The Heiress's Bitch

The Heiress's Bitch

by Mark Desires

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The Heiress's Bitch by Mark Desires

My mistress, the heiress of a wealthy family whom I serve as a handmaiden, has taken me as her toy. I take delight in her using me to satisfy her lustful craving every morning and night, yet hunger for her to acknowledge me as more. Once she chose me to be her brood bitch, I gladly walked on all fours and desired to carry her child. She can use me as she pleases, but will she ever look upon me as a lover?

This explicit [6690 word] erotic romance features a domineering heiress and her submissive handmaiden engaging in Lesbian BDSM and Breeding as she brings out an erect surprise in the end.

With a firm voice she ordered, "Kneel before me."

My heart began to race at the command. The voice was compelling through force and authority, demanding compliance or punishment. I took three steps and then dropped to my knees, meeting her leg at eye level.

She used the riding crop in lieu of a feather, running it over my body. The crop's head circled my breasts multiple times, making them feel the ring of pleasure before she used it to smack the mounds and made me yelped. All while looking down at me with hungry eyes, licking her lips as she violated me with sight alone. In less than a minute my hands were bound in cuffs made of rope, a length extending from the center where it was looped.

"Maybe calling you a toy was wrong after all," her voice carried a perverted mirth. For a second I thought she would call me her lover, but the next few words killed that thought. "You're more like a pet, aren't you girl?"

I swallowed, carrying the saliva down with the hope I foolishly gathered in my chest. She had me on my knees, handcuffed on a leash in her free hand, waiting for her next order--of course I was her pet...yet a small part of me was elated, as it was a step up from a toy. I supposed it didn't matter as long as I was able to be with her. "Yes mistress, I am."

"Then be a good pet--" She uncrossed her legs and revealed her lower lips. "--and lick your mistress."

The way they quivered in waiting was hypnotic, calling me with a tune my body had been conditioned to respond to. An unbridled lust for their taste swelled inside of me, demanding I act. I locked my lips with the gates of Eden and nuzzled them.

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BN ID: 2940015568783
Publisher: Mark Desires Erotica
Publication date: 10/11/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Mark Desires is an author of various, high-quality erotica stories with a contemporary or unusual paranormal fetish or themes that exceed the norm and become a rare breed. He began in 2012 and continues to write various short stories for the entertainment of others.

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