The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon

The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon

by Delia Colvin

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BN ID: 2940156693511
Publisher: Delia Colvin
Publication date: 11/16/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 316
Sales rank: 1,079,410
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About the Author

Delia is the international bestselling author of The Oracle Series. She is both a screenwriter and a novelist and has been a featured author on several popular blogs, books and magazines including Southern Writers Magazine and others.

She has worked as an entrepreneur, in sales and advertising, in Air Traffic Control, and as a Russian interpreter. With her background in aviation, she was designated and FAA Safety Team representative and regularly donates her time to educate pilots on aviation weather. Delia lives in Granada Hills, California.

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The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
ptfrugal66 More than 1 year ago
A magical tale of a love so strong it spreads its wings and reaches across the boundaries of time… Throughout the story laced with Irish lore and deception I continued to hope for a fairy tale ending, and when the ending approached… I didn’t want the story to end. I highly recommend The Haunted Heart of Rory O`Dannon – The story of Rory and Megara. ~LeahSay’s Views I received a copy to facilitate a review.*
TeresaKander More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful story! I loved reading about Ireland, and the heartbreaking story of Meg and Rory. Meg is such a sympathetic character. She "meets" Rory once, and judges every other romantic relationship against what she felt for him. She eventually marries and has a child, but then loses that child to cancer. At that point, she truly begins to separate herself from her husband, and sink further into depression. After a car crash, Meg is in a coma, during which she is reunited with Rory. They share a life in the Ireland of the past that is unlike anything Meg has ever experienced before. From that point on, the story becomes gripping and fast-paced, and you won't want to put it down. There are some unexpected twists along the way, as well. This is my first exposure to this author, but I look forward to reading other stories from her in this vein in the future. **I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.**
_KatMar More than 1 year ago
The beginning of this novel drew me in right away. How does one react when they're biggest dreams are ripped away from them far too soon? How easy is it to move on without becoming a shell of your former self? Megara is living a gray life. Her life has become bland and numb after losing so many that she's cared for. Her life is no longer colorful, bright, or filled with happiness. She's simply going through the motions of living for her husband's political career. A visitor from her past has been haunting her for years. Could that visitor have been real or just a dream? Traveling with her husband has Megara finding the gravestone of Rory O'Dannon, an Irish poet. One of his poems reminds her of something her visitor once said to her. An accident has her choosing the color of her world. She must choose if she wishes to continue living in gray or something different. Her choice leads her to Rory. Parts of the novel was slow moving, other parts seemed rushed. I loved the parts that had Megara interacting with Rory and those close to Rory. She seemed far more alive than she had before. I just wish the ending or epilogue didn't skip about 60 years. I wish I could have read more about Megara and her growing relationship and changes in life. I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
Set in beautiful and mythical Ireland that is full of fascinating folklore, Delia cleverly intertwines this into a powerful story of true love. She has managed to write such an imaginative and magical story that had me gripped in the latter part of the book, I've never flicked through pages so quickly to find out what was going to happen, the story could have gone in so many directions that my heart was in my mouth as I read on to find out more. Megara dreamt for years of being a top rated ballerina, until a drunken driver abruptly shatters her dream completely. Recovering at home alone, the most spiritual experience happens when a tall dark stranger suddenly appears that she instantly feels the most deep longing for, her soul mate, but then he is gone. Did this really happen or was it simply a dream brought on from her medication that everyone tells her? Her longing for him and understanding of what really happened taints the rest of her life. A touching story as Megara then loses her parents, she marries Ken while on his path to political gain but four years later they lose their first child, a daughter, which hugely impacts on her marriage. and they become a couple divided. After a car crash she is left in a coma and finds herself floating above her body hearing the voice of her daughter in the afterlife, he was also waiting for her. She finds herself in a different life with the possible man of her dreams but a life of work she has never had to experience and all in a early part of Irish time that brings many changes and challenges. I have a gripping favorite part that I would love to share with you but it would spoil the whole experience of reading the book. This is where the magical tale will begin as the Irish characters from long ago, pull you into the story and you hope for an ending she so deserves. Expect some twists along the way too!
Silvie_MySillyLittleGang More than 1 year ago
Oh the conflict of dreams and reality. I have sometimes had dreams that seem so real that it leaves me wondering if in fact it happened. Have you ever had a dream like that? In this story by Delia Colvin the romance between Megara & Rory is absolutely amazing! I was completely pulled into this story and couldn't put it down. I loved how this book gives us hope that we’re all meant to find our balance in life, you know the one they call "our soul mate", the one that we're meant to be with no matter what! I was so heartbroken when I reached the end of the book. I did receive this product discounted or free of charge in exchange for a review, however all opinions are 100% honest based on my own experience.
LadyStephM More than 1 year ago
Following a car accident where her future in dance is ruined, Megara is recovering at home when she meets her dream lover whose image stays with well into her marriage to the political Ken Benedict. Ken and Megara's marriage faces public scrutiny following a tragedy with their daughter that they haven't quite recovered from. On their tour of Ireland, Megara becomes mesmerized with the grave of Rory O'Dannon and wants to learn more of him and his poetry. In Ireland Megara is in another car accident occurs that leaves Megara in the hospital where she is transported to another time where she is face to face with Rory, the Irish poet. Throughout her time with Rory, Megara is faced with having to make the choice of being with Ken or Rory. This tale is a mixture of legend, and romance; I laughed, I held my breath, and I cried. Delia J. Colvin brings a unique spin to a beautiful romance between Megara and Rory O'Dannon, where love transcends time, location, and state of mind.
TKSayers More than 1 year ago
Romance isn't my usual genre of choice - I'm more of a horror and sci fi type of girl. But every now and then a romance novel comes along with a synopsis that piques my interest, and The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon was one of those. For one, there's time travel involved, which appeals to the sci fi fan in me. It's also (largely) set in Ireland, and 19th century Ireland at that. There's also a bit of a star-crossed lovers thing going on, which my hopeless romantic heart adores. Meg (as an adult, where the story really picks up) leads a "successful" but unfulfilling life; her only job is to be a politician's wife (which, honestly, sounds absolutely horrible to me). She has no professional or creative outlets and after being beset by multiple tragedies, she seems to live her life in bleak gray fog. And then, after a terrible car accident, she finds herself in the past with a man who may or may not be the soulmate she dreamed (?) about as a teenager. She has to work for the first time in her life, and reconsider some of her previously held beliefs. And just as she finally finds happiness, it's cruelly ripped away from her – or is it? Although it's definitely a romance novel, there are no graphic scenes – the author takes a "fade to black" approach with the intimacy between the characters, letting the reader's imagination fill in the blanks. I do wish there'd been a little more build-up and exploration of the early part of the book, when teenaged Meg "meets" Rory for the first time. It felt a little rushed to me, included only to give the necessary back story to the adult Meg's experiences. I wish we (the readers) had been able to hang out with Young Meg for a little while before her accident, and that her "fever dream" and her reaction to it had been expanded upon. However, once Meg gets to Ireland (and then finds herself transported back in time), the pace picks up and drew me in very successfully. Overall, this is a very romantic story of love lost, then found, then lost again (maybe) – you just may find yourself wishing you had your very own Rory O'Dannon to yank you out of the doldrums of boring everyday life! I received a complimentary e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review; all opinions are my own.
AMadisonMom More than 1 year ago
This had an extremely similar feel to Outlander for me (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE). The heroine living an OK life in current time with her husband... happy but not quite... magically swept back in time to find her true soul mate. There are definitely differences in story... but similar enough that I couldn't tell you whether Rory or Jamie (from Outlander) would be my favorite. :) (Oh to be swept back in time and find myself a sexy man with an Irish or Scottish accent... sigh.) I love the story of a modern day woman living in 19th Century Ireland. Trying to figure out the behaviors of people and things happening around her. It was so different to be a woman then. Megara has such a struggle having been a wealthy woman with servants and having to work as a serving wench in a pub and help run a household. I love reading her strength as she comes to figure out how to live the life she's given. And the tension between Megara and Rory... oh my goodness. Delia Colvin definitely know how to make a romantic fantasy real.
Aiesa1 More than 1 year ago
It is hard to believe that such a spectacular new book like this can come from Delia's mind. I mean, her Oracle series was spectacular. Yet here she does the impossible with a love that crosses time between Rory and Megara. Besides... You just can't go wrong with an Irishman. This life in the past that Megara experiences is not an easy life. It really is hard for her to deal with. The thing is... is it a dream, a past life, or did she die and go to heaven. All through is a story that has love, conflict and I will say maybe just a bit of magic. I could nott put this book down til I turned the last page. You must experience this one.
reniegenie More than 1 year ago
Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it ignites feelings in you that you just can't shake? Well this book plays on that unsettling sensation and takes you to a whole new level of transcendent romance and metaphysical time travel of wandering souls. Delia does not disappoint with her latest release - the plot is well paced with page-turning anticipation, and the backdrop of Ireland is so artfully weaved into the story that it seems to be character of its own (I was literally craving Irish stew, a Guinness, and whiskey after reading this book!). The characters are believable and engaging - I found myself caring for even the supporting characters of the book (honorable mention goes to everybody's mama & papa Mrs. Carey and Seamus, the endearing pub regulars Mack and Ian, the broken Orin and the neighborhood beauty Deirdre... I could go on but I would then be listing all the characters). The Irish stubbornness and passion of both Megara and Rory is enough to drive anyone mad, but all you can is root for their love to prevail and that they end up together despite the tragic circumstances. This is a must read for anyone who loves a smartly written, heart-wrenching romance! It reads as a stand-alone, but here's to hoping for additional novellas spinning off from this great tale of Irish folklore. Slainte!
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
This author has a style that will keep you reading way into the night-I loved her Sibylline Trilogy (which ended up being a 4 novel series and I was hoping for a 5th but guess not) and read and reviewed every single one This I believe will be a stand alone novel. There is a beginning and an ending--it is what happens in-between that will keep you enthralled. Megara is involved in 2 major car accidents-the first is when she is young and still living at home with her parents. She was going to be a dancer-alas that was not to be. In the midst of a high fever a man enters her room--but was he real? She never forgets him but goes on with her life--Then as she is driving in the car with her husband-another major car accident which puts her in a coma. She travels back in time (to the 1800's) and meets the man who had visited her room so long ago. Of course she has to learn how to live and work----So what happens next-is this a dream or reality-has she truly met her soul mate-will they reunite? I can almost guarantee that you will not be able to put this book down until you find out. And this you can bank on-when Delia Colvin writes another book--I will be reading it!