The Hidden Message

The Hidden Message

by Da Vinci Vox


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The Hidden Message

Not to be confused with the Hans Zimmer score to the hit film The Da Vinci Code, this intriguing and tuneful collection of worldbeat meets new age electronica purports to contain clues and hints that unlock the secret code that has been buried for centuries. It's doubtful that the somewhat intrusive spoken vocal passages (and snippets of other recordings) will shed any more light on the subject than Dan Brown's novel or the Ron Howard film, but the hypnotic medieval and classical-flavored music -- created by renowned French producer Serge Mazères -- behind them has the power to put a receptive listener into a soothing trance. On the opening track, "The Hidden Message," Gregorian-flavored chanting is enhanced by a spacy soundscape that includes detached voices, synth washes, and sitar. Various international artists whose identity remains in the shadows create some exciting musical sounds, including the soaring electric guitars on "In the Eyes of Mona Lisa" and "The Keystone." Much of the music was composed and performed (beautifully on piano and synth) by Bernard H. Levitte. The most romantic of these is the tender and sweeping "Irish Crusaders," which features beautiful passages on violin and accordion. And while the idea of The Da Vinci Code has always been to question Scripture, the final full track, "The Rosslyn Chapel," blends a lyrical melody with a haunting recitation of the 23rd Psalm (mistakenly identified on the liner notes as number 22). The overall idea seems to be zeroing in on the story's main points and enhancing it through music. The music alone makes the collection worth the journey.

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Release Date: 05/16/2006
Label: Higher Octave
UPC: 0094636449326
catalogNumber: 64493

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