The Heart of a Cop: Stories of Personal Faith from the Line of Duty

The Heart of a Cop: Stories of Personal Faith from the Line of Duty

by Danny Lynchard


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The Heart of a Cop: Stories of Personal Faith from the Line of Duty by Danny Lynchard

The Heart of a Cop is a stunning collection of 60 stories gleaned directly from the line of duty, each representing a real life experience of police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. From our kitchens to our companies, they see our lives from the inside out. They are often the pivot point between something good and something bad. The harsh realities of everyday life both challenge and change them. Behind the badges, blotters, and ashes emerge stories of immense courage, camaraderie, and conflict—and on occasion, life-changing faith.

From the seventeen seconds that changes two lives forever, a small female police officer facing down gang members in the street, to a caring boy left standing in his shorts helped by unlikely hands, The Heart of a Cop shows us that sometimes justice requires more than weapons of guns and hoses—sometimes it requires weapons of the heart.

Police/Fire Chaplain Danny Lynchard’s stories contain a compelling cross-section of the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel every day in every city, and the inner struggles faced when sirens scream and lives are changed forever.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942557944
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2016
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Tulsa Police/Fire Chaplain Danny Lynchard is a 40-year veteran of the ministry and public service who has been there to observe and assist both civilians and emergency personnel. He is a seasoned veteran of both worlds and has personally dealt with over 1700 families of victims and officers during times of catastrophic grief. As head of a cadre of chaplains working with over 1500 police officers and fire fighters in a major city, his chaplaincy role routinely places him in the living rooms of virtually every faith in America.

Table of Contents

1 Seventeen Seconds 1

2 The True Story Behind the Famous Photograph 4

3 Power of Words 7

4 Sometimes It Doesn't Take a Mile to Understand 10

5 What Makes Courage 12

6 Jesus Wore a Weave 14

7 Character + Commitment = Confidence 17

8 Creativity Among Concrete Guidelines 20

9 So You Want to be Rich 23

10 Take Yourself Seriously and Nobody Else Will 26

11 To Give Reason to Laugh is to Give Reason to Life 28

12 Helpless People Make Heroes Out of Common Ones 31

13 Salvation from a Shot 34

14 When the Glory Doesn't Glitter 37

15 Sometimes the Sword 39

16 Facing Fear by Faith 41

17 Practicing the Presence 44

18 Our Best is Success 47

19 Defining Moments 51

20 Seventy Times Seven 54

21 Helping From the Heart 56

22 A Four Year Olds' Guilt 59

23 The Love of Liota 62

24 A Ministry of Violence 65

25 Correction and Perfection 67

26 Our Voice Heard by One 71

27 Don't Fly Against the Numbers 74

28 Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear 77

29 Life is Seasonal 80

30 Faith in Man's Ability is Faulted Faith 83

31 Cops Are People Too 85

32 How Unforgiveness Handcuffs a Heart 87

33 Broken but Unbeatable 89

34 Love Lesson From a Child 93

35 Closing the Gap 95

36 Prejudice Pushed Aside by Producing 98

37 All Accidents Aren't the Same 101

38 Cops with Feet of Clay and Hearts of Gold 105

39 God Can Wear Blue 109

40 Pauper with a Purpose 111

41 When a Cop Becomes a Convict 113

42 This One Thing 116

43 Faith Works by Love 118

44 Quittin' Time Will Come 120

45 Reaching In to Reach Out 122

46 A Christmas Like No Other 124

47 If You Lie to Anyone, Let It Not be You 127

48 Officer Osmosis 129

49 God's Gavel 131

50 The Biggest Battle 134

51 Dealing with the "L" Word 136

52 When Humanity Becomes Holy 138

53 And a Little Child Shall Lead Them 141

54 A Touching Transformation 143

55 Let Laughter Lighten the Load 146

56 Forgiveness in the Face of Death 148

57 Who Is My Neighbor 151

58 Miss Geneva 154

59 Let's Go Find Someone That Needs To Go to Jail 157

60 Little is a Lot 159

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