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The Haunted Man

The Haunted Man

4.6 6
by Dori Davis
The Haunted Man - A Halloween fable of Southwest Florida

What else would a fading sideshow impresario do with a captured ghost but put it in the act and try to make a million bucks off it? What else would a pretty and passionate civil rights activist do but try to set it free? And what else would a photo-journalist wannabe do but quit his job at the Home Depot


The Haunted Man - A Halloween fable of Southwest Florida

What else would a fading sideshow impresario do with a captured ghost but put it in the act and try to make a million bucks off it? What else would a pretty and passionate civil rights activist do but try to set it free? And what else would a photo-journalist wannabe do but quit his job at the Home Depot Garden Center and go along for the ride?

Conrad Mueller's got himself a new act. And so what if the thing looks as if it's in pain? It's dead, isn't it? It doesn't really do to examine these sorts of things too closely, not when you're looking at bankruptcy on one hand and the Greatest New Show on Earth on the other. Mueller's already planning his audience with the Pope.
Mueller's fairly sophisticated; he's a man of the world. Just not of this world. And while he's prepared, or thinks he's prepared, for the interference of science, government and the law, he never counted on the Christian activists or the New Age channelers. He never counted on his other acts betraying him, much less on the hippie throwbacks eager to bring a new kink to their sexual play. And while the hovering photo-journalist wannabe doesn't bother him much one way or the other, Mueller is completely unprepared for the young man's sidekick, the dark-haired blue-eyed civil rights demonstrator with the challenging smile.

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The Haunted Man 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There¿s something strange going on in South West Florida....... The Haunted Man is a tale of Florida and its folk. From the showground to the swamps, Miss Davis tells her story with a concrete realism that belies the intangible nature of our ghost. Miss Davis has an obvious passion for Florida that shines through these pages. Her wonderfully descriptive narrative makes me want to reach out and grab a handful of that Spanish Moss. I found this a well-written work of cutting edge fiction with an intriguing plot and interesting characterisation. An enjoyable read all round.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dori casts a spell across the pages with a twisting tale of the supernatural running parallel with the age old traits of greed and betrayal V,s hope and idealism . The conflicts leap from the story at every turn . Hard nosed journalists set against wide eyed kids who rapidly mature to be unlikely heroes . The greed of the exploiters vying with the family like ties of the carnies . The dual tales of yesteryear with the unravelling story , tease the reader excruciatingly towards an ending that finally closes the circle . Dori uses her local knowledge to place the reader inside the set so well you can almost taste the humidity .
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Haunted Man is really a novel about two Ghosts, the spirit which is the prime mover of the novel and the second, the ghost of old Florida. Quaint Old Florida that is disappearing with new cities and ocean front condos much like the American frontier of generations ago will soon be lost. Miss Davis breaths life into old Florida's oddities, road side attractions, circuses, traveling carnival acts and the winter caravans of trailors. This story is tied to the sea grapes, royal palms, and the quiet lives of those who have labored under an unforgiving sun. The characters draw the reader into the story and it's location. Conrad freak master head of a troop of carneys has a curtain of reality draped over him, you come to know him and become one with this strange life he is living and still feel horror with his plans for the ghost. He is a man that is well worm but not worn out. Jackie is the stories shinny new penney she has little value but still gabs the eye. Gordon is the every man that grows into far more. Each character is full and rich with detail and the reader can't help but form an opinion of each one, if it were possible to meet them you would reconize each one at first sight. This story is a tribute to a time and place that will soon be gone forever a fading piece of Americana, Old Florida!
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Haunted Man' is a mysterious tale of both greed and compassion set in a part of Florida that Miss Davis describes with loving and knowledgeable clarity. She invites us to follow and explore with her a twisting path leading to a journey of awareness, both of self and motivation, as her characters draw us into a fuller understanding of something or someone we do not or cannot fully comprehend. The title character dominates every scene in which he appears. The reader will not soon forget him as he takes hold of the imagination and lingers there long after the final page is turned.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿The Haunted Man¿ is a quirky seriocomic tale of a down-on-his-luck sideshow owner who captures a ghost and decides to build an act around it. He finds a piece of fabric that has some power to make the ghost react. It¿s a terrible reaction, because the thing looks like it¿s in agony, but it¿s better than nothing and the ¿marks¿ go wild for it. But there are other people who want the ghost too. So Mueller, the carny, needs to figure out how to show it while at the same time keeping it safe. Ostensibly this is an adventure story about the carny, the people who want to use the ghost for their own ends, and the ones who want to set it free. But as ¿The Haunted Man¿ bills itself as a fable, you know going into it that there¿s going to be a moral in there somewhere. I suppose different people will find different morals. A lot of the story has to do with civil rights and exploitation and fighting for what you believe in, and a lot has to do with following your dreams. The main characters are Jackie, a Victoria¿s Secret salesclerk who wants to be a ¿lion¿s historian¿ 'a force for civil rights', Gordon, a Home Depot stockman who wants to be a world-renowned photographer, Conrad Mueller, a second-generation carny who wants to recapture the successes of his father the Freak Master, and Ricky the sideshow dwarf, who just wants things to go back to the way they were. And of course the Ghost, whose own story unfolds very slowly, a little at a time, making the book as much a mystery as it is anything else. Davis moves easily between a sort of wide-eyed amazement at the beauty of the world and a wry cynicism at the absurdity of it, sometimes within the same paragraph. Her obvious love of her own little area of south Florida makes it one of the key characters in the novel. Beautifully descriptive passages of Spanish moss, palm trees, and shore birds standing on rooftops are richly detailed and lovingly depicted, while sly, tongue-in-cheek depictions of the humans in the story are clever and honest and unromanticized. Definitely not for younger readers, due to a lot of vulgar language and a couple of fairly adult sex scenes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago