The Heart of

The Heart of "I AM" the Point of Divine Origin.

by Robyn Mary Edwards

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The Heart Of “I AM” The Point Of Divine Origin (Parts One, Two and Three), is an unfolding journey, a study into the path of realization of the Divinity of Mankind. It reveals the secrets of Divinity, the truth within the Self, God made Manifest as the diversity of all life and as your Immortal Being.

The Heart Of “I AM” The Point Of Divine Origin (Parts One, Two and Three), is a journey of the soul’s awakening evolution through Resurrection and Ascension. The soul’s journey is taken through Alpha and Omega, the Body and Blood of the Self, as God’s creation.

With the remembrance of all aspects of the Self, we become the realization of the prosperity of the Heart, the understanding of the true Self; perfect creations, a manifestation of God’s Heart, as seen through his Mind.

This journey is the most comprehensive understanding of Alpha and Omega, starting from the Stargate of Father Mother God, through to the dimensions of Space formed forth as the Body through which the Blood, the knowing of the Self flows as Eternal Light. This unfolding fulfills the revelation of God, that all should know the truth of God.

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Publication date: 08/12/2019
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About the Author

Australian born, Robyn is a successful global career professional. In 2012, whilst living in Dallas Texas, USA, Robyn was transitioned from her professional career, to embark on a new journey and chapter of her experience. Frustrated with not feeling good about any particular job or company, Robyn began to look within for the answers to her restlessness. It was then that Saint Germain, whom she had known for many years, called upon her to transform herself. On this journey, Saint Germain slowly showed Robyn more and more of her true Self, until during a meditation in 2013 Saint Germain and Robyn melded their etheric bodies to become one, and to reveal the truth of her being, as his Twin Flame, Lady Portia. It was there that the true inner journey began, and Robyn started to write her first book, together with her Beloved Saint Germain and the Universal All. The Heart of I AM. The Point of Divine Origin is a true creation of the Heart, revealing the truth that she received. Robyn’s new career was to become the Scribe and messenger for the Universal All.

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