The Horn of Moran (Adventurers Wanted Series #2)

The Horn of Moran (Adventurers Wanted Series #2)

by M. L. Forman


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The land of Alusia is on the brink of war as two men have each claimed the throne. Only the true king can sound the Horn of Moran and prove his nobility. But the Horn has been lost for years. If it is not found — and soon — it could mean the destruction of an entire nation.

It wasn't that long ago that young Alexander Taylor embarked on his first adventure, where he discovered he was a wizard and destroyed the fearsome dragon, Slathbog. Now he joins a band of seasoned adventurers who have been called up to retrieve the legendary Horn of Moran.

Their journey to the mysterious Tower of the Moon will take them through an enchanted forest, into battle against a goblin army, past the watchful eyes of griffin guards, and face-to-face with a sphinx and her deadly riddles.

With his sword, Moon Slayer, and the wise counsel of his wizard mentor, Whalen Vankin, Alex must use all his wizard and warrior skills to fight a darkness that may consume them all.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781609089115
Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing
Publication date: 01/24/2012
Series: Adventurers Wanted Series , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 113,793
Product dimensions: 5.54(w) x 8.52(h) x 1.03(d)
Age Range: 10 - 13 Years

About the Author

M. L. Forman lives in the foothills of the western Rockies. He tries to write as much as possible while still attending to his many other hobbies, such as fishing, camping, hiking, and almost anything that will allow him to enjoy the magic of nature. He is the author of the Adventurers Wanted series.

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“So, tell me about this new adventure,” Alex said.

Bregnest nodded, settling down to business. “It seems that a cousin of mine has run into a bit of trouble. He is a king in Alusia, and some questions have come up about whether he is the true king.”

“If he’s king, how can there be any questions?”

“Well, the true kings of Athanor—that’s the area he rules—have traditionally carried the Horn of Moran as a sign of their nobility and right to rule,” Bregnest explained. “Unfortunately for my cousin, the Horn was lost about a hundred years ago.”

“Lost? How was it lost?”

“A young prince foolishly took the Horn with him on an adventure. He never returned from his travels, and since then, the kings of Athanor have been without the Horn,” Bregnest answered. “Now another family is claiming the throne, and my cousin needs the Horn of Moran to prove his true kingship.”

“Can anyone with the Horn claim to be king?” Alex questioned.

“Not exactly,” Bregnest replied in a thoughtful tone. “You see, the Horn will only sound if the true king uses it. A false king will not be able to get any sound from the Horn at all. At least, that’s what the legends claim.”

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