The Headless Church

The Headless Church

by Margaret Adeola Sowemimo


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One day during her personal prayer time, Margaret Adeola Sowemimo had a disturbing vision of today's church people which shocked her into examining who constitutes the church and what they are doing to exemplify the Kingdom of God here on earth. They were headless and wandering about in blindness and confusion - without God's leadership or sense of direction. These church people were more interested in their own agenda than what God intended for the church to portray.

This vision prompted her to ask herself, Where is the power of God today? Is today's church more preoccupied with activities that satisfy the body than those which strengthen the spirit? Do people outside the church see God's presence in our ministry or only our own self-serving purpose for existence?

In The Headless Church, the author explores both ends of the spectrum, with the historical and biblical aspects at one side and the current state of affairs at the other. Through comparisons and contrasts, she helps us achieve a new perspective on where church people are today, and where we ought to be. In her closing prayer, she implores Jesus to remain the head of the church and encourages us to surrender our lives to him.

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ISBN-13: 9780975297421
Publisher: Chosen Remnant
Publication date: 09/04/2015
Pages: 114
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