The Heart's Appeal

The Heart's Appeal

by Jennifer Delamere


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Strong-minded and independent Julia Bernay comes to London to study medicine and become a doctor—a profession that has only just opened up to women. She witnesses a serious accident, and through her quick actions saves the life of an ambitious young barrister named Michael Stephenson.

Coming from a family that long ago lost its money and its respectability, Michael Stephenson has achieved what many would have thought was impossible. Hard work and an aptitude for the law have enabled him to rise above his family's stigma and set him on the path to wealth and recognition. But his well-laid plans are upended when the accident brings Julia into his life.

Michael soon discovers he's met a woman every bit as stubborn and determined to make her mark on the world as he is. Sparks fly—but will they find common ground?

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ISBN-13: 9780764219214
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/06/2018
Series: London Beginnings Series , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 84,888
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Delamere's debut Victorian romance, An Heiress at Heart, was a 2013 RITA® Award finalist in the inspirational category. Her follow-up novel, A Lady Most Lovely, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and the Maggie Award for Excellence from Georgia Romance Writers. Jennifer earned a BA in English from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where she became fluent in French and developed an abiding passion for winter sports. She's been an editor of nonfiction and educational materials for nearly two decades, and lives in North Carolina with her husband.

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The Heart's Appeal 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 51 reviews.
NKBookReviewer More than 1 year ago
The Heart's Appeal by author Jennifer Delamere is Book Two in her London Beginnings series. Even though this is Book Two it could easily be read as a stand alone. This 384 page paperback has a beautiful cover of the main character. The author did a wonderful job with this Christian historical romance fiction. It is packed with history, encouraged, an excellent Christian message, romance, action, intrigue, and suspense. There is definitely something for everyone in this page turner. I didn’t read it. I devoured this tale and had trouble putting it down. This tale is set in London, England in the year 1881. It is the story of Julia and Michael. They are brought together under unusual circumstances. Both characters have been extremely well defined. The author had given them personality plus! It was easy to become invested in their lives. Michael is a barrister and Julia aspires to be a doctor. She hopes to go to Africa to be a missionary doctor. (Remember, this is 1881.) The story is very well planned, researched and written. The attention to historical detail made it wonderful. I love a Christian novel that will teach me something and have a message. This one absolutely delivered on both counts. Bravo! I have not read anything like it before and was captivated early on. I definitely recommend this lovely novel and rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Anyone will enjoy this exceptional book. The only disappointment for me was that it did not have any discussion questions. This would be the perfect reading group book. I received a review copy of this novel from Bethany House Publishers. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, honest ones.
Moonpie72 More than 1 year ago
This is my first book to read of Ms. Delamere’s and I must say I was very impressed! Since this is the 2nd in a series I definitely want to read the first one, “The Captain’s Daughter”. Julia is a strong woman, in determination and faith. She is going to need both to achieve her goal of becoming a doctor in 1881. Women’s doctors were frowned upon and faced great opposition. There were few places they could go to medical school and be trained. Already a competent midwife/nurse (both of which were acceptable according to society) Julia had a master plan. She was going to get into medical school then head to Africa as a missionary to heal souls and bodies. This is her passion. With little in the way of money but lots in the way of motivation she forges ahead. Her master plan is in place until one faithful day when involved in a subway accident she saves the life of Michael, a handsome, wealthy lawyer with plans of his own that do not include God. He desires to marry well and be a huge success. Julia is intrigued by him and after the accident persuades him to give her lessons in Latin (which she sorely needs for her upcoming exam). It turns out he is the very attorney on the case to close down the women’s medical school she is working so hard to enter! They find themselves falling in love but their path is scattered with many complications greater than the conflict of interests. There are so many things I liked about this book! Foremost, how faith and dependence on God was key throughout the book. I found it ironic that Julia was a woman of prayer and sought the Lord in all matters, yet she had left Him out of HER life plan. A trap I feel many of us fall into at one time her another. I loved the fact that she was raised in George Mueller’s orphanage; no wonder she had such a strong walk with God! It was inspirational to see her commitment to the Lord with all people no matter how they ridiculed or rejected her. She truly lived Christ. Michael to me represented the standards of the world even today: money, fame, achievement, all without God. In both their lives I saw how we can make all the plans we want, but will step in and change them to His. Sometimes His intervention may come in the form of problems and difficulties. This was much more than a wonderfully written historical romance! There was danger, mystery, and a totally unpredictable plot! I loved it! I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.
EmilyAnneK17 More than 1 year ago
Julia Bernay has every intention of becoming a doctor, now that Queen Victoria's new laws allow women to study medicine. However, there are many people who oppose this new law, and a lawsuit is begun in order to prevent these women doctors. Michael Stephenson, the barrister heading up the lawsuit, staunchly opposes women doctors. But when an injury threatens his life and Julia saves him, he begins to question everything he believed. The Heart's Appeal is a sweet historical romance set in the late nineteenth century when women were beginning to gain rights in England. Julia is a determined young woman who wants to use her skills to minister on foreign mission fields, which would have been totally against her male-dominated culture. So yes, this is somewhat a feminist book, capturing only the best of the movement in the time when the struggle was the hardest. It was great to see a woman rise above her circumstances to follow her passion and to help others. And seeing other characters change around her because of her purity and passion was pretty cool. One of the things that stuck out to me the most in this book was the parts that mentioned Julia's faith. She wants to be a missionary doctor, demonstrating her faith in foreign mission fields. Also, she and her sisters were raised in one of George Muller's orphanages, and the testimony of faith that he left influenced her. She confidently followed what she believed was God's will for her, believing firmly that God would provide a way, even though it seemed impossible. Her faith that the money and resources she needed to attend the medical school astounded Michael, and it was encouraging to me because I see similar situations in life when radical faith is necessary. I really enjoyed this book! I recommend it to fans of Christian, historical romance. I received a complementary copy of this book. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for sharing them.
Becky5 More than 1 year ago
The heart leads where one least expects, against all odds. This is what Julia Bernay and Michael Stephenson discover in 1881 London. Julia saves Michel’s life in an “underground” accident. Too soon she discovers he is part of the firm suing to close the college for women doctors, the very college Julia hopes to join the next year. I found Julia a little presumptuous in her assessment of doctors who already had their licenses when she had as yet to go to medical school. It was gratifying to see that she was willing to challenge some outdated medical notions, but I personally would have liked Julia to be a little more humble in her approach towards people. There were plenty of spiritual lessons packed into the book. One observation particularly resounded with me. “This room was stuffed with objects, yet there was not one that hinted at spiritual inquiry. She actually felt sorry for them, despite these outward trappings of success. Without a spiritual life, what was the point?” It was neat to read of the connection made with George Müller’s orphanages, and some of the real-life lessons he taught the children. Said Mr. Müller, “if an answer from God is a long time coming, the best way to pass the time is to keep busy helping someone else.” Sometimes the lessons seemed to be the main point of the book, as opposed to fit into it seamlessly. Others may disagree. Overall, still a good read. A couple of great, unexpected twists in this book. These really enhanced the storyline and message. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley, with no positive review required. This did not influence my opinions, for which I am solely responsible.
FHlady More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the London Beginnings series, and I liked it even more than the first one. The series focuses on the three daughters of a lost sea captain, Rosalyn, Julia, and Cara Bernay, who were placed in an English Orphanage after their mother died. The first book focused on Rosalyn, the eldest, and now we are looking at Julia. Julia is a nurse who wants to become a doctor, but it is the 1880's and medical schools are just beginning to open up to women. This book is uplifting and encouraging as it focuses on Julia's struggle to qualify for medical school. The story builds on romance, action, suspense, wonderfully created characters, and detailed historic settings which all come together to create an intriguing story. The best part of all is Julia's strong faith and her call to share the Gospel with others. Michael, the hero of the story, is focused on becoming a well-known, wealthy lawyer as he and his sister had lost everything when their father died and left overwhelming debt. He has no use for God or faith anymore. But when his life intersects with Julia's during a train accident, it starts a chain reaction for both Michael and Julia that will change the direction and plans they both have for their lives. I love the ending as it definitely leaves this series open to discover what happens to Cara the youngest of the daughters and to unearth the truth about their father. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.
blueyz1962 More than 1 year ago
I really liked this second installment of Jennifer Delamere's London Beginnings series. After reading the first book, The Captain's Daughter, I couldn't wait to see what Ms. Delamere had in store for Rosalyn's sister Julia Bernay. I was not disappointed. The writing style is unique and the characters are well developed and endearing. Julia Bernay is a nurse who has come to London to study to be a doctor in a time when women were not generally accepted as doctors. She plans on attending the women's medical college there and finds that there is a lawsuit brought on by a member of the local aristocracy against the women's medical college that may close it's doors for good. After an accident on the underground railway, Julia saves the life of barrister Michael Stephenson and even though he is one of the lawyers in the lawsuit against the college, he agrees to tutor Julia in Latin so she can pass her entrance exams into the college. During these tutoring sessions, they develop an attraction for each other against their better judgement. What will become of the budding relationship between Julia and Michael if the college loses the lawsuit? What will become of the college and Julia's dreams, which do not include marriage, of becoming a doctor and a missionary in Africa? I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys clean, Christian historical romance. Enjoy! I received a complimentary copy from the author and the publisher, Bethany House Publishers, in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts I have given are purely my own and not influenced by anyone.
LanguageTCH More than 1 year ago
The Heart’s Appeal by Jennifer Delamere is book two of the London Beginnings series. The Heart’s Appeal is a historical romance set in London in 1881. This is the first novel written by Jennifer Delamere that I have read; I want to read the first title in this series and any other of her works. The first scenes draw the reader in, as a future medical student, Julia Bernay, is thrust into a train accident and must use her skills and knowledge to save a life. Her official training that will lead to a career as a doctor is soon delayed. A case over the future of a women’s medical school in London sets Julia and the young barrister whose life she saved on opposite sides. The plot is very intriguing, and the relationships in several different families present difficulties and misunderstandings that can disrupt family harmony. The author weaves scripture and Christian belief throughout the story, showing God’s mercy, guidance, and grace. I received this book through the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'd read Jennifer Delamere's The Captain's Daughter last year and really enjoyed it. I knew this would be the perfect book for the lady at my church. I try to find books that she'd enjoy. From what I understand, she'd stopped reading altogether and would watch television all day in the assisted living home. But now that I'm finding these gems, she's taken to reading again. The last book focused on Rosalyn's journey to London with the theatre background and history of the Gilbert and Sullivan productions. This time, we meet her sister, Julia, who has come to London to study medicine. The background in this story, obviously, includes the times of women's suffrage and the advancement of women in medicine, specifically as physicians. I like Jennifer's writing style. She weaves a bit of the history during that time period to make it interesting but also includes a lot of heart. It's not just a light romance. It's historical fiction. And as I've said before, I'm not big on romance, but I can handle this because there are enough other things going on in the story to keep my interest. Don't be put off that this is "book 2" of London Beginnings. Though we do briefly revisit Rosalyn, the reader won't be lost. This can easily be a stand-alone book, focusing solely on Julia and her efforts to become a doctor. I highly recommended this read for anyone that enjoys historical fiction, light romance or is just looking for a nice read while on vacation. I know my friend will love it. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
grammy57 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I've read by Jennifer Delamere and believe me, it won't be the last. The Heart's Appeal is the second in a series, but since I was privileged to be given this book, I did not read the first book. That does not matter at all. The characters were interesting and believable. They held my interest throughout the book. As in any good book, you get a mix of personalities and this book did not disappoint in that manner. Another thing I liked about this book was that it wasn't a typical romance. It was about a women in the 1880's and how they were trying to break out of the mold set for them. This book was about women wanting to become doctors, not totally, but this was the theme. The book held my interest from cover to cover. I always try to comment on the editing. This book was very well done. Would I recommend this book, yes, most definitely.. If you like historical fiction and/or a good romance, you will enjoy this. Last, but certainly, not least this is a Christian book. Was it preachy? No, did it have sound doctrine, yes. Was everyone in the book a Christian, no. Did everyone end up a Christian, no.
Bookluvr4vr More than 1 year ago
The Hearts Appeal by Jennifer Delamere is about two people Julia Bernay and Michael Stephenson. These two individuals come from different sides of the tracks and living on opposing sides. Julia Bernay is longing to become a doctor in London of the 1880s. At this time, it seemed awful for women to become doctors. However, Julia was trying her best to become one. She had gotten through nursing school and was preparing for her schooling to be come a doctor. However, her school of choice is battling a lawsuit. Michael Stephenson is a barrister for the Grey’s Inn district of London. Michael has been assigned to serve as the lead lawyer for the case against the women’s doctor school. As Julia is on her way to a conference, the train she is on derails. Coincidentally, Michael is also on this train with his sister and his girlfriend. Michael is seriously injured and a metal spike stabs him in his neck artery, but Julia with her expert training is able to apply the correct pressure and saves him until a real doctor comes. Julia worries over her patient and wants to make sure he is okay and that she treated him correctly. She soon arrives at his sister’s house and meets Michael. Soon Michael decides to teach Julia Latin for her medical exam in exchange for saving his life. Michael agrees against his sister’s orders to help Julia reach her goals. This is entirely against what he is working toward. Will Michael and Julia get past there differences and reveal deep secrets? Will Michael and Julia help each other succeed? And the question you are most wondering about do they fall in love? Well… You are just going to have to grab your own copy. Although I will give you a slight hint, I believe there will be a sequel . I can’t wait. Before I got I want to thank the publisher, Bethany House Publishers, for letting me review this book for my honest opinion. It was a great read and I can’t wait for the next edition.
Pattistep More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the historical setting of this book, especially the details of the struggle women had to become physicians during those times. I thought that Julia was an interesting combination of bluntness, honesty, compassion, and strong faith. The dramatic opening in the first chapter certainly caught my interest, and I wanted to continue to follow the story to see how things turned out for Julia and Michael. Although this is the second book in the series, I had not read the first book. That did not lessen my enjoyment of this one. I’ll be interested in reading other books in this series. I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher. I was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion about this book.
irishniff More than 1 year ago
From the start, I was hooked. The Heart’s Appeal is wonderfully researched historical fiction with realistic characters. Jennifer Delamere weaves together a gripping tale that kept me turning pages. Immediately, I was drawn to her characters and found myself rooting for her heroine, Julia. She is a woman determined to become a doctor in 1881 London. Throughout the story, Julia learns lessons about herself, her world and her faith. This book could be read as a stand-alone novel, but it is the second in a series and I am already anticipating the third installment. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.
CarolJo More than 1 year ago
Julia Bernay may have been taken to an orphanage as a child but she is now an independent young woman who intends to overcome opposition and become a doctor! Julia is an exceptional character in a time when most people do not think women are smart enough to be doctors. Michael Stephenson is a young barrister who loves his sister and wants her to regain her desired social status. Julia plans to be a medical missionary in Africa but learns our mission field may be right where we are. The Heart's Appeal was an excellent book which I recommend to others. The story was complete but I wa left with a question at the end. I assume this will be the basis for the next book in the series. I received my copy of The Heart's Appeal from Bethany House Publishers and author Jennifer Delamere. This is my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a Christian Historical novel and the second in a series. I didn't read the first one but found out that they are linked but not enough to where you can't enjoy this as a stand alone. If you like historical fiction, I highly recommend this book. It takes place in London in a time when women are just starting to attend medical school to become doctors. Julia is one of those women. Her dream is to become a physician and travel to Africa to follow her calling. A subway accident brings Julia and a lawyer named Michael Stephenson together. Julia helps Michael and then finds out that he is the lawyer whose client is trying to shut down the medical school Julia wants to attend in a libel lawsuit. Julia is undeterred! She approaches Michael a few weeks after the accident to see how he is. He, in turn, is so grateful that she helped him that he wants to repay her somehow. Julia asks for his help in Latin and the two begin weekly lessons. However, will Michael and Julia be able to stay civil in light of the lawsuit? This sounds like it might be a simple story, but there are side plots and other interesting characters as well. I thought the story was well written and very interesting. It is written with enough but not too much description and, in my opinion, smartly written as well. It definitely made me want to read the first one and, even better, I found a new author I like!
swissgranny More than 1 year ago
This story caught my attention from the first and kept me engrossed until the last line. This is the first story I’ve read by Jennifer Delamare, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. Although there is a prior book in this series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Set against the backdrop of London, England in 1881, this book is rich in historical detail and replete with masterfully created characters that are realistic and engaging. Julia Bernay, the heroine, is a strong, independent, and courageously determined young lady pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor in a society that is not very supportive of women doctors. Michael Stephenson has worked hard, against the odds, to become a successful lawyer. When these two collide--quite literally—it creates an interesting friendship. Woven expertly throughout the story is a message of hope, trust in God, and faith in his loving care and concern. I would recommend this to those who enjoy clean, Christian historical fiction. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In the second book of her London Beginnings series, Jennifer Delamere creates a powerful story of perseverance, tenacity and hope. Julia longs to become as doctor but few women practice medicine in London during the last nineteenth century and even fewer are socially accepted for doing so. Michael Stephenson, an upcoming barrister wants to be recognized in leading legal and social circles. When a tragic accident throws Julia into Michael’s life, both find themselves surprised at the opportunities and complications they face. With strong characters set into an authentic historical situation, author Jennifer Delamere shares a well written and engaging story about women seeking to help others by practicing medicine while fighting again the social restrictions that hampered them from freely doing so. Full of tension and intrigue, The Heart’s Appeal introduces readers to the struggle of early female medical practitioners. Through Julia and her colleagues, Delamere adeptly shows how a few courageous women pioneered paths to help other women have easier access to professional help and training. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of The Heart’s Appeal by Jennifer Delamere for my candid review.
The_reading_wolf More than 1 year ago
While this is book 2 in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. You read some characters that were introduced in book 1 however the plot makes perfect sense without having read book 1, although i suggest reading it, as it is a true delight. This book is so beautiful and vivid in a sense of historical detail. This book has a truly beautiful moral to it that i don’t want to spoil here, so you will have to read it for itself. I was rooting for Julia and Michael the entire time as I feel that they came into each others life as God might have planned. This book had me weeping for joy as i read it. The book describes some very intense scenes with realistic accuracy(i.e childbirth, women’s rights, etc.) It was also interesting to see the time period and how the medical field was for its time and how certain things were practiced. So much time and effort went into writing this book and every word had me hanging on. I really loved the beautiful dynamics and how prayer and faith can truly bring out the best! 5 stars from me!
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
I loved how this book started out with a bang! I was instantly enthralled and invested in Julia and Michael. They are both strong and intense characters so it was interesting to get to know them as their deeper layers were revealed and they grew closer together. They had good chemistry, but the romance felt like it happened suddenly and I missed some of the development. The pace of the book slowed a few times and I could feel my interest begin to wane throughout the technical descriptions, but I was too curious how the story would come together in the end with so much conflict keeping them apart. I enjoyed many other characters in the book as well, even though some of them had sharp edges as they fight to make their way and follow their dreams. I appreciated learning more about the history of women in medicine and the struggle to be accepted as equals in a male-dominated field. The story wraps up nicely, but also leaves the reader with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which I assume will be the youngest sister Cara's story. (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
parmilespages More than 1 year ago
Julia Bernay is focused on one goal, to become a doctor and then a missionary in Africa. And she has travelled to London for that purpose, to finish her schooling and gain acceptance to the London School of Medicine for Women. One day while travelling on the train she witnesses an accident and her quick and decisive action saves the life of barrister, Michael Stephenson. She then learns Michael is working for a client determined to close the medical school she wants to attend. As “payment” for saving his life, Julia enlists Michael to give her tutoring in Latin, thinking perhaps she can positively influence him in the libel suit against the medical school. Michael Stephenson has worked hard to regain the status lost to him and his sister when their father died. He is determined to make a good match and continue to build a lucrative career. But meeting Julia causes him to question his goals and future plans. I appreciated Julia’s tenacity and drive to achieve her goal of becoming a doctor especially in an age where this is a relatively new path for women. And I applaud the author for writing about this topic and some of the early women going against the social norms during the 1880’s. It was a great backdrop and historical time period for the story. However, I didn’t find Julia’s personality relatable. I found her to be too much a “know it all” and a busy body, trying to “fix” those in which she interacted. She also had a tendency to be didactic, lecturing others too much. I found the supporting characters more interesting, such as Edith, and wanted to know more about her. And I admired how Edith’s changed from the beginning of the story to the conclusion. Michael was another character that evolved, growing through the duration of the narrative to better define his personal goals and priorities. The author did a nice job of weaving in the spiritual aspect into the story and her references fit well into the context of the novel. The romance was a little flat and seemed to be situational rather than based on a mutual passion.
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
The Heart's Appeal Tama what better thing than to fight for the life of someone else? Which is what Julia did for Michael - she is a medical student, he is a barrister hurt on a train. She saves his life. Now what happens after that? That, I'm not going to tell you, because I'm not going to be one of the ones to ruin it for you but I will tell you the book is about women's rights, missionaries, Faith, forgiveness and not to judge before getting to know. Isn't that right! This is 1 of the great ones - don't let this slip through your fingers. I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all of the opinions expressed in this review are all my own. if you would like to read more of my Christian book reviews go to
Digging4Pearls More than 1 year ago
I love a story when an unlikely hero and heroine are thrown together in the most unusual of circumstances and are forced to face and discover what truly drives them. Jennifer Delamere's The Heart's Appeal is just such a tale. It's a book that will keep the reader's attention and longing for more. A favorable opinion was not required in any way. This book was provided free - 2018.
BronteCO More than 1 year ago
Bethany House Blogger's Program gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Julia Bernay believes that God has called her to be a doctor, but in 1881 London this is not an easy thing to accomplish. A large portion of society still opposed the idea of women doctors, or in any profession for that matter, but new opportunities are becoming available each day. Entering the London School of Medicine for Women is extremely difficult, but Julia is determined to succeed. She studies hard at Queens college for a year, catching up in areas her education has lacked until now. And then trouble strikes. A lawsuit against the school of medicine threatens to close the doors. A battle rages between two sides, one a rich man with title, power, and influence who feels offended, the other a school of woman. One of the barristers fighting against the school is Michael Stephenson, a man Julia is quickly becoming close to, despite her best efforts. Michael and Julia form an unexpected bond, which has consequences for all involved, and begs the question, can a woman be a doctor and still have a family? I loved the premise of this book, the time period was so interesting. I loved looking into the lives of these early female doctors, and how they balanced the ins and outs of life and family. I also liked Julia's interaction with the poorest set of London, the parts of London that most people avoided at all cost, and how she realized that there's a need for medical attention, and a need for God, everywhere you go in this life. The premise of woman doctor, and the interaction of Julia and her patients, was truly my favorite part of this book. There was also a little bit of a mystery, having to do with Julia's past, which was also fun, and admittingly, still left a little open ended, even with the epilogue. I liked how it ended though. In my opinion, there was a little too much time spent on the "romance" part of the story. The inner dialogue of the two characters, making eyes at each other, and constantly thinking about each other, was a little over the top for me. Overall, a job well done! This is actually book 2 in the London Beginnings series (although they seem to stand independently as books, as far as I can tell). I would definitely read other books by Jennifer Delamere (even if I do roll my eyes a bit sometimes, ha!).
vics49548 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! To see what women would have gone through to become doctors, and to see what was really expected of them was eye opening. And while this is book 2 in the series it really does standalone. Except now I want to go back and read book 1. Author Jennifer Delamere created really good character. You will like some. Dislike others. Julia is meddlesome and strong willed. Michael loves his family and will do anything for them. Some are mean. Some are simply climbing the corporate ladder. A few want to help others. But all of them are well developed and seem real. This book is not “fluffy”. In fact, parts of it are pretty stark and realistic. However God is woven throughout the story. I seriously couldn’t put it down. If you enjoy historical fiction then you will enjoy this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
SeasonsofGrace More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this book, although the story just seemed to flow along at a kind of mundane pace, until about the middle. Then it really picked up and got quite exciting. I enjoyed Michael, the main male character, as well as Julia, although, she seemed a bit bold and quite forward at times, but I admired her faith, grit and steadfastness. She was quite the gal! These two were not supposed to be together, but had a lot in common and seemed drawn to each other. In spite of that, there was a lot that stood in the way of their relationship thriving. The historical aspect of the book is quite intriguing pertaining to the advancement of women in medicine, social status, marrying for social status, and women becoming more independent and holding their own without the need for a partner. I also enjoyed the Julia's background at the orphanage established by George Muller and how that affected her faith and her relationship with God. She was a firm believer in answered prayers no matter the circumstances. Her faith was intriguing to Michael, who didn't really have much foundation to his own. It was interesting to watch their relationship grow, change, and see how that affected each of their lives and altered the course of their original plan. This is the first book I have read by Jennifer Delamere. I would have loved to have read the first book in this series, but didn't get a chance to prior to reading this one. However, I must say, this one although likely improved with the background from the first, was just as good as a stand alone. I received my copy courtesy of Bethany House and Celebrate Lit. I was not asked or required to give a positive review.
Kathae More than 1 year ago
The Heart's Appeal was a book that kept my attention from the first page on, because of the heroine, Julia. She was single-minded in her purpose of becoming a doctor in order to serve as a medical missionary in Africa. She was ambitious and hard-working, sensible and frugal, outspoken yet kind, determined and devoted. She was unwaveringly self-assured about her skills and ability to learn. This book was a pleasure to read because of this amazing, yet imperfect woman. The other characters were well-written, with a story line that moved at a comfortable pace. The second of the London Beginnings series, it stood alone exceedingly well. I recommend this book for fans of historical fiction, 1880s London, and stories about strong women. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes. The thoughts expressed here are my own.