The Heart of a Highlander

The Heart of a Highlander

by Julie Johnstone


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He finally has the chance to clear his family name. The only thing standing in his way is his tempting new wife.

Known as the King Maker, Ada MacQuerrie yearns to wed for love and not the magical gift she possesses. But her ruthless stepbrother doesn't care what she wants; he just needs her to marry one of his treacherous allies. When an attempt to escape his control and save those she loves goes awry, Ada is forced to choose a husband from the miscreants who've come to align themselves with him. All seems lost until a compelling latecomer displays unexpected honor. But is the mysterious Highlander another treasonous Scot simply trying to seduce and manipulate her, or is the man they call Wolf the ally she's been hoping for?

William MacLean has spent years shouldering the shame of his father's and brother's alleged treason against the king. So when the chance to exonerate his family presents itself, he willingly woos an unwanted bride who has the power to topple his enemies. A seemingly simple plan. Except William has survived by keeping others at a distance, and his new wife is not the calculating enemy he expected but a bold, brave beauty he fears could become his greatest weakness.

When passion flares between them, Ada cannot suppress the hope that her dreams could come true. Yet the closer she tries to get to William, the more he withdraws. It's not until justice is within his grasp and his enemies take Ada from him that he realizes the demons dwelling within him can only be conquered by the light his wife offers. But is it too late to surrender his heart to the woman who already holds it?

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ISBN-13: 9781078744140
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/15/2019
Series: Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts , #10
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 172,441
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

ulie Johnstone is a USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author. Scottish historical romance and Regency historical romance featuring highlanders and aristocrats are her love, and she enjoys creating both with a hefty dose of twists, plenty of heartstring tugs, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Her books have been dubbed "fabulously entertaining and engaging," making readers cry, laugh, and swoon. Johnstone lives in Alabama with her very own lowlander husband, her two children - the heir and the spare, her snobby cat, and her perpetually happy dog.

In her spare time she enjoys way too much coffee balanced by super hot yoga, reading, and traveling.

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The Heart of a Highlander 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
9793333 8 days ago
The Heart of a Highlander (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Book 10) By Julie Johnstone 5 STARS+ Clever plotted storyline with witty and heartbreakingly charming characters. I loved this story! It is so well written, exciting and engaging from page one to the last page. I laughed at the witty snappy comebacks by the heroine who delivered the perfect blow to the warrior ego. Ada is a truly heroic heroine, who is forever the definition of intelligent, self sacrificing, strong, courageous, and beautiful inside and out. It’s everything I look for in great historical romance. I strongly recommend this book to everyone who loves an exciting historical romance with great characters, and a touching and passionate love story that will warm up the cold night. Happy Reading♥️ LailC Book Contents: Adult rating. Steamy (4 flame) with some explicit open bedroom door romance.
Historical_Romance_Lover 11 days ago
For years, William has been doing everything in his power to prove that he is not a traitor to the king like his father and brother were. So when he is tasked to marry the woman known as the King Maker, William does as his king asks him to do, even though marriage is the last thing he wants. But when he meets his bride to be, he is mesmerized by her, which is the last thing he wants. He will allow himself to be physically attracted to his wife, but he won't allow his emotions to get involved. Ada hates that her step-brother is forcing her to marry. She knows that all the men vying for her hand only want her for the power that will be hers upon her marriage. But when she mets William, she thinks that there might be more to him than he is presenting. She glimpses a man that she might be able to care for. This marriage was not based on love, but can Ada and William make it one? I loved Ada and William's story! I've been wanting William's story for awhile now and Johnstone did not disappoint!! I loved watching Ada and William learn to trust one another and to overcome any doubts that they had about getting married. Although their HEA came pretty quickly timewise, it didn't feel rushed at all. This was a great way to end this series!! I have throughly enjoyed this series and am sad that it has come to an end. But I know that whatever Johnstone has in store for us next will be just as exciting and I can't wait to read it!
jdh2690 13 days ago
I adored this addition to Julie’s Highlander Entangled Hearts series. Through a series of complicated negotiations Ada and William are united in an arranged marriage, Ada with high hopes of it being a love match and William with the intention of keeping his distance because of his mother’s abandonment of him when he was a child. Ada and William’s relationship after their marriage had its ups and downs and all-arounds, turning out quite different than their original expectations. But in this author’s wonderful and quite humorous style, their love continued to grow. A most excellent Highlander romance!
PegC51 14 days ago
The finale of Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts series is a winner. William and Ada are front and center in the final push to thwart Steward and keep David on the throne. Ada doesn’t understand exactly what she is to do with the power bestowed upon her by the fairies. She knows that men wish to marry her to use the power. She wants to escape and find someone to protect her and love her for herself. William doesn’t care about her power, but King David does. He wants to gather information, secure a marriage to Ada to bring her power to the king, and find his brother. Ada and William have both known loss and betrayal. Because of this, trust is hard to come by, and their romance unfolds slowly. They are a headstrong and courageous couple, and if they give each other a chance, they might just find their HEA. The villains in this story, especially Ada’s stepbrother and a rather crazy suitor, are greedy, power hungry, and dangerous. Portense and Hortense aren't villains, just the fairies who started the whole thing. They meant well. Ada and Williams did get help from friends in the castle and his comrades. This story, as the others in this series, is unpredictable and exciting. Full of action, intrigue, suspense, betrayal, danger, truths to learn, and secrets to reveal, it holds your attention from the beginning to the end. This is a great series set in an interesting and chaotic time in the history of Scotland. Each story has an action-packed plot, fantastic characters, and lovely romance. Loved it and recommend The Heart of a Highlander and the whole series.
georgia1 14 days ago
What a heart this Highlander had.. The title is so perfect for this story! Humor, Adventure, secrets, traitors, the magical fae, evil and loyalty to fight it with a surprising attraction that drives this story throughout! If only I could time travel back into one of Julie's stories, I would be a happy lass indeed!! What fun it would be to see to Fae sisters arguing over the gift they bestowed on baby Ada. Her mother had given her life to save one of them. Her gift would be if she chose the man she wanted to marry, then she would have the gift to make any man King! Oh yes, you see the problems that could cause! Ada grew up and her father passed away. Then her evil stepbrother Bothwell, was trying to dethrone King David and control Ada to make a match of a man loyal to him (yes I just wanted to beat him senseless!). Then she could use her power to be the "King maker" he wanted and put the King's nephew on the throne. William McLean is in the King's circle and a fierce warrior. But he has had to shoulder his father and brother's betrayal of the King. It has turned men against him believing he is a traitor also. But he is given a missive to go to a the tournament Bothwell was holding to chose a husband for his sister Ada. He was to make her want to choose him, so he could find out who was loyal to the King and who were the betrayers. I have to stop because I just want to tell you the story! Julie Johnstone is an incredible storyteller who can create a setting and characters with flawless narrative full of details that flow beautifully. Incredibly Perfect. Sigh... Wait did I forget to mention the cover? Double sigh. Lori Dykes
clarkws 15 days ago
The Heart of a Highlander by Julie Johnstone is book 10 in the Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts series. I think these books just get better and better. I thought this book was engaging from the first chapter to the last. I loved the touch of magic infused from the beginning with a strong reminder of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and the fairies. I think Ada Mac Querrie is one of my favorite Johnstone heroines. I loved her strength and softness. Too many Scottish heroines are portrayed with wearying acerbic tongue and wit. Though Ada lashes out at times, she is touchable and relatable in her pain. I enjoyed the slow development of the relationship between her and the hero William Mac Lean. “Ada was like the snake in the Garden of Eden - too tempting to ignore. That look in her eyes ignited his blood and set his inner warning bell to ringing. With no hope of avoiding it, William leaned down. He planned to quickly brush his lips to hers, but he was only human, for God’s sake, and the minute he touched her warm lips and tasted her seductive sweetness, he knew, with every finely honed instinct that had kept him alive thus far, that he was in trouble.” There were several steamy sex scenes. I truly loved this book.
Lcwilsom 16 days ago
This is book 10 in Julie Johnstone’s fabulous Highlander Vows Entangled Hearts series, though you can read this without having read any of the previous books having said that once you read this you will definitely want to. This tells the story of William, our hero, a man with a troubled past and a closed heart. He is sent by the king to win and wed Ada MacQuerrie, fabled kingmaker. Treachery and mischief and fairies make for an interesting adventure. Together they learn to trust, love and save each other. Ultimately finding their happy ever after. This book has everything to keep the reader interested, handsome men fighting with swords, strong, independent woman. I have loved this whole series, it takes you to the beautiful wilds of ancient Scotland. I can’t recommend this book enough.