The Haunting Of Low Fennel

The Haunting Of Low Fennel

by Mr Sax Rohmer


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"There's Low Fennel," said Major Dale.
We pulled up short on the brow of the hill. Before me lay a little valley carpeted with heather, purple slopes hemming it in. A group of four tall firs guarded the house, which was couched in the hollow of the dip-a low, rambling building, in parts showing evidence of great age and in other parts of the modern improver.
"That's the new wing," continued the Major, raising his stick; "projecting out this way. It's the only addition I've made to the house, which, as it stood, had insufficient accommodation for the servants."
"It is a quaint old place."
"It is, and I'm loath to part with it, especially as it means a big loss."
"Ah! Have you formed any theories since wiring me?"
"None whatever. I've always been a sceptic, Addison, but if Low Fennel is not haunted, I'm a Dutchman, by the Lord Harry!"

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ISBN-13: 9781508683568
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/1920
Pages: 112
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