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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion: Told by researchers creating a Modern Theory of the Earth

The Hidden History of Earth Expansion: Told by researchers creating a Modern Theory of the Earth

by Stephen William Hurrell (Editor)


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For more than half a century the theory of continental drift was widely derided. Innovators developing the radical theory were labelled as unscientific by well-known science authorities. But then, in the space of a few years, virtually all opposition dramatically collapsed. Continental drift was transformed into plate tectonics and became widely acknowledged as one of the most profound scientific revolutions of the twentieth century.

Yet a number of science innovators who had been closely involved with creating this new theory of the Earth continued to research an even more radical theory. The researchers saw evidence that the new plate tectonics theory was incomplete, arguing that continental drift was caused by the Earth expanding in size.

These science innovators give us a unique insight into their experiences. They relate their personal histories of Earth expansion in 14 original essays.

The Hidden History of Earth Expansion presents the unique personal histories of British, American, Australian, German, Polish, Romanian, Indian, Albanian and Jamaican science innovators as they strived to produce a modern theory of the Earth. It includes chapters expressly written for the book by some of the most well-known researchers into Earth expansion: Hugh G. Owen, Cliff Ollier, Karl-Heinz Jacob, James Maxlow, Jan Koziar, Stefan Cwojdziñski, Carl Strutinski, Stephen W. Hurrell, John B. Eichler, William C. Erickson, David Noel, Zahid A. Khan, Ram Chandra Tewari, Vedat Shehu and Richard Guy. In addition to furnishing us with their personal histories of Earth expansion and the seemingly overwhelming evidence for its confirmation, the authors’ highlight areas where further research is required.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780952260387
Publisher: Oneoff Publishing.com
Publication date: 05/14/2020
Pages: 472
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Stephen W. Hurrell was a Design Engineer working at the UK's Electricity Research Centre when he first became interested in the structural strength of dinosaurs. This developed into the concept of a Reduced Gravity Earth and a life long interest in developing various methods to calculate palaeogravity. He has interacted with many Earth expansionists to argue that palaeogravity must be related to Earth expansion and this implies it was caused by the mass increase of the Earth. Details of his latest work are available on his web site dinox.org.

Table of Contents


• Introduction •

The Science Innovators: an historical context

Stephen W. Hurrell

• Chapter I •

From hunch to serious consideration

Hugh G. Owen

• Chapter II •

My Memories and Ideas about the Expanding Earth

Cliff Ollier

• Chapter III •

An insight into self-organizing processes in geology with

respect to Earth expansion

Karl-Heinz Jacob

• Chapter IV •

Modelling the Earth: a brief history

James Maxlow

• Chapter V •

My work on the Expanding Earth Theory

Jan Koziar

• Chapter VI •

My lifetime adventure with an expanding Earth

Stefan Cwojdziñski

• Chapter VII •

Orogenesis on a growing Earth

Carl Strutinski

• Chapter VIII •

From dinosaurs to Earth expansion

Stephen W. Hurrell

• Chapter IX •

The Problem with Earth expansion

John B. Eichler

• Chapter X •

A Personal History of Earth Expansion

William C. Erickson

• Chapter XI •

How I got involved with Earth Expansion

David Noel

• Chapter XII •

Should Plate Tectonics be replaced by Expanding Earth?

Zahid A. Khan and Ram Chandra Tewari

• Chapter XIII •

The Geotheory of Growing Earth: My Viewpoint of Cosmic

Core Kernel Transformation

Vedat Shehu

• Chapter XIV •

Receding Seas of Earth expansion

Richard Guy



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