The Homosexual Lie: A Biblical Discussion from an Exgay Perspective

The Homosexual Lie: A Biblical Discussion from an Exgay Perspective


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ISBN-13: 9780976053606
Publisher: Bedazzled Books
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 136
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A Christian worldview is one in which a person believes that absolute moral truth exists and that it is based upon the Bible. It is, as Chuck Colson puts it, "a well thought out understanding of how Christianity affects all of life." The problem with the worldview of most Christians today, as it relates to homosexuality, is that their understanding is not well thought out and not Biblically based. The Christian worldview has been eroded and compartmentalized so that Christians acquiesce to non-biblical arguments.
Paul wrote in Gal 5.1 it is for freedom that Christ set us free. Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. We have freedom in Christ. What is freedom? You ask. Freedom to be me? Freedom to be what you feel? I don't think that's what Jesus meant when he said free. Freedom is liberty. Freedom in Christianity is the right to do what you choose, but with the mind of Christ you would do what He chooses.
There is an account in the eighth chapter of John where Jesus set a woman free. She was about to be stoned for the crime of adultery. After using her as an object lesson on who really has the right to condemn, he told her, "Go and sin no more." In essence he was telling her to go and make better choices. Certainly she could choose to commit the sin of adultery again, certainly she could get caught again but there was a law against adultery. Jesus saved the woman from death, but he may not have been around to save her the next time. He gave her accusers something to think about, but the message hadn't gotten to all people yet. Go and sin no more.
Paul wrote in to the church in Rome- everything is permissible for me. Yes, Paul was a free man, but everything is not beneficial. Many who are living the homosexual lifestyle don't think they have a choice. But, everything we do as humans involves choice. Some choices are difficult to make, but choices are necessary to life. We make them everyday. 
 Maybe you were introduced to Jesus at an early age, maybe you just met Him.  Somehow, you've come to know Him and you find yourself struggling with life's issues.  You've heard about this Jesus, you've read some things about Him, but you're not sure if He's the one who can save you from the sin you're in.  Most Christians have asked that same question at one time or another.  Let me first assure you that He can.  Let me also assure you that He will if you ask Him.
 Some of you are pretty clear about who you are in Christ; you just don't know what to do with the "other" people that Christ has commanded us to love: our neighbors.  We love them, but the rest of the command says, "as you love yourselves." (Mat 22.39) He did qualify that statement as he did with most. "But God, these people are different.  They look different, they act different, and they sound different.  They're not like me. Oh, God, if they would just fit in and act like everybody else.  I could show them love. Because, you know, we hate the sin, but love the sinner."  That is a terrible clich� that I wish everyone would stop using. In most cases it isn't true. We hate the sin and we wish the sinner would straighten up so that we could love them.
The problem is, most people react to those persons who "look" homosexual. 
A homosexual person, however, is capable of looking like anyone. Many of us have friends and loved ones who are homosexual and we don't know it. There are also many who are stereotypical, but, especially in the African American community where history has proven that passing is often the best way to "just get along," there are those whose lifestyles will only be revealed through investigation.
 Oftentimes, we see how a person looks and those are the ones who have already been delivered or just "look" different based on preconceived notions about how a person is supposed to look.  It's the people who don't look homosexual who are usually the ones who are struggling.  They are trying to fit in.  The  "street term" is that they are "in the closet." They are trying to love Jesus and worship God and deal with their feelings all at the same time.  They don't feel comfortable talking about their struggle with anyone.  Maybe they can find a Pastor or an elder who they think they can trust with this "secret."  Hopefully the person they confide in will deal with them gently and not go straight for the "hellfire and damnation" speech.  Hopefully the person they confide in will realize that they are just another brother or sister needing to be reconciled to God just like everyone else.  There are testimonies of persons who went to church leaders for help and were told there was none.  The misunderstanding of homosexuality gives
Satan a place to take up residence because the church often can't or won't help and society generally accepts and nurtures the lie that there is no help.
Go ahead and admit it; homosexuals make most straight people feel uneasy. Men especially are uncomfortable with other men. And, since the need is often for a brother to spend time and disciple another man, many of these brothers go about with no one to help them. Maybe these people make you feel uneasy.  Believe me, you make them feel uneasy too. Jesus said that He came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. John 10:10 Most of us feel confident that the "we" includes us. But the diversity and inclusiveness of the "we" would astound us.
If you are a struggler, and we all are struggling with something, I want to help you understand some things about God and His plan for humanity.  It is my prayer that you make your heart available to the words in this book. I pray that they will be words that will bring you freedom, and allow you to walk in the newness of life that is yours in Christ Jesus.
If you are someone who is curious, maybe you've tried to witness to homosexuals or you just don't understand them. It is my prayer that this book will shed some light on this group of God's sons and daughters for you, as they are coming to the church in greater numbers. It is my prayer that the church will embrace them with the love of Christ. They are coming in many colors and packages.  Just like we all did. We have to let God have His church back.  The church is supposed to be the place of grace. A holy hospital where wounds are bound and persons are healed.  Not where people are kept bound and wounds are  healed.  If a person can't find grace anywhere else, they should be able to find it in the church.  God has an assignment for all of us, and as the body, we can only be effective when we are in good health  (mentally, physically, and spiritually).  Good health presupposes the ability to love others.  The Holy Spirit living within us enables us to love those we find difficult to love by our own strength. 

Table of Contents

Christian Worldview
So, What is Homosexuality?
What does the Bible say?
Change Can Happen
Accepting People who have Changed
You Can Triumph!
Who you are in Christ

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