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The History and Use of Our Earth's Chemical Elements: A Reference Guide

The History and Use of Our Earth's Chemical Elements: A Reference Guide

by Robert E. Krebs


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All aspects of the chemical elements are presented in this easy-to-use reference for high school and college students. This one-volume work covers the development of chemistry as a science and the growth of the Periodic Table from pre-history to present day. Included are descriptions of the most recently discovered elements, which provide information on each element usually found only by consulting different sources. This information includes symbol, atomic number, common valence, atomic weight, natural state, common isotopes, characteristics, abundance, history, common uses, examples of common compounds, and hazards. Schematic diagrams of each of the elements through number 103 accompany their descriptions.

Krebs introduces the user to the background of how we came to know and understand the chemical nature of Earth and everything in the universe. He also examines the present concerns about the effects of chemicals on the Earth's environment. The elements are arranged according to their placement on the Periodic Table, which enables the user to examine the similarities and differences of elements found in different groups, periods, and series of the Periodic Table. A comprehensive glossary as well as appendixes and an index provide easy access for student users.

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ISBN-13: 9780313301230
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/26/1998
Pages: 360
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About the Author

ROBERT E. KREBS is the retired Associate Dean for Research at the University of Illinois Health Sciences Center, Chicago. Since his retirement, Dr. Krebs has authored over 30 computer-based instructional courseware programs in areas covering science education, health/medical practices, and academic administration.

Table of Contents

Alphabetical Index of the Elements

How to Use This Book


A Short History of Chemistry

Atomic Structure

The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements

A Guide to the Elements


Alkali Metals: (Group 1 (1A0—Periods 1 to 7)

Alkali Earth Metals (Group 2 (11A)—Periods 2 to 7)


Transition Elements: Metals to Nonmetals


Transition Elements: (First Series—Groups 3 to 12: Period 4)

Transition Elements: (Second Series—Groups 3 to 12: Period 5)


Transition Elements: (Third Series—Groups 4 to

12: Period 6)




The Boron Group 13 (IIIA): Periods 2 to 6 (Metallics-Semimetals)

The Carbon Group 14 (IVA): Periods 2 to 6 (Metalloids-Semiconductors)

The Nitrogen Group 15 (VA): Periods 2 to 6 (Metalloids to Nonmetals)

The Oxygen Group 16 (VIA): Periods 2 to 6 (Nonmetals-Oxidizers)

The Halogen Group 17 (VIIA): Periods 2 to 6 (Nonmetal Oxidizers)

The Noble Gases Group 18 (VIIIA): Periods 2 to 6 (Inert gas elements)

Lanthanide Series: (Period 6—Rare Earth Elements)


Actinide Series: (Period 7—and Transuranic elements)


Transactinide Series: (Period 7—Continuation of Actinide Series)


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