The History of Loot and Stolen Art

The History of Loot and Stolen Art

by Ivan Lindsay


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The different motivation of the greatest looters in history is a theme which is examined throughout the book. From Sargon II who ruled Syria between 721 and 705 BC, Alexander the Great, Cesare Borgia, Gonzales the Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incan Empire, Francis Drake, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, Hermann Goering and Adolf Hitler, we eventually reach the twenty-first century where looting continues world wide and hardly a day goes by without news in the media of the latest audacious art theft.

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ISBN-13: 9781906509217
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/30/2013
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 11.50(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

 Ivan Lindsay is an art historian specializing in European painting and sculpture.

Table of Contents


Principal Players



1. Ancients, Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Moors and Charlemagne

2. The Crusades and the sack of Constantinople

3. The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries AD, the Renaissance and the dissolution of the monasteries

4. Spanish colonization of the Americas, Francisco Pizarro and Hernan Cortes

5.  Sir Francis Drake

6. The emergence of Sweden

7. Cromwell’s disposal of the collection of Charles I

8. Napoleon

9. Greece and Lord Elgin

10. Egypt

11. The British Museum and punitive expeditions against Ashanti and Benin

12. World War II, Hitler, Goering, and the other Nazi leaders

13. 1945, the Soviets and Stalin

14. 1945, the US army

15. 1945-2009





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