The Honeymoon Trap

The Honeymoon Trap

by Christina Hovland

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ISBN-13: 9781640636453
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/20/2018
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 319
Sales rank: 287,462
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Christina Hovland lives her own version of a fairy tale—an artisan chocolatier by day and romance writer by night. Born in Colorado, Christina received a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. Before opening her chocolate company, Christina’s career spanned from the television newsroom to managing an award-winning public relations firm. She’s a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with a love of cupcakes and dinner she doesn’t have to cook herself. A 2017 Golden Heart® finalist, she lives in Colorado with her first-boyfriend-turned-husband,?four?children, and the sweetest dog around.

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William Covington desperately needed a beer and a place to crash. Most of all, he needed a damn rooster to speak. Sweat beaded along his hairline from the sweltering July heat. Dust particles swirled through the air of the dirt parking lot where the KDVX live truck was stationed. The muffled sounds of a banjo from the bluegrass band on the main stage played in the distance.

He urged the man in the bulky costume to look into the camera and say something. Anything.

"What does Magic Mike mean to the people of Confluence?" William stepped closer and nudged the guy with his elbow, his arm sinking into the mass of feathers.

The director's monotone voice buzzed in his earpiece. "Miracle Mike, not Magic Mike. The rooster's not a stripper."

"Miracle Mike," William corrected.

And he was interviewing a chicken. Rooster. Whatever. He held the mic closer to his guest's glossy orange beak.

Although the oversize mascot had chatted like a pro before the interview, he now remained silent. Rooster Man apparently took his performance art seriously because he pecked at the air and shuffled silently in place. Festival onlookers shifted backward as the costumed man bobbed his head in the hypnotic way of a chicken.

A fluff piece about the annual Miracle Mike Headless Chicken Festival was fast becoming William's journalistic downfall. Years of working his way up through larger and more exclusive news markets should have prepared him for a situation like this. He had investigated Wall Street scandals, extracted information from whistleblowers, and mastered the man- on-the-street interview. Now, in his debut appearance in the smallest television market he had ever worked, he couldn't get a man in a rooster suit to cough up a sentence. Not even a word. Low-level reporting at the station was meant to introduce him to operations at his family's television station, not humiliate him in front of the whole damn town.

In the years he'd been gone, not much had changed in Confluence. The citizens still thrived on all things nutty — especially the legendary bird. A headless Miracle Mike costume, the mayor had decided, might chase off tourists and didn't leave much breathing room for a full-size man. So the people of Confluence chose to celebrate the Mike of his youth with his head firmly attached. The tourists ate it up.

The roving rooster made a show of pecking his way through the crowd and flapping his wings. Clearly the bird had his own agenda.

William scrambled after him, the cameraman following.

The director buzzed again in his ear. "Get him to talk, Cronkite."


"Will you be running the marathon tomorrow?" William flashed a grin at the camera. He refused to be broken by an oversize cock.

The rooster paused his movement and stood stiff. Unresponsive.

William held his permanent smile while jockeying to get a response. "I saw you crossing the road earlier. I'm sure our viewers are curious to know why?"

"Bwaak," screeched the rooster.

William's hands itched to choke the chicken.

"Keep it serious," the director said, low and full of threat.

William tossed his best what-do-you-want-me-to-do glare at the camera.

Rooster man inexplicably burst into a rendition of the funky chicken dance.

William moved out of the way, but the bird bobbed left when his oversize costume feet stepped right, and without even a cluck, he fell face-first onto William.

Feathers, wings, red chicken feet, and William blended into one dusty jumble. He grunted as he reached for a wing, only to get a handful of feathers. They tumbled to the ground where the rooster lay sprawled — the top half of a William chicken sandwich.

"There's the money shot." The director chuckled. "Cut back to the studio so these two can have some privacy."

William stifled his groan. He'd never live this down.

The man finally rolled off and sat up to brush the dirt from his feathers. He yanked his costume head free. Perspiration soaked his red face. "Didn't expect that to happen."

"Makes two of us." William stood and helped him to his huge feet. "What was that all about, anyway?"

Rooster dude wobbled as he stood, tugging the costume head back on. "Method acting, man. Chickens don't talk."

"Gotcha." The guy had dedication. Couldn't deny that.

William picked up his microphone and shook the dust off the KDVX station flag wrapped around it. He seriously needed that drink. Just like that, he had added one more tick-mark to his father's list of Things William Managed to Screw Up. If he couldn't handle a simple interview, how the hell would he prove he had the grit to run the family company? His father still hadn't forgiven the debacle William's foray into reality television caused, and that was a decade ago.

It didn't need to be so complicated. Move back to hometown? Check. Smooth the way to inherit family broadcasting company on upcoming thirtieth birthday? Check. Interview an uncooperative man in a rooster suit? Nope. Not in the plan.

William rolled the sleeves of his collared shirt to his elbows. His jeans were covered in dirt from lying sprawled on the ground, and his not-camera- ready stubble itched in the stale summer air. Parched breaths filled his lungs as he helped the crew pack up cameras and load bags of equipment into the news van.

"Thanks for helping out today," said Al, the cameraman, as he collapsed a leg on the tripod. "You're a lifesaver."

William shrugged. Lifesaver? No. He hadn't done anything special. Sure, the reporter scheduled for the interview hadn't shown so he helped out when the crew was in a pinch. That was teamwork, even if it ended with a chicken on top of him.

"Hey, you see Parker yet?" William tossed the microphone into an open bag. Over an hour had come and gone since he planned to meet his oldest, best friend here. Parker was his last shot at a place to crash tonight.

The cameraman grunted and pointed toward the crowd surrounding the news van.

Parker emerged with a smirk. "That is one baked chicken."

In his overpriced suit, Parker had to be roasting. Unlike William, no sign of sweat appeared anywhere. Always dressed his best, Parker exuded Ivy League authority as the station manager.

"About tonight." William squirmed a bit.

"Man, I told you, out by five," Parker said. "I hate to do it, but I have to. Your dad's clear on this, and right now he's my boss."

"I can't believe you're on his side. He has his hooks in the whole town. I searched everywhere for a place to live today. I couldn't even get a room at the Pillow Talk Motel." William scraped a hand over his hair.

Parker held up his palms and backed away, frustration etched in the lines around his mouth. "I'm Switzerland here. Neutral. I need my job. Talk to him."

William ground out the words, "Not happening."

"Your call." Parker shrugged. "See you Monday at the station."

Over a decade of friendship, and that's all William got. He didn't want to add his family drama to Parker's plate, but was it so wrong to want a little backup?

It seemed that everyone in town had received a don't-rent-to-my-long- lost-son decree from his father. Joe Covington always got what he wanted, and now he wanted to keep tabs on his son by forcing him to move back under his roof. Hell, it wasn't William's fault his mother left Crestone Broadcasting to him instead of his father.

William massaged the ache in his temples as his last option drifted away. Whatever pride he had packed when he moved to Confluence vanished.

He walked the three blocks to Love's Travel Stop where he'd left his truck. He lowered the tailgate and sat. Forget about proving to everyone he could run his mother's company. At this point, he couldn't even find a place to live. His only option at the moment was a two-hour commute from a hotel in the next county over, but he wouldn't be surprised if his dad's influence reached across the state to Denver.

Nearby, a kid messed around with rocks and a slingshot on the small grassy area bordering the convenience store. A large dog dripping slobber barked and bounded around the boy's feet. The mutt appeared to be the unfortunate offspring of a one-night stand between Sasquatch and a grimy kitchen mop. At the release of the slingshot, he chased the rock across the patch of lawn.

Something near the gas pumps caught the mutt's attention. His ears perked, and he barked once.

William glanced across the lot.

A pretty brunette climbed from a yellow Ford sedan and slammed the door. Her long red skirt caught when it closed. Tethered, she engaged in a mesmerizing "Flight of the Bumblebee" dance until she wrestled the fabric free.

William grinned, disappointed the cloth had surrendered. He wouldn't have given in so easily.

She sauntered past him while pulling her long hair up into a clip, exposing the soft white skin of her neck. This woman wasn't department store pretty, plastered with product and buffed to a shine. No, she was naturally beautiful. Her full lips tipped into an utterly kissable pout, and the way her hips swayed when she moved — mesmerizing. He followed her with his gaze until she disappeared inside the convenience store.

A golf-ball-sized rock whizzed past his fingertips to ding off his truck bed.

He glanced to the boy and raised a questioning brow.

The boy shrugged before he turned to toss rocks toward the creek.

William thumbed through his contacts on his cell phone. Surely, he knew someone with connections for an apartment, a house ... even floor space for a sleeping bag. He glanced up again when the brunette came out of the convenience store. She held a massive fountain drink in one hand while she fumbled with her keys at her car door.

A loud bang echoed across the lot. Glass fell from the car window, the small pieces falling in chunks to the pavement. A scream ripped from her lungs, and she flung herself to the ground.

His heart stuttered. He ran to her side and crouched, heaving a hard, fast exhale. "You okay?"

Blood seeped from a gash where her bare knee had collided with the asphalt. Sticky orange soda and little pieces of gravel littered her clothes. She pushed herself up. The woman was naturally pale, but at the moment, her skin had gone white.

He grasped her wrist to help her sit. Her pulse raced under his thumb.

She leaned against him as he helped her to her feet. When she trembled, he placed an arm around her in case she fainted — he didn't need a rooster replay.

"What was that?" She scanned the parking lot.

He jerked his chin at the boy. "Kid over there is shooting rocks with a slingshot."

The young kid stood with his mouth gaping. His dog's tail thumped the grass.

"A kid? You're kidding." The woman blinked hard and pushed hair from her eyes. A scent of orange soda mixed with coconut drifted from her. The women he usually dated preferred designer perfume from pricey department stores, not a siren song of the tropics. Her vulnerable chestnut-colored eyes moved to him, and right then he decided his favorite color was brown.

"What's your name?"

"Lu-Lucy —" She stopped and bit at her lower lip. "Just Lucy."

A flicker of recognition sparked in her eyes. Being identified as a TV personality was part of the on-air gig for William, but as a new journalist in Confluence, this was the first time he caught that flash of awareness here.

"Well, 'Just Lucy,' I'm William." He walked her to a picnic table on the grass.

She slumped to the bench.

He pointed at the boy, then snapped his fingers to his side, issuing an official summons. The kid moped to where Lucy sat.

William kept his words firm. "Something you need to say to the lady?"

"I — I —" the boy began. "I didn't mean to break your window. It was just a rock."

William crossed his arms. "Where's your mother?"

The boy lifted a shoulder. "Don't got one."

William blew out a long breath.

As if on cue, a brawny police officer bolted from inside the gas station. He stalked toward them with the authority of a sheriff in an old-time western movie. The dog let out a deep wrrrooof.

"Dad," the boy whispered, his eyes wide with fear.

The officer glanced at Lucy, the slingshot, and over to the shattered window. His mouth dropped in an exact replica of the boy's. "What happened, Simon?"

Tears spilled down the boy's face. "It was my rock."

The towering cop briefly closed his eyes. "Apologies for my son. I'm Jeff Lawson, Chief of Police here in Confluence."

"Chief Lawson, I'm William," he replied. "This is Lucy."

"Call me Jeff."

Lucy sat taller. "It's my car."

"Ma'am." Jeff bowed his head slightly and surveyed her oozing knee. "I'll see to the window repair, and that knee may need stitches. Real sorry for my boy."

"I'll be fine. It's just a small cut. It's just my window ..." She waved her hand toward the car.

"I know a guy who'll replace it." He pulled out a cell phone and tapped in a few numbers. With only a few words, he arranged for an on-site fix and then shoved it in his pocket. "He's on his way. I'll deal with my son and be right back." He snatched the slingshot with one hand and the back of Simon's collar with the other. "C'mon."

Simon mouthed "Sorry" over his shoulder and tripped along beside his father. The dog trotted after them, cheerful and oblivious. While Simon climbed in the front seat, Jeff opened the back for the dog and slammed the door before climbing into the driver's side.

William eyed Lucy and sat beside her as the cop drove away.

"I can't believe a kid broke my window." She bit at her thumbnail.

He shrugged. "Who else would have a sling shot and a piss poor aim?"

"An errant hijacker, bandit, or ... pirate?"

He chuckled. Elbows on the table, he leaned toward her. "We don't get many pirates in Colorado. And bandits and hijackers usually don't strike this early in the day."

"I thought Colorado would be better than this." The sarcasm didn't entirely mask her embarrassment. "I'm going to have to move back home if you don't have pirates here."

William grinned. Pretty and funny.

He moved his hand to her shoulder in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. "Who can I call for you?"

"No one." Something a whole lot like disappointment flickered across her face.

"Then I'll stay with you." Not like he had anywhere else to be at the moment, given his lack of housing prospects. Besides, he was a moth to her flame, or some crazy shit like that. Whatever drew him to her, he wasn't ready to leave.

She glanced to him, her gaze flicking to his lips, and the air around them went heavy. The blood in his veins pulsed uneven.

Her gaze slid to his hand resting on her shoulder.

What the hell was he doing? He jerked his hand away.

The moment broken, she dug through her purse and tugged free a makeup compact. A giant black smudge of asphalt darkened her cheek. The clip had dislodged from her pinned-up hair so loose waves fell down her back. He liked it better down.

A glance in the mirror, and she grimaced.

She went back to rummaging through her purse and a small note fell beside his arm. He reached for the paper and began to hand it back when he caught the words and paused.

Camelot Garden Estates

First left at the Confluence exit ...

She snatched at the note. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," William said quickly. "Just thinking."

"That could be dangerous," she spoke under her breath.

"You have no idea."

Funny, he had been all over town today and hadn't thought of Camelot Gardens. That rundown neighborhood still existed? The lady who owned a bunch of property there used to drive his father crazy during his years on the city council, opposing him on everything. If she was still around, maybe she held a grudge?

Lucy wiped the cut on her knee, removed the tabs from a Band-Aid, and stuck it on.

"Do you know someone who lives at Camelot Gardens?" he asked.

Her features turned guarded, and she paused longer than necessary. "I have a friend who used to live there."

"Yeah? So do I."

Camelot Gardens was so rundown it was an awful idea. Then again, it was better than no idea.


God, God, William had aged well. Lucy Campbell's whole body had tingled when he touched her arm, but damned if she was going there again. All these years later, and his presence still managed to override all her brain circuits dedicated to reason. The ones that turned her into a stammering lunatic, high on lusty intoxication, were still on alert.

Sure, it was only a broken window. And a bruised knee. With a side of throwing-herself-on-the-ground embarrassment. The years melted away, the clock struck twelve, her coach fizzled into a pumpkin, and she turned back into the mess-of-a-girl Lulu. On cue, her stomach somersaulted and begged for a bag of potato chips. She ignored the plea.

True to his word, Chief Lawson had arranged for a replacement window. It had taken hours, and she was exhausted.


Excerpted from "The Honeymoon Trap"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Christina Hovland.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Honeymoon Trap 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
etoile1996 6 months ago
pretending to be engaged to your former crush who has no idea that he's met you before while on assignment for the job you consider to be the stepping stone for the real job you're after is some complicated stuff. add the crazy sexual tension and unresolved self-image issues and you've got a cocktail of crazy waiting for you. the honeymoon trap is supposed to ensnare a popular resort that seems to be up to no good. missing items, misplaced reservations, implied blackmail, it's all part of the investigation. reporters-slash-neighbors lucy and william find more than they bargained for. because that fake relationship becomes something real. but william is in the process of finalizing his takeover of his family's television station, and soon he'll be lucy's boss on top of everything else he is already to lucy. he just has no idea how far back things go. it takes them a while to sort it all out. for a while they're too close, too crazy about each other to think or behave rationally. but this book ends on such a sweet uplifting note. the whole ride is worth the read. **the honeymoon trap will publish on august, 20 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (amara) in exchange for my honest review.
beckymmoe 6 months ago
An adorable read! The Honeymoon Trap was a fun, rom-com-ish undercover fake romance story. Lucy is a likable heroine who it's all to easy to identify with. I especially loved her inner voice--it had me LOLing more than once. William is the perfect hero for her, determined as much to be there for and with her as he is to live up to his mother's expectations. Though in true rom-com fashion portions of the plot don't get as strong a treatment as they could have, this was still a fun read from cover to cover. It's my first book from this author, but definitely not my last! Rating: 4 stars / B+ I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
moohnshine 7 months ago
Lucy is starting a new job at KDVX. She is working her way towards being an anchor or reporter. She has come a long way from the fat girl in her past who was bullied. Will is back home in Confluence. He is back to claim his rightful ownership of his mother’s television company. His birthday is soon and his lawyers are fighting his dad’s appeal to the will. Will is not giving up his mother’s legacy without a fight. He is determined not to let his father control his life any longer. He has paid for his mistakes of reality tv for far too long. When these two meet and go undercover as honeymooners, things shift in the universe and Lucy is back in the past as the fat girl with a crush. She wants nothing more than to push Will away, but Will has other plans. This is the first book by Christina Hovland that I have read. I found her book to be fun and engaging. A steady pace read with some hot romance that flows nicely. The characters were endearing and the book touches on many real issues that people face every day, giving this book a realistic feel. The book digs into problems with self-esteem and bullies. It also deals with grief and loss. I feel as if the author left this book open for Katie’s story to be told next. I hope so. I am interested to see if her and Jeff make a go of it. Simon could use a women in his life to fill the empty roll of his mother. Overall this book was an emotional and inspiring read. The characters were relatable and engaging. The book was fun and highly entertaining. I found it to be sweet and endearing. I love the stubbornness of Lucy and the sweet caring side of Simon. It was an easy book to read that I became invested in and would love to read more about the gang in Confluence.
Tink4evr 7 months ago
A hilariously funny story. This is just one of those instances that had me laughing OT loud. ““I can’t believe a kid broke my window.” She bit at her thumbnail. He shrugged. “Who else would have a sling shot and a piss poor aim?” “An errant hijacker, bandit, or…pirate?”” Will and Lucy were witty and charming and came up with the most ridiculous stories and situations. You will no regret reading it.
Wait-What 7 months ago
This was a quick, fun read with some quirky and unique story elements that I really enjoyed. I really liked the chemistry between William and Lucy and I adored the fake honeymoon undercover assignment. At times I found myself checking to see if this was a part of series because it felt like some things were mentioned without real context or reason so maybe this is the beginning of a series and those will be addressed later. It was just a little distracting when those loose threads would pop up. Otherwise I would have given this one a higher rating. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Bette313 7 months ago
I love this fantastically fun, sexy read that is a definite homerun for this debut author. Parts of the story are laugh out loud funny with some truly emotional parts that keep you flipping the pages. Lucy and Will are both strong wonderful characters and the author did a great job of letting us get to know these two. The story has a nice steady pace making it a relaxing easy read. I for one am looking forward to more from this author and definitely recommend this one.
Laura_F 7 months ago
Lucy is just about to start her new job in Confluence when she sees her former crush, William. She's worked really hard to leave behind the girl she was when she knew him and he's worked really hard to shed the image of reality tv star playboy. He doesn't remember her and doesn't understand why she seems to go out of her way to avoid him. When an assignment comes up that needs a couple posing as honeymooners, he insists she goes with him. Their chemistry is off the charts and their talent for bringing the story to life for their viewers is fantastic. This is my first book by this author and I definitely liked the writing style. I would have loved William so much more if he didn't prove to be the shallow, reality tv star he was thought to be throughout the story. Some of the drama felt unnecessary but overall I really enjoyed this story. The side characters were awesome and I really hope to see HEAs for them too!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
Lorizen 7 months ago
Welcome to Confluence, home to Camelot and Lucy's new job at the local TV station. For her it's just another step to where she feels she belongs, in front of the camera rather than behind the scenes. Accepting this job for her was a good thing, that is until she is faced with her long time crush William or Will as she calls him. She's staying at her friend Katie's place, Camelot which is in reality an old hotel converted into rather tacky units run by Dixie, a feisty old gal with a shotgun and not afraid to use it. Her son Jeff is the sheriff and he lives there also with his son Simon. She gets a surprise when William moves into the unit next door to her. He just wants to be close to her, he's crushing on her something fierce. All Lucy remembers is the William from 10 years ago when she was an intern on a reality show he was on, back then her physical appearance was not what it is today and she basically lived her entire young life being bullied and made to feel less than by her parents and everyone around her. Garnering a nickname I'm not even going to repeat because it's not necessary, she still struggles deeply with her traumatic past. Will doesn't recognize her. She does a great job at the news station and Will is set to take over the entire business which his deceased mother left to him when he turned 30. Outing his father who is a class A jackhat. He avoids his father like the plague and is trying to put his past behind him as well. Those days of that reality TV show were not who he is and never was. The story unfolds as these two edge closer to each other. Lucy holding back and when they go on an assignment together, a fake honeymoon couple checking out a local lodge that is supposedly dirty pool they have no choice but to grow closer. Will is busy fielding calls because the his role as owner and boss soon approach. Lucy's way to keep Will at arms length is to pull the employee boss card. Lucy also inherits a cat from the a neighbor who passed away who seems to like her. The cat doesn't like Will. When Lucy takes a few steps out on her own, because no one else was available Will gets angry. Angry Will is not a nice Will. I didn't like angry Will which made me question nice Will as well. Things escalate between these two, Will is pushy and when he realizes who Lucy is from the past he blows a gasket. He calls her that god awful name, for once she stands up for herself albeit quietly and knows she's done with Will. Will is angry and spewing his crap leaves. Good on him. Honestly Will knew how to turn it on, but don't assert yourself because he's lop your head off. The stuff he slung at Lucy made me cringe and it made me angry. The book was well written and the plot was solid. I liked Lucy, I wished her the best because she deserved it. She deserved better and more. Will,yeah not so much. He ran too hot and cold for me. His mouth was something I don't think I could have forgiven. Given that this story seems to evoke so much emotion from readers is good writing. I look forward to reading about Katie. I'm going to assume she's up next. Big thumbs up. *arc from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.**
ljtljtljt 7 months ago
The Honeymoon Trap is both a hot and entertaining read by debut author Christina Hovland. Ms. Hovland's writing style is uncomplicated and the way she cares about her characters is quite meaningful. Each personality has something to contribute, while working through the happenings in their day-to-day lives. This is the love story between Lucy Campbell, a news producer who wants to be in front of the camera, and William Covington, the soon-to-be CEO of his family's local TV conglomerate. Luce and Will met ten years ago, when she was an overweight and unattractive production assistant for the reality TV show that Will was starring in. During the production, Lucy's nickname was "caterpillar" and Will hardly ever gave her the time of day. Even though Will was portrayed as a womanizer, Lucy was in love with him. Now they are next door neighbors and work for the same TV station in Will's hometown of Confluence, Colorado. Luce has blossomed both professionally and personally, even though she is still very insecure about her appearance. Will has spent the last decade reporting the news, while living down his reality TV persona. Luce and Will work on a news expose together, which evolves their new friendship into a passionate romance. Life throws them a few curve balls that cause them to work really hard in order to find their happily ever after. Overall, I liked this small town romance. The characters are well-defined and easy to get to know. The plot is interesting and original. Luce and Will form a bond that is like no other, and I was cheering for them to end up together. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
FizzaYounis 7 months ago
It's a sweet but quite emotional read. I loved it, both characters are all great with interesting back stories. I enjoyed reading their story. Lucy is happy to start at a new place where no would know her. She is running from her past insecurities and trying to build a new life for herself. Also, it's great to get away from her parents who are not easy people to deal with. What she didn't count on was meeting her teenage crush, William. What more, he is not only her new neighbour, but also a colleague. Life just got a little bit more messy for her, good thing is that William doesn't seem to remember her and she hopes that it stays that way. William is back in his hometown. He is ready to take over the family business. He feels that he can make his mother proud, at last.However, the only downside is dealing with his controlling father. But he is no longer a child and he is not ready to forgive his father just yet. One bright thing in his life right now is Lucy. She is adorable and he can't help but feel attractive to her. For some reason she seems to discourage his attentions but he can feel that deep down she wants him just as much as he wants her. Will they be able to build a life together, in this small time where secrets cannot be kept hidden for long? It's well-written, sweet, and quite romantic story. I enjoyed all the embarrassing moments, the funny moments, and the romantic ones as well. There is some emotional trauma involved as well, but story is written in a lighthearted manner so anyone can enjoy it.
mamalovestoread22 7 months ago
Lucy is a new woman; with a new fit and trim body, a new home, in a new town, and new job that she hopes will give her everything she has ever wanted, but this new job comes with an unforeseen complication, an old jerky crush who broke her heart and hurt her feelings way back when. This is a complication she never anticipated, but when he beams his dazzling smile at her, announces that he is her new boss, and offers her a fake honeymoon trip as her first assignment, she decides to just roll with it, and see where it takes her. Who knows maybe it will be the best thing to ever happen to her! The Honeymoon Trap offers up a humorous and heartfelt story line, with some quirky characters that will keep you thoroughly entertained from start to finish! This first time read had me beaming throughout, the banter was top notch, the writing was easy to fall into, and the characters were well crafted; overall I would say it was a successful debut! Highly recommend, this one is certain to inspire a smile or two!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.