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by Jeffrey G. Roberts
What if you were a brilliant physician, trained to heal and live by the Hippocratic Oath - and you suddenly found yourself stranded in the wilds of Alaska, in the midst of a research project, with no way of getting home? What would you do? But how could this be? He need not be stranded at all in this day & age. But Dr. Reynolds Cully is not from this day & age, but


What if you were a brilliant physician, trained to heal and live by the Hippocratic Oath - and you suddenly found yourself stranded in the wilds of Alaska, in the midst of a research project, with no way of getting home? What would you do? But how could this be? He need not be stranded at all in this day & age. But Dr. Reynolds Cully is not from this day & age, but from the year 2181. And though he was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, his current assignment - is on Mars, researching the anatomy of an ancient race which ruled that planet thousands of centuries ago. He lives there with his wife and two children, on a one year sabbatical through a Harvard grant.

The secrets of this long dead race of beings lay within the quarter-mile high Face on Mars monument, an edifice long denied by the government as just a trick of the eye, an optical illusion, and nothing more. Until the shatteringreality of our 1st expedition to Mars. And the powers that be could deny it no longer.

And that is where Reynolds Cully finds himself - in a once in a lifetime opportunity to try and unlock the secrets of ancient Martians! But there are stirrings of discontent in the colony - a Pandora's Box of theological & philosophical opposition to what else is being unearthed in the giant Face; spiritual and religious revelations that are in direct contradictionto human spiritual beliefs. This is anathema to a growing and sinister underground movement - the Creation Purity Brigade, a shadowy group that believes there is only one God - the God of humanity. And anything else is blasphemy and sacrilege. It is a tinderbox of hatred. And like a mouse to the cheese, they have set their sights on the one object to symbolize that hatred: a millenia-old space/time travel device the Martians used in their explorations. And it is this very device Reynolds Cully uses to travel to Alaska in 2013, to uncover the cause of what was known as the Alaskan Plague of 2012. but in one hateful, horror-filled incident, the C.P.B. terrorists destroy it! Dr. Cully is now separated from his wife & children by 168 years and 150 million miles! And it is highly unlikely they will ever be able to synthesize or repair the Martian components of the machine in 2181.

Now what does he do? Dr. Reynolds Cully must now walk a dangerous path - heal the sick in this new land he is marooned in, without being detected using 22nd century technology to accomplish it - lest he unwittingly alter the course of history. Will he find love? Will he find redemption? Will he find a way home? It is a dangerous paradox, in a perilous and primitive world - ours. For while he faces the constant threat of being exposed in healing others, he also dreams - of returning home. But he has no choice. For he is - The Healer.

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Graduate of Northern Arizona University, with degrees in writing and history. A life-long interest in the weird & unexplainable. A passion for aviation, having soloed in 1968. Writer of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. A proponent of space privatization, and a firm believer in an ancient Martian civilization.

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THE HEALER: A Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Clabe More than 1 year ago
What secrets does the face on Mars REALLY hold? The Face on Mars. Since it was discovered by the Viking spacecraft in 1976 the Face on Mars has been a symbol of mystery and wonder to thousands and the object of cover-up by minimization and trivialized by simplistic government explanations. In approximately 2040, the research facility was constructed in Cydonia the northern hemisphere of Mars for the purpose of studying the face and over the next 141 years, many things were learned about the Martians and their technology. Humans, by nature, are disruptive quarrelsome animals given to extremes of ideological and religious fervor. Most wars among human beings are fought over these issues. Many extremists adopting one or the other idealistic views also adopt violent means of expressing their beliefs. It is no different on Mars in the year 2181 when the Martian’s physiology and lifestyle are believed by Christian extremists to challenge their beliefs. Dr. Reynolds Cully finds himself squarely in the middle of the controversy but is not personally affected by the ideological turmoil until he has an opportunity to study an unexplained ‘plague’ that struck Alaska in 2012. Using Martian technology for time travel and 2181 human technology Cully finds evidence of a Martian accident in Alaska 159,000 years earlier that created the Alaska ‘plague’ of 2012. In the process, he is marooned in Anchorage in 2013 due to the ideological upheaval on Mars and must be vigilant that his activities do not change history. The Healer is a terrific read for science fiction fans or anyone who just loves a good adventure novel. It contains a conspiracy and an ideological seduction that rivals the best conspiracy stories out there.
RukiaReader More than 1 year ago
As I am relatively new to reading books in the sci-fi genre I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was not only intrigued by the developing plot in The Healer, but also increasingly curious about the characteristics of Dr Reginald Cully. The story, which does jump around a little and so demands strict attention from the reader, Incorporates a mixture of time travel, investigations of the planet Mars in the future and the discovery that Martians not only existed, but used time travel. There are religious elements to the storyline which are written in sympathetically. Overall it is an entertaining read which will make you think - what if?
Tina_Chan More than 1 year ago
reviewed by Aly on behalf of The Book Landers The first chapter was a bit confusing, but only because you had to get used to the writing style. Once you were a bit more familiar with the style of writing it became much easier to read and understand.  The idea behind the book was also amazing. I really liked the plot and it held enough problems to make the story seem realistic while not being all about the problems. We were also given the history of the Mars exploration as well as some of our character's personal past. It gives us a chance to explore the world that the author has created. While we were given extensive background and it helps to establish characters, organisations and the history of earth. This was good, but it did also take a while. Sometimes I found it frustrating as I wanted to jump right into the plot of the book. There were religious aspects but they didn't dominate the book. They fueled the conflict for the most part.  While we were following the main character for the most part, we also are given a glimpse into the wife of the main character. Which was very good because we were allowed to see her motives for destroying the only method of return for her husband. And while it was partially her own fault, she also wasn't the only one to blame. It was a fascinating read, and I enjoyed the chapters following Linda. The Healer is also chock full of moral debates. It was intriguing and thought-provoking to read all of these difficult decisions that the characters faced and trying to determine what you would have done and if you believed the main characters actions to be correct. Then there were the implications of the actions of a time traveler and how he changed his own future as well as the future of the world. The Healer is a great read if you enjoy time travel romances, and space travel.