The Home Front: The Realization: Somme, Jutland & Verdun

The Home Front: The Realization: Somme, Jutland & Verdun

by David Bilton


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Many books have looked at the effect of the war on the Home Front, but this is the first book to take a glimpse at the Home Front photographically from an international point of view, covering both Allied and enemy countries, juxtaposing the same situations in different countries to show a similar response.

This volume chronicles the changes brought on by just a few months of war: spies, increased casualties, food shortages, changes in work patterns, the shortage of men in the work force, women at work and at the end of the year the slow rush in Britain to volunteer for the army, hoping to not be called for service. It also looks at the Home Front for those caught behind enemy lines where life was both spartan, potentially dangerous and subject to the whim of the victor. The photographs, many of which have not been seen before and some which have never been published, clearly show that each year of war had a further profound effect on each nation. This unique series of international photographic books fits in with the author's more textual books on the Home Front: Hull in the Great War and Reading in the Great War, both of which explore the complex life of a city at war.

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ISBN-13: 9781473833708
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Series: Great War Illustrated Series
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

David Bilton is a retired teacher who spends his time looking after his family, working as a University lecturer and researching the Great War. He is the prolific author of numerous books about the British Army, the Home Front and the German Army. His first book, The Hull Pals, became the BBC 2 series The Trench. Since he started writing he has contributed to many television and radio programmes. His interest in the Great War was ignited by his grandfather's refusal to talk about his experiences in Gallipoli and on the Western Front.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 6

Introduction 7

Section 1 Recruiting and Departure 31

Section 2 Armament production and Home Defence 39

Section 3 Raids and U-boats 59

Section 4 Propaganda 69

Section 5 Prisoners and Occupation 77

Section 6 Casualties 81

Section 7 Wartime life 97

Section 8 Christmas 133

Day by day chronology 137

Bibliography 147

Index 149

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