The Healthy Living Handbook: Simple, Everyday Habits for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The Healthy Living Handbook: Simple, Everyday Habits for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

by Laura Harris Smith


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Simple, Everyday Ways to Lifelong Health for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

These days we are living longer than ever, yet we're more run down, anxious, overweight, exhausted, stressed out, depressed, and all-around more unwell than ever before. The quantity of the days we live is up, but the quality of those days is down. Way down.

What if there were a simple, everyday way to change this? What if a healthy life were easily within your grasp—body, mind, and spirit? The good news is that it is!

Going beyond over-hyped diets and complicated exercise routines, spiritual wellness expert and certified nutritional counselor Laura Harris Smith distills the essence of a healthy life into one simple, practical idea: change your habits, change your life. By showing that a truly healthy life is more than physical—it's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—Smith gives you easy, everyday ways not only to live well, but to live better, in every area of life.

Accessible, practical, and grounded in real life, The Healthy Living Handbook is not a major lifestyle overhaul; it's just full of simple course corrections that will bring you the peace, rest, energy, connection, and clarity you've longed for. When you live from a place of true health, you will love more deeply, engage more fully, and participate with others more wholeheartedly.

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ISBN-13: 9780800797881
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/05/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 465,900
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Laura Harris Smith is a certified nutritional counselor and the founding co-pastor of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Chris. Mentoring young writers all over the world in her online creative writing classes (, she is a playwright, poet, actress, media dynamo and the author of multiple books, and she was a TV host on the Shop at Home Network. Laura and Chris have been married for 33 years and have six children and eight grandchildren. They reside near Nashville.

Having always had one foot in ministry and one in media, Laura speaks and ministers internationally and is known for her convicting and educational message of body, mind and spirit health. Laura's last two books, The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body and Heal Your Spirit and Seeing the Voice of God: What God Is Telling You through Dreams and Visions, rose to the top of Amazon's bestseller lists and held the #1 spot in several Christian categories.

Table of Contents

Intro: As Easy as One, Two, Three 11

Section 1 The Top 10 Healthy Living Habits for Your Spirit 21

1 Be Naturally Supernatural 23

2 Pray Tell 30

3 Let the Spirit Move Ya 38

4 Get the Word Out 48

5 Do the Honors 53

6 Put On Your Sunday Shoes 63

7 Stay Put 71

8 Accept No Substitutes 81

9 Take Leaps of Faith 90

10 Have a Come-to-Jesus Meeting 96

Section 2 The Top 10 Healthy Living Habits for Your Mind 105

1 Get It Together 107

2 Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan 113

3 Have a Heart (and Mind Your Manners) 120

4 Put On a Happy Face 128

5 Laugh Out Loud 134

6 De-stress Your Distress 141

7 Never Be Discouraged Again 149

8 Pick Your Battles 156

9 Keep Good Company 163

10 Bury the Hatchet 170

Section 3 The Top 10 Healthy Living Habits for Your Body 177

1 "Let Food Be Thy Medicine" 179

2 Eat the Rainbow 185

3 Watch Your Mouth 191

4 Don't Eat and Run! 197

5 Get Your Beauty Sleep 204

6 Get Up and Scale Down 210

7 Strike Oil 218

8 Quench Your Thirst 226

9 Live Life in the Fast Lane 232

10 Know Thy Healer 238

Outro: A Photo Finish 247

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