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When eleven-year-old Indigo Monroe puts on the old leather bracelet that has been in her family for generations, the mystery of who she is brilliantly unfolds. A mystical mom, a dad who seems to avoid her, classmates who tease her because she’s peculiar, a tried-and-true best friend, and a menagerie of animal companions join her on the adventure from believing she’s a total misfit to confidently embracing her extraordinary gifts and standing up for herself.

From wondrously appearing objects, visions, and auras to her dead twin sister’s ghostly visits, Indigo learns to listen to her inner voice. Follow along as she takes an incredible journey toward self-awareness and self-acceptance. The magic of The Heirloom is alive for everyone.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998276908
Publisher: Alexandra Folz
Publication date: 12/09/2016
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Alexandra Folz has a master's degree in nursing from University of Michigan. She is a writer, mother, and intuitive. She currently works as a team leader and member liaison for and is an intuitive counselor, meditation facilitator, and volunteer for hospice.

Alexandra is passionate about expanding awareness, honoring her inner voice, and pushing through fears while sharing her gifts with others. One thing Alexandra loves most is collaborating, bringing innovative ideas to life by celebrating and engaging with other people's natural abilities. Alexandra's book, The Heirloom, is living proof that collaboration and support by many create magical works of art.

Alexandra currently lives in Washington State with her husband and two daughters.

To learn more, visit Also, please visit This parrot sanctuary represents the heart of what Alexandra values and is the home to her beloved friend Beeba, an African grey parrot.

Table of Contents

Part One: Listen
Chapter 1. The Rescue
Chapter 2. Crazy Lion-Haired Girl
Chapter 3. Up a Tree and Beyond
Chapter 4. Barn Boots
Chapter 5. Here Comes the Sun
Chapter 6. Running Out of Time
Chapter 7. Expired Juju
Chapter 8. Whoop Whoop
Chapter 9. Elbow Deep
Chapter 10. Unraveling
Part Two: Watch
Chapter 11. They're Biting
Chapter 12. A Metal Monstrosity
Chapter 13. The Karaoke Disaster
Chapter 14. Playing It Safe
Chapter 15. Courageous Lioness
Chapter 16. Healing Crystals
Chapter 17. The Karaoke Thief
Chapter 18. Camp: Day One
Chapter 19. Roots
Chapter 20. The Beginning of an Idea
Chapter 21. A Magic Twist
Chapter 22. Center Stage
Chapter 23. All Aglow
Chapter 24. An Important Delivery
Part Three: Unfold
Chapter 25. A Good Scare
Chapter 26. Sirens
Chapter 27. Mom to the Rescue
Chapter 28. A Barn Visit
Chapter 29. A "Bright" First Day
Chapter 30. One, Two, Three
Chapter 31. Help!
Chapter 32. Stone Temple
Chapter 33. The "Drew Puzzle"
Chapter 34. The Vital Truth
Chapter 35. The Fire Marshal
Chapter 36. A Good Listener
Chapter 37. Just Another Day
About the Author
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