The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Cherie Kephart


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Discover Essential Tools for Healing

Empower Yourself. Transform Your Health.

Award-winning author Cherie Kephart brings you The Healing 100, a companion guide to help you on your healing journey. Cherie suffered for years from a mysterious illness that left her bedridden, hallucinating, and being spoon-fed to stay alive. Through perseverance and ingenuity, she found healing practices, remedies, and techniques that took her from the precipice of death to truly living again.

To heal, Cherie believes it is important to focus on all three aspects of ourselves: Body, Mind, and Spirit. At this deeper level, becoming whole, vibrant, and free of dis-ease, calls for an assortment of tools. Drawing from her moving personal story and written with a touch of humor, Cherie reveals her top one hundred healing tools—without which she wouldn’t be alive. The Healing 100 describes each of these in detail, explains their uses, and demonstrates how they can help you heal.

This book serves as an invitation to try these tools, with the aspiration of creating a higher level of consciousness regarding health and the healing process.

Be brave. Be open. Believe you can heal.

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ISBN-13: 9781947127067
Publisher: Bazi Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2018
Pages: 120
Sales rank: 805,930
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Raised in Venice, California, Cherie longed to travel and experience the way other people lived. After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia on a water sanitation and health education project, Cherie returned to the United States with an African souvenir she didn't expect: a mysterious illness. She fell severely ill and almost died, leaving her with several symptoms that went undiagnosed for many years. This inspired Cherie to write her memoir, A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing, taking the reader on a powerful but entertaining journey through her adventures and search for life-saving answers.

Her memoir has won several awards and received an outpouring of heartfelt responses, motivating Cherie to write a companion book, The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Cherie has earned a Masters in Medical and Cultural Anthropology and has been celebrated for her holistic approach to healing and her willingness to examine her life lessons in her writing.

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