The History of the Kurdish People: The Survival of the Caucasian (Kew Gazî) Kurds

The History of the Kurdish People: The Survival of the Caucasian (Kew Gazî) Kurds

by Hamma Mirwaisi


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Who Are the Kurds?

The logical answer to this question from the Aryan language is the word ‘Huart,' which evolved through the Greek’s ‘Kurt’ to ‘Kurd.' General Baryaxes of the Medes or ancient Kurds was the first leader of the Kurdish peoples’ defense forces to liberate the Aryan people from the rule of the Greeks.

Listed among the forefather of the Caucasian or Aryan Kurds were the Sumerians, Elamites, Gutians, Hurrians, Mitanni, Kassites, Urartians, Mannaeans, Hittites, Lydians, Medians, Parthians, Sassanids and other unidentified Aryan tribes. After savaging the Median Empire with the help of Jewish conspirators, the Persian Darius son of Hystaspes savaged the Median Empire and established Achaemenid Empire. He then attempted to eliminate the Aryan Medes and Persian tribe by hiring a large number of Indian mercenaries, settling them in Persia and progressively marrying them to the Persian women and children who had survived the war. The modern Persian people are the descendants of these mercenaries, who allied with Jewish conspirators under the leadership of Darius, son of Hystaspes and his mother Rhodugune, the daughter of King Astyages of Media and Queen Esther of Judea.

Although modern Persians still claim membership of the Aryan nation, in reality, they have been separated from it since the time of Darius, son of Hystaspes, whose slaughter of almost all the Zoroastrian religious Magi preachers of the Medes and the Persians in favor of Jewish priests weakened the Aryan culture immeasurably. Although this may seem an obscure and insignificant fact to non-Kurds, most educated Aryan Kurds and a large number of the Aryan people are aware of it, but may not know of the ideological and political consequences. Eventually, after 192 years of Darius son of Hystaspes and his descendants, King Alexander the Great from the African Greek nation, which opened the way for Arabs and Turks to take the Aryan lands later defeated the Achaemenid Empire

After Alexander’s war machine had entered Aryan territories, General Baryaxes led the remainder of the Median Army known as Huart (Kurd) against him. This resulted in the changing of the entire Aryan peoples’ name to ‘Kurd,' which still means ‘brave people who are defending people,' a description that aptly fits the modern-day Kurdish freedom fighters or PKK. The name is still used interchangeably and is why the majority of Kurds who are proud to be linked to its bravery now call themselves PKK.

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Table of Contents

Lord Krishna and the Establishment

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Greek Empire of Lord Balarama

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