The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us

The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us

by Francis Tapon


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Francis Tapon yearned for a European adventure, but Western Europe seemed too tame and passé. So he traveled for over 3 years visiting every Eastern European country-all 25 of them.

The Hidden Europe cleverly mixes insightful facts with hilarious personal anecdotes. It's profound, yet light. Francis Tapon is a sharp observer who helps you distinguish a Latvian from a Lithuanian, while not confusing Slovenia with Slovakia.

You'll understand a side of Europe that is still mysterious and misunderstood even 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. Francis Tapon is an ideal guide in a book that will become a classic travel narrative.

The Voyage Will Teach You

Why Baltic people are human squirrels.

When and why Poland disappeared from Europe.

Why Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia broke up.

Why Hungarians are really Martians.

How Slovenians learn languages so quickly.

Why the Balkans is so screwed up.

Who really lives In Transylvania.

Which Moldovan tradition saves marriages.

What the future holds for Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

Why communism was a dream … and a nightmare.

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Publication date: 12/08/2011
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Table of Contents

Introduction-stepping into the Hidden Europe 6

1 Finland-or call it Suomi 17

2 Estonia-revenge of the nerds 30

3 Latvia-the Baltic core 50

4 Lithuania-the remnants of a great empire 66

5 Belarus-Europe's last communist country 96

6 Poland-more than just a source of Polish jokes 121

7 Eastern Germany-nearly 25 years after the wall 153

8 Czech Republic-Eastern Europe's most civilized country 171

9 Slovakia-for the mountain lovers 187

10 Hungary-a shadow of its former self 204

11 Slovenia-land of the industrious polyglots 260

12 Croatia-honey, are we still in Eastern Europe? 302

13 Serbia-Europe's most misunderstood country 332

14 Bosnia-Herzegovina-as complicated as its name 378

15 Montenegro-the small country that has it all 412

16 Albania-home to Europe's friendliest people 430

17 Kosovo-the land of myths and legends 455

18 Macedonia-or whatever you call it 494

19 Greece-defender of all things western in Eastern Europe 519

20 Turkey-Europe's bridge to Asia 535

21 Bulgaria-defying standards 543

22 Romania-the Latin oasis 574

23 Moldova-poor, torn, and drunk 605

24 Ukraine-stumbling forward 623

25 Russia-Eastern Europe's motherland 649

Conclusion-what Eastern Europeans can teach us 704

Travel recommendations 722

Acknowledgments 723

Three donations 724

Meet the author 725

Endnotes 726

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