcoming The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics (Harvest House Publishers, 2018), co-editor of the forthcoming The Harvest Handbook of Bible Lands (Harvest House Publishers, 2019), co-editor of The Harvest Handbook of Science and Faith (Harvest House, 2021), associate editor of The Apologetics Study Bible for Students (Broadman &Holman, 2010, 2017), co-author of Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences (Zondervan, 2006), co-author of Living Loud: Defending Your Faith (Broadman & Holman, 2002), and producer of the documentary Archaeology and the Bible: The Top 10 Amazing Discoveries.

Table of Contents

Foreword Ravi Zacharias 15

Preface: The Battle for Hearts and Minds 17

Part 1 Questions About Apologetics and Truth

1 What Is Apologetics and Why Do We Need It? Norman L. Geisler 21

2 What About a Short History of Apologetics? John Warwick Montgomery 27

3 What Are Some Apologetic Approaches? H. Wayne House 37

4 What Is the Overall Apologetic Task? Don Deal Joseph M. Holden 43

5 What Is the Relationship Between Faith and Reason? Mark M. Hanna 51

6 What Is Truth? Richard G. Howe 57

7 How Can We Know Truth? Richard G. Howe 61

8 What Is Conversational Apologetics? David Geisler 65

9 How Can We Make Apologetics Culturally Relevant? Miguel Angel Endara 69

10 What Is the Holy Spirit's Role in Apologetics? Ed Hindson 73

Part 2 Questions About God

11 Why Does God Seem "Hidden"? Natasha Grain 79

12 What Are the Classical Proofs for God's Existence? Richard G. Howe 83

13 What Are Some Other Arguments for God's Existence? Thomas W. Baker 89

14 If God Exists, Why Is There Evil? Clay Jones 95

15 Canaanites, Crusades, and Catastrophes-Is God a Moral Monster? Douglas E. Potter 99

16 How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? Douglas E. Potter 107

Part 3 Questions About Jesus

17 Who Is Jesus? Josh McDowell 115

18 Is There Evidence That Jesus Really Existed? Gary R. Habermas Benjamin C.F Shaw 125

19 Are the Gospel Accounts Reliable? F. David Farnell 129

20 What About the Alternative "Gospels"? H. Wayne House 135

21 How Do We Know That Jesus Is God? Ron Rhodes 141

22 Is There Evidence That Jesus Rose from the Dead? Gary R. Habermas Benjamin C.F. Shaw 145

23 Did Christianity Copy Earlier Pagan Resurrection Stories? Edwin A. Yamauchi 149

24 Why Is It Important That Jesus Rose from the Dead? Phil Fernandes 157

25 How Did Jesus Use Apologetics? Patrick Zukeran 161

Part 4 Questions About the Bible

26 Are the Old Testament Manuscripts Reliable? Walter C. Kaiser Jr. 169

27 How Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Show the Reliability of the Old Testament Text? J. Randall Price 175

28 Does Archaeology Confirm the Historical Reliability of the Old Testament? Steven Collins 183

29 Were the New Testament Manuscripts Copied Accurately? Don Stewart Joseph M. Holden 191

30 Is the Qur'an's Text More Reliable Than the Biblical Text? Jay H. Smith 199

33 Does Archaeology Confirm the Historical Reliability of the New Testament? Brian Janeway 203

32 What Is the Internal Evidence for the Historical Reliability of the New Testament? H. Wayne House 211

33 Are There Contradictions in the Bible? Norman L. Geisler 219

34 What Would a Trial Lawyer Say About the Claims of the Gospels? Christopher P. Burke 225

35 Can Prophecy Be Used as Evidence That the Bible Is Reliable? Patty Tunnicliffe 233

Part 5 Questions About Science and Faith

36 What Is the Scientific Case for Intelligent Design? William A. Dembski 241

37 How Do We Respond to Objections to Intelligent Design? Casey Luskin 247

38 What Are the Top 10 Scientific Problems with Evolution? Casey Luskin 255

39 What About Darwin's Doubt and the Chances of Information Emerging from Random Mutations? Stephen C. Meyer 263

40 How Should Christians Think About the Origins of the Universe? J. T. Bridges 269

41 Do We Have a Privileged Planet? Guillermo Gonzalez 273

42 Do Science and the Bible Conflict? Terry Mortenson 277

43 What Is the Relationship Between Science and Faith? Terry Mortenson 281

44 Has the Christian Worldview Had a Positive Impact on the Development of Science? Casey Luskin Stephen C. Meyer 285

45 What Is the Scientific Evidence for Adam and Eve? J.C. Sanford 291

Part 6 Questions from Christians, Seekers, and Skeptics

46 Is There Any Evidence of Life After Death? Gary R. Habermas Benjamin C.F. Shaw 301

47 Is It Reasonable to Believe in Heaven (and Hell)? Randy Alcorn 305

48 Is Jesus the Only Way to God? Phil Fernandes 311

49 Are Christians Intolerant and Narrow-Minded? Dillon Burroughs 315

50 Why Is It Important That Jesus Died on the Cross? Terry L. Miethe 319

51 Is Christian Belief Just Psychological Wish Fulfillment? Denise Ostermann 323

52 Are Miracles Possible? Richard G. Howe 329

53 Is It Okay for Christians to Doubt? Terry L. Miethe 333

54 How Do We Reason from the Scriptures with Cultists? Ron Rhodes 337

55 Is the Trinity a Contradiction? Ed Hindson 341

Part 7 Questions About Worldviews

56 What Is Philosophy, and Why Is Tt Important? Richard G. Howe 347

57 What Is Agnosticism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Richard G. Howe 353

58 What Is Materialism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Mark M. Hanna 357

59 What Is Rationalism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Richard G. Howe 363

60 What Is Scientism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Douglas E. Potter 367

61 What Is Moral Relativism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Sean McDowell 373

62 What Is Postmodernism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Mark M. Hanna 377

63 What Is Atheism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? David R. C. Deane 383

64 What Is Pantheism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Patrick Zukeran 389

65 What Is Monism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Dillon Burroughs 395

66 What Is Panentheism, and What Is Its Essential Flaw? Christopher Travis Haun 399

Part 8 Questions About Apologists of the Past

67 Who Was Justin Martyr? William E. Nix 407

68 Who Was Augustine? William E. Nix 413

69 Who Was Anselm? Ralph MacKenzie 421

70 Who Was Thomas Aquinas? Norman L. Geisler 423

71 Who Was Blaise Pascal? Terry Glaspey 429

72 Who Was William Paley? Terry L. Miethe 433

73 Who Was C.S. Lewis? Terry Glaspey 437

74 Who Was Cornelius Van Til? David Haines 441

75 Who Was Francis Schaeffer? Terry L. Miethe 445

Bibliography 449

Endnotes 457

Index 517

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