The Howling Heart

The Howling Heart



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ISBN-13: 9781629290201
Publisher: Caliburn Press
Publication date: 08/01/2013
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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The Howling Heart 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Tribute_Books_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Whoo-wee! Now this a fairy tale where mature women need only apply. April Bostic brings the heat and then some in this paranormal romance filled with erotic scenes and forbidden love between species. Can a human girl fall in love with a wolf? Paige Donovan does. She overcomes her qualms about what might be involved if she allows her half-human lover to claim her. She'll become a part of his pack, a group of inbred mythological wolves who live in the wilderness cut off from modern society and exhibit no inhibitions when it comes to getting naked. Paige quickly realizes that she's in for a lot more than she bargained for, but her love for Riley Gray, ultimately trumps her better judgment. Throughout the beginning of the novel, Paige flips back and forth when it comes to making a decision. Should she stay or should she go? Her rational mind is telling her to pack it up and head back to Manhattan and live a normal life. But she can't control the impulses of the flesh when she's around Riley. He bears his body to her, as well as his heart. In fact, he can't seem to stay away from her bed, tempting her with what they could become. Ultimately, he lowers her defenses until she can no longer resist his advances. At first, she thinks she's indulging in nothing more than a casual fling, and that she'll be able to walk away from Riley when the time comes. But by enjoying his body, she gets more than physical with him - she lowers the barriers surrounding her heart, making her question what she really wants. In the second half of the book, the action intensifies as another member of the pack tries to seize Paige from Riley. A bloody battle ensues where there can only be one victor. Riley puts his life on the line in order to save Paige from succumbing to a fate neither of them saw coming. Additional forces come between the couple as Paige's mom intervenes and catastrophic injuries befall both sides. It's only through the intervention of the Norse gods that their course is righted and the possibility of their having a future together is reestablished. The conclusion ultimately straddles both sides of the line as Paige and Riley find a way to balance fantasy with reality. It's a blend sure to satisfy both romance lovers and paranormal fans alike.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars The story's good but I had a hard time connecting with Riley. He acted immature throughout most of the book. Almost like a spoiled child. Sheriff Gray is the Alpha and talked about changing pack law as if it were almost impossible, then started making changes as if it were no big deal. BUT...there was something about the sheriff that was very sexy. Maybe his alpha ways? This is a sweet shifter romance which is why the question of beastiality had me concerned but it was just that, a question in the story. I did love the explanation of how the wolf shifters came to be. If this story came to be a series, I'd definitely like to read about other characters in their pack. Received a copy via RockStarLit in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.
VKingsBooks More than 1 year ago
This book was so different from other paranormal books I’ve read. First of all, the werewolves are not humans that turn into wolves, but rather wolves that look like humans. That is a very clever way to describe the species and it was a unique twist on the genre that I really liked. Paige Donovan, the main character is also a powerful protagonist. She is a city girl, looking to achieve success in her career at a fashion magazine, when her life is turned upside down. After her father dies, she inherits his cabin in the Rockies and as she is traveling there, she has an accident and wakes up in the town of Black River. There she learns about the Varulv, an ancient Scandinavian race of wolves that, through the power of the Norse gods, were given the ability to appear human. Although she wants to return home, she soon meets Riley Gray, a werewolf from England who will make her question not only her beliefs, but also her heart’s desires. A great combination of paranormal and romance that will please many readers.
Humber More than 1 year ago
This is a riveting story! Before I started reading it, I was a little unsure if it would be my type of book because I hadn't read much of this genre. I am pleased to share that it truly began nourishing my imagination from the very first Chapter. The characters and story-line immediately captured my focus and attention. I simply could not put this book down. Throughout the novel there were many twists that I hadn't expected. I became intrigued with the wolf pack hierarchy, their way of life and survival. I was enthralled with the love story unfolding between Riley & Paige; theirs was an undeniable love. I never knew if it would work out, and without revealing the end, I have to say this book kept me guessing with each page I turned. I wondered if Trevor and Paige's mom would interfere with their relationship. I wondered if Riley's dad would accept Paige's presence in the town. I wanted to hear more about how these two different worlds could possibly co-exist. I kept wondering; "can their love survive all of these obstacles?". It was heart-warming that Riley & Paige had never forgotten about each other since their chance encounter in the woods when they were just kids. Now I am left wondering if Trevor can survive in her world? I hope there is a sequel to this book; I want to hear more about their life after this novel.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
This is a different paranormal shifter story with Norse mythology added for good measure! I really liked the explanation for the existence of wolf shifters and the enthralling plot into which it is woven. It is a unique take on this genre, with many new to me aspects which make this such an enjoyable story to get lost in (and my family can confirm that I really did get lost in it, I really needed 'Do Not Disturb' signs around me whilst reading it!) There are many well portrayed characters in the story, from Paige and Riley, to his family and step family and her Mum and boss. I couldn't quite make my mind up about Riley, he's a total mix of strong beta male threatening to be alpha but love makes him into more of a howling, weak, wretch at times. Most of the story is set in a small, remote village in the Colorado Rockies, with a tight knit community complete with its own set of rules and regulations. Although Paige and Riley met when she was only ten years old he's been fixated on her being his mate ever since. I liked the reveal about how he got her to return to visit and the role of the gods in their reunion. There are plenty of anxious moments as the story develops, including a fight to the death. To find out between whom and why, you'll just have to read it yourself! A great addition to shifter romance writing, I suspect this author's work will just keep on improving! Many thanks to IndieSage PR for providing me with an ecopy of this novel to read in exchange for my honest review.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Crystal Book provided by the author for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book When I started reading this book I didn’t know how it was going to go. I didn’t know if Paige was going to be full of herself or have the heart that she had as a child. I liked how the story started out and getting to see how everything happened to make me understand Paige and Riley’s relationship. Paige loves her father and he has always been there for her and taken up for her. Her mom is a different story. I just couldn’t stand that woman and never understood how her parents ended up with each other. Paige and her father would’ve had a wonderful time at the cabin without her mom. I wonder how the story would’ve been like if that had happened. I can’t say that there was much about Paige that I didn’t like. She did try to fight the love that Riley was given her because she didn’t think that she could give up everything to be with him until she had to let him go. Riley is a great person and there are things that he has done that he shouldn’t have done. His father seems so big and bad but when it comes to his kids you can see the love he has for them. He is a strong alpha that has to have the pack first no matter what his feelings are for his children. I was expecting to hate him when I first started reading about him. I am glad that my first thought was wrong. Riley does take after his father even if he thinks he doesn’t. I do believe he would be a wonderful Alpha if the time ever came for him to be one. This wasn’t like the wolf-shifter books that I normally read. It isn’t all a fairy tale and everything is all great. You can see what these shifters had to do to survive. Yes some things might be dark and gruesome but you get to understand them better because of it. The ending wasn’t what I thought it would be either. It was a great story to get lost in and I didn’t want to reach the ending. I was on the edge of my seat during some of the scenes in this story but I won’t give anything away. To say that the two main people in the story had to fight for their love is all I will let you know about. It made everything so much sweeter in the end. This isn’t your story were everything happens the way you want it to. I love how the author wrote this book and I will be wanting to know more. I wonder if there will be anymore about this pack in her coming books? I hate that it would just end like this. If you love shifter books then this is the book for you. It isn’t like your normal one and that is what makes it stand out more.
eternalised More than 1 year ago
I find werewolf stories usually to be less interesting as vampires / witches, mostly because they tend to have pretty basic core, and little originality. The Howling Heart proved me very, very wrong. The author has been inspired by Norse culture and ancient folklore to craft a rather impressive werewolf legend that definitely ranks high on the originality ladder. Paige, our main character, had it all. Climbing the corporate ladder three steps at a time, so to speak, she thought life couldn’t get any better. It ended up getting a lot worse. Her Dad passed away, and in an attempt to deal with her grief, she travels to the cabin he left for her in his will, a remote cabin far away from civilization, which her family visited sometimes when she was younger. The setting is a small, remote village. I love those kind of villages, old and traditional, tucked away from the rest of the world, where everyone knows everyone. The setting was described well, and I immediately felt like I could picture the scenes. Added in is, of course, an alpha male, Riley Gray. I usually tend to dislike the alpha male trope because for some reason, these alphas always act like they’re superior to everyone. Riley doesn’t really act that way though. He’s protective, he likes to take charge, and he’s very good at charming people, but he lacks most of the personality traits I tend to dislike about alphas. This book is a gritty read, and you know, wolves will be wolves, so the action in the bedroom (and other places) is always a bit on the rough side. I’d definitely recommend keeping this book away from minors. I enjoyed the plot, characters, setting, and the writing as well. A solid read.
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
From the start I could tell I was going to enjoy reading this book, as it has everything I love to read about – romance, wolves and the paranormal. It’s incredibly well written and the story flowed so smoothly that I soon found myself quickly devouring the chapters. One of the most interesting parts for me was that the wolves shift to men, rather than the other way round which is typical of most stories, and are born as pups. Paige and Riley are perfect for each other. Riley is the sort every girl would fall, gorgeous, sensitive and knows what he wants and Paige is strong and independent, determined to get her dream career. Their romance isn’t easy, with pack life getting in the way, but love really does conquer all for them. There were other characters that also came to life, Riley’s twin sister Quinn being one of them, and if there are any plans to turn this into a series her story would be great to read. Over all, this really is a great read and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading paranormal romance. I received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
pageprincess_50 More than 1 year ago
************** GORGEOUS WEREWOLVES & STRONG WOMEN ************** EXCELLENT READ Category /Genre: Paranormal Romance, NA Received from: April Bostic (in exchange for an honest review) Tour by: Read Between the Lines Recommended for: 18+ due to sexual content & violence Grammar/editing: A – near perfect Ms. Bostic has created new rules for her werewolves. These are not men who become wolves, but wolves with the ability to look like men for a time. WARNING: There is talk of the possibility of bestiality, but there are no actual scenes of it. This part is extremely well done to reduce the squeamish factor. I absolutely loved our two main characters, Paige and Riley. Every girl wants a boy like Riley. He is sensitive, but dominates. He knew he loved Paige from the time they first met and would do anything to get her to give him a chance. Paige is strong, independent, and fierce, but willing to submit to Riley for the sake of their pack. Her love grows for him in such an organic way, that nothing feels forced. I almost forgot I was reading a story instead of living another life. Oh, and the ending! The ending was such a fairy-tale perfect ending. There is no indication that Ms. Bostic intends to make this a series, but I hope she will give this serious consideration. I would love to see Riley’s sister, Quinn, find her HEA. As always with a pack, there are supporting characters who could be brought out in future episodes to expand this into a series.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
As someone who reads lots of shifter stories it was refreshing discovering one that set itself apart from the rest of the pack. This story delves deep into the wolf society/Norse myths/Varulv culture to amp up the sexuality and the dominant nature of these shifters. As wolves who can change into humans there was always an animalistic feel to every action. It made for a gritty read full of sexual tension completely lacking in embarrassment when it comes to matters of sex. This story therefore veered off into some very erotic territory that might disturb some but left me parched at times. This unexpected sexual intensity caught my attention and kept me turning the pages whenever I got a bit frustrated by the conflicted characters. When first meeting Paige we see a strong and confident woman excelling in her field. She loves the city and the fast-paced lifestyle it offers. Upon her father's death she's forced into a small cabin in the woods where she's reacquainted with the wolf who captured her attention years before but to claim him she must turn away from the life she's known. I admired her independent nature early on but that seemed to get lost along the way as she got closer to Riley. With as hot and devoted as Riley is though it's no wonder Paige is left confused by the feelings he engenders in her. Riley vividly remembers the young girl he met years ago and swore to bond with one day. Riley's been waiting for her forever and is willing to fight for her to keep her from returning to the big city. From the moment they're back together he unleashes a sexual onslaught that you can't help falling for. He's comfortable in his sexuality which I found immensely attractive which led to some very gritty sexual talk. All this combined made Riley a very drool-worthy character no matter the dark deeds he's sometimes had to perpetrate in the name of the pack and his duty as Beta. With its unique view of shifters and its gritty sexuality I found myself drawn to this story. Much of the conflict is internal with issues dealt with quickly. There's a few unexpected twists and turns along the way but ultimately this story is about the power of love. Can intense attraction lead to more and how much are you willing to give up for the promise of undying love? You discover all that and more in this story that I enjoyed on many levels but was left wanting in many other areas. It's unique and creative but was missing something on a more personal level but has me still recommending it to fans of the paranormal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a captivating tale of a girl named Paige, who at the age of ten, meets a boy named Riley who happens to be a wolf. Years later, she inherits her father's cabin located in the Rocky Mountains -  the same place where she first met Riley - and returns to the town of Black River.  Riley comes back to claim her as his own and she is thrown into his world unexpectedly. There begins a love story filled with danger and romance likened to Romeo and Juliet. Paige goes on a brave endeavor to steadfastly stay by Riley's side, no matter what.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The tension in this novel is created in the battle between Manhattan and Mother Nature. Paige Donovan wants to have it all. But in order to be happy, she's going to have to choose her love life over her skyrocketing career. Even though she's worked her butt off for the last five years to secure her dream job at Elle magazine, she considers giving it all up in order to be with the man she loves, Riley Gray. So why can't Riley just move to New York? Because he lives in an isolated, mountainous community of paranormal wolves that are able to take human form. Paige doesn't want to deprive Riley of his need to hunt and the position of authority he holds in the pack as beta wolf. Since childhood, he's never ventured outside of the remote town of Black River, Colorado nestled within the rugged landscape of the Rocky Mountains. He's never been to the big city because he knows he wouldn't fit in there. He belongs in the wild where he can roam free and shift into a wolf whenever he feels the urge. He doesn't have to keep his true identity hidden. He can live at one with nature by remaining on the fringes of society and staying away from humans. The verdant forests and lush mountain streams soon work there magic on Paige. Once Riley takes her to the site of a picturesque waterfall hidden deep within the woods, her desire to return to a teeming metropolis begins to wane. She might feel scared at times living by herself in her father's rustic cabin, but she begins to embrace her new habitat once she's able to see it through Riley's eyes. Paige knows that he'll be able to keep her safe in an environment that seems dangerous and unfamiliar. As she gets to know him, she learns to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around her while falling for a man who considers it his home.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Sometimes, incidents that happen to us when we’re children stay with us the rest of our lives. We may put them aside as we grow older and not think about them, until something triggers a memory. Then it all returns, fear or pleasant memories, depending on the remembered experience. In Author April Bostic’s paranormal romance novel, THE HOWLING HEART, Paige has an encounter with wolves, one of them white, when she’s ten years old. She also sees a naked boy. As an adult, Paige works at Elle, a fashion magazine, and has a two-timing boyfriend. When her father passes away and leaves her their cabin in Black River, Colorado, where she met the white wolf as a child, she decides to return to the cabin for a while. The people in Black River are not what they seem. Who is Riley, a young man who looks like a god? What secrets is he keeping? And what about his twin sister, Quinn? Paige soon must make choices, choices that could mean life or death for herself and the new friends she has made at Black River. I don’t want to give anything away about the story, but THE HOWLING HEART gives interesting details about the origins of the wolves in Black River. There’s romance, along with some steamy scenes that I skimmed through. (Not my normal kind of reading.)The language is rough at times, so I’m warning you in case you aren’t fond of bad words. I skimmed them as well, perhaps because I write for children and teens. The characters are well developed, some likable, others good villains. The ending surprised me, and I had hoped for something different. Still, it makes sense, and you may think it’s just right. The author has written a story that will keep you turning pages for sure, seldom a dull moment. ###
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This paranormal romance took me out of my comfort zone in a way I wasn't expecting. I've read a lot of stories about wolves and humans falling in love, but this rendition takes it one step further. What if the furry, four-legged creature with razor sharp teeth wasn't able turn back into a man after having the girl fall in love with him? Would their relationship continue? That's the gray area that April Bostic explores in THE HOWLING HEART. Paige Donovan is a girl in her early twenties who reconnects with Riley Gray, the guy who's been secretly pining for her for years. They met briefly as children when Paige was vacationing with her parents in their cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Back then, Paige didn't know Riley was a wolf, but when she comes back to the cabin for the first time after her father dies, Riley immediately recognizes her scent. Sure, she's attracted to him, but she doesn't immediately share the same level of intense devotion that he has for her. In fact, she's a little creeped out by it. Riley admits that he hasn't dated anyone his entire life, while she's had her heart broken on more than one occasion by guys who have cheated on her. Riley goes on to explain that wolves mate for life and if she agrees to let him mark her with his teeth they'll be bonded for eternity. These animal tendencies of Riley's personality are usually brought to the forefront. He walks around in public naked. He climbs through her bedroom window. He howls when she tries to leave him. And then, Paige faces a FIFTY SHADES OF GREY-like dilemma when Riley starts questioning just how far she's willing to go with him. At first, she's appalled and won't even consider what he's asking. But little by little, he begins to chip away at her reluctance. She starts to imagine different scenarios with him, open to the possibility of taking things in a different direction. The subject matter delves into areas that are meant for mature audiences and reader discretion is strongly advised. The participants don't actually go there, but the innuendo and foreshadowing are highly suggestive and should come with a warning label. I found parts of the book to be quite graphic in detail, and high in shock value. I was taken by surprise by such passages and wasn't anticipating them based on the synopsis. This novel works best for readers who are open-minded when it comes to their tastes for the erotic. For a more general audience of romance lovers, it might come across as controversial and disturbing. It all depends on the comfort level of the individual in regards to explicit content and deviation from the basic romantic formula found in most love stories. Regardless of personal preference, Bostic succeeds in describing sexual situations you won't soon forget.
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The Howling Heart by April Bostic - Paige Donovan is a hard working young woman who grew up a daddy’s girl and had an adversarial (at best) relationship with her mother. Paige just received a promotion and discovered she had a cheating boyfriend when she receives news of her father’s death. After the funeral, she finds out she was left her family’s cabin in the mountains of Colorado, in a town called Black River. She decides to take some vacation time to check out the cabin and gather her thoughts. Paige is quick to realize there is something very different about the inhabitants of Black River. In addition, there’s a childhood playmate who now wants to do more than play and someone out to get their revenge... **SPOILERS BELOW** The Howling Heart left me with some very mixed feelings. On the one hand, it drew me in quickly and was an engaging read. I was fascinated by the Varulv and how different they are from “normal” werewolves. Their origin story was intriguing and I’d love to read a story just about their beginning sometime. To me, Paige was inconsistent in her personality and her actions. She’s working at a famous fashion magazine, gets a great promotion, and then when she’s out in Colorado doesn’t call in to work once. She doesn’t let them know how long she’s going to be gone or even if she’s going back. Yet then at the end, she waltzes right in and still has her position. It would seem to me in that industry (or any), she wouldn't have a job waiting for her. She also never let her mother know she was okay or what her decision was about staying. Sure, her mother is a grade-A pain, but you’d think she’d give her a heads up as an FYI. Paige also is scared of wolves, but then when she finds out Riley is Varulv (as are most in Black River), she’s okay with it – mostly. Then there is the push me-pull me of ‘I love Riley, but I have to go back to NYC’. Also, she pushes him into having sex when he wants to wait for the induction and mating ceremony. She wants Riley to respect her feelings and thoughts, but doesn’t give the same in return. There are times when Paige seems to be strong, but then she has no backbone in other situations. It just seemed like she didn’t know who she was or what she really wanted. I wasn’t a big fan of some of the rules of the Varulv either, especially when it came to the treatment of females. Yet for all their rigid rules, Riley’s father (the Black River alpha) seems to change some of them on a whim. Also, the blatantly literal deus ex machina at the end of the book rubbed me a bit wrong. Although, Paige’s other option to stay with Riley also sits wrong, so the deus ex machina is actually the lesser of two evils in a sense. I liked Riley and Quinn the best and became attached to them easily. The Howling Heart is well-written overall, and some of the characters are solid and stay consistent throughout the entirety. I was drawn to finish the story and enjoyed it despite of the issues I personally had with some of its' aspects.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Paige Donovan is a girl willing to try new things. She leaves her dream position at a New York fashion magazine for a cabin in the woods. She gets inducted into a mysterious cult straight out of Norse mythology. And to top it off, she even considers having sex with a wolf. As a romance heroine, Paige covers new ground, not afraid to explore areas that might be considered taboo. She ventures into uncharted territory on so many different levels. She doesn't shy away from things just because the culture at large views them as forbidden. She opens herself up to new experiences in order to make up her own mind about what's important to her. At the same time, she displays quite a multi-faceted persona. She's a young woman still in her early twenties. She gets intimidated around good-looking guys. She places a great deal of emphasis on her appearance. She trusts the wrong men with her heart. Basically, she's learning the game of life as she goes along. Her heart is telling her what it wants, but at the beginning she's too stubborn to listen. She wants things the way she envisions them, not necessarily what's best for her. Designer clothes, a prestigious job, the luxuries of city life - all pale in comparison when it comes to reconnecting with Riley Gray, her one true love. After discovering Riley's paranormal identity, Paige struggles to keep a grip on reality. She wants to believe in the concept of soul mates and that the little boy she encountered as a child could really grow into the man she could spend the rest of her life with, but she hesitates. She doesn't want to give up on everything she's worked so hard for in her career. She's unsure of how she truly feels about a man who can so easily declare his love for her when she experiences such difficulty expressing her feelings. She wonders if she's making things more complicated instead of just following her instincts or does she know herself better than she thinks? In the end, she has to decide whether she's going to stay with Riley in the isolated town of Black River and if she can imagine a different future for herself than the one she had planned.
SunMtnReviews More than 1 year ago
The Howling Heart is a sweet paranormal romance about the depth of love between two individuals from vastly different social worlds who must overcome almost impossible obstacles to find their way to each other. Along the way, this young couple will have to risk everything that’s familiar and safe to them to find happiness, and a pervading question throughout the book is  how much Paige is willing to sacrifice for a man who loves her so deeply, it’s almost heartbreaking at times. I would place this book in the new adult paranormal romance genre, and it’s one that adults of all ages who like the supernatural might enjoy, but because of the sexual situations, I wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers. I enjoyed the inclusion of Norse mythology connected to the origin of the Varulv wolves that live in secret all over the world. The story is set in the remote area of Black River, Colorado, where Riley Gray’s pack has settled, living quietly apart from humans. Bostic does a great job in describing and explaining this male-dominated, patriarchal group of super wolves who abide by their own laws. In fact, humans have never been allowed into their world until Paige Donovan arrives in town. Riley and Paige already have a connection, a bond that’s formed between them, even though Paige isn’t aware of it when she arrives back in Black River to stay in her father’s cabin where she spent one wonderful summer as a child. Paige is a recent college graduate and her career is just beginning to blossom at a prestigious fashion magazine until she learns of her father’s death. She takes a brief leave of absence to revisit the cabin so she can decide what to do with it.  She becomes terrified when she discovers evidence a wolf has been lingering in her cabin and decides to cut her trip short. However, unfortunate circumstances prevent her departure and she ends up staying with Riley and his family instead.  Overall, Paige is a likeable character, but she always seemed to be one step behind in making connections that seem so obvious. Paige’s fear of wolves is the first of many obstacles Riley must face as he tries to win Paige’s heart. He knows she is the woman he’s been waiting for all of his life and wants to claim her, but pack law prevents wolves from telling humans about their existence.  Paige becomes almost hysterical at the thought of wolves being in the vicinity, and Riley’s father, the alpha of the pack, has forbidden Riley from trying to explain the situation to her.  However, Riley is determined not to let Paige leave.  Paige is just getting over a heartbreak of her own and has no intentions of falling in love with Riley, but he is sweet, patient, and relentless in his pursuit of her.  Whereas Riley seems to have a case of “insta-love,” Paige initially only has “insta-lust,” but her resolve to leave weakens as she spends more time with the beautiful white wolf who is quick to profess his love and adoration for her. Riley is a charming hero, who is strong and confident and not overly “alpha” when he’s with Paige. I also like that he is so easily able to express his emotions and feelings around Paige instead of holding everything in.  Pack law plays an important role in the story and is a catalyst for much of the external conflict that ensues. The arrival of an unwelcome Varulv wolf  also adds another level of unexpected drama and danger to the plot and shows that if finding love is hard, holding onto it is even more difficult.  Overall, this is a feel-good paranormal romance about a couple’s struggle to overcome overwhelming odds to keep them apart and left me with a big smile at the end. I would like to see Riley’s sister, Quinn, have her own story. She is a strong, supportive character and deserves a chance for happiness. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
Paige Donavon has just been offered her dream job at Elle, a big time magazine.   When her father dies her world crashes in around her.  He leaves her his old cabin in the Colorado Rockies and she rushes out to see what state the cabin is in.    She rents a jeep and an elk runs in front of her causing her to crash her vehicle.  When she awakes she is in a trailor being nursed to health by twins Quinn and Riley Gray, werewolves.   With these new friends her whole world is turned upside down.   Riley has fallen in love with Paige and does not want her to return to New York.   Paige has feelings for Riley and is unsure if she can give up her dream job and life in New York to live in the small quiet community of Black River.  I love werewolf paranormal stories.   This one is so unique in the werewolf/human story.   Can true love happen between two beings who are so different from each other?   April Bostic wrote a great story that I loved.  Every character was written so that the reader actually knew them.   They were all my friends and I was experiencing all the drama, fights, love, and heart ache that they were feelings.   The only character in the book that I just did not like was Paige’s mom.  She was just nasty.  From the very beginning she was a horrible mother.   The way she talked to Paige made it a miracle that she did not have huge issues due to mistreatment from her mother.     I was extremely happy that she had a father who was not only present in her life, but was a positive presence in her life.    When he passed away at the beginning of the story I was devastated for her.  Yet Paige manages to come out ahead and make a good life for herself.  When Riley asks Paige if they can have sex when he is in wolf form I was unsure how to react.   That is strange…really strange.  I still am not sure how to react, but I moved past that and enjoyed the rest of the story. As far as paranormal stories go this makes it to the top of my lists.   I loved how Alpha-males were involved.  When Riley had to fight to win Paige I loved it.    The rules were there to protect the pack, but the Alpha’s realized that the world is changing and that the rules had to reflect those changes.     I will highly recommend this to all my fellow paranormal, werewolf readers.
AmandaP2012 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I found the story interesting and engaging. I found that the writing was very good and the characters were well thought out. I found myself irritated occasionally at the Paige's actions, as well as Riley's behavior, but was happy at how everything turned out at the end. That I cared about the characters is proof of how engrossed I became in this book. The story kept me so entertained, that I sat down and read it all in one sitting. The book is a good ole romance story, boy meets girl and they fall for each other. It has the added bonuses of werewolves and Norse gods, which I found refreshing. There are a couple of twists and turns before the ending that caught me by surprise. That is a great thing! I do not enjoy books that are completely lacking in complexity. I like there to be a little Huh? moment during a story and this book definitely delivered. The book, obviously, is not for young readers. There is graphic language, violence, and steamy sex scenes. I would recommend this book for adults that like a good, steamy romance. Disclaimer: I received this book for free in order to review it. Regardless, the opinions are my own and were in no way influenced.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
THE HOWLING HEART by April Bostic 4 of 5 Stars Paige Donovan is leading the life of her dreams recently promoted to Creative Designer at Elle Magazine.  Her life takes an unexpected turn when her father passes away leaving her his cabin in the Colorado Rockies that they vacationed at when she was a child. Riley Gray will never forget the day that Paige walked out of his life thirteen years ago when she was a child, and he was a wolf pup.  Now she is back in his small town of Black River, Colorado, and he has to convince her that they belong together. I really enjoyed The Howling Heart.  April Bostic did a great job with her character development.  It seems like Riley’s thinking is very wolf-like verses human.  The interaction between Paige and Riley is enthralling. This is one of those books that is hard to put down so you might want to start it when you have time to finish it in one sitting.  ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.    
EmiliaS More than 1 year ago
**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review** I thought this was a pretty good read. I enjoyed the different spin on werewolves, with the addition of Norse Gods and folklore. It was an interesting story about love at first sight and how one truly never forgets their first love. Both Paige and Riley both feel that missing piece their entire lives until they reconnect in Black River. Granted their first encounter was a bit different than most but it just shows that people who are meant to be together will always find a way in each other's path.  When Paige has to return to the family cabin in Black River she quickly finds herself in lust with the hot guy from the grocery store and terrified of the wolf stalking her. She's terrified and ready to leave when a car accident extends her stay in Black River. Her rescuer, Riley, just happens to be the hot guy from the store and the one that will change her life as she knows it. But it seems at every turn there is an obstacle thrown their way, but will love prevail?  I was a little weirded out by the mention of the possibility of bestiality, but thank heavens that didn't take place, I don't think I could have finished if it did. Other than that, it was a good read and I'll definitely be reading more of April Bostic's work.
Cuanam More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing book. The research into the Norse myth on Varulv was very well done. That's one of my favorite Myths by the way. It was really a no brainer that I'd read this book. I spotted no noticeable errors in this work at all. The story is continue flow. Paige's story caught me from the first sentence, which is rare that a story will do that for me. I particularly liked how real it was. I can only imagine the amount of research April did to ensure all her wolf facts as well as all the myth facts about the Varulv were accurate. The wolf hierarchy was beautifully laid out from Alpha to the role of Omega. Riley is your typical love struck male wolf. In love with the same woman more than half his life, and she with him (even if she didn't know it yet.) I was sad to see this story come to an end. Though a few things did irritate me. Paige was an adult, yet she let her mother force her to leave and to sell her cabin. And what will happen if Riley and Paige have children now that they're not in the security of Black River anymore? Hopefully these questions will be answered with a sequel or something, since they are very large loopholes within this work. Only one other bugged me. It's mentioned several times that Riley's coloring is rare and that he must be special because of it, yet nothing comes of that at all. Perhaps if a sequel is written, that can be looked into a well for some closure. I really did enjoy this story and I honestly hope to be able to slip into the lives of the Black River Pack again someday. I give this book 4 of 5 paws
rockygirl1 More than 1 year ago
I don’t know why this one caught my attention.  I try to stay away from these kinds of books to be honest. But for some reason I chose this one. I found myself drawn into the world of Black Creek and the wolves immediately.  And it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. I really enjoyed the book and read the entire thing in one sitting.  But here is the thing, this really is more of a romance than any kind of young adult or even new adult.  When you get to the sex scenes you will understand why. I rated it as low as I did because I really think that the story could have been told without all the graphic details and sex scenes.  Though sometimes I really just want a romance novel, and for that it was definitely a good read. I really liked the character of Riley, and he and Paige, though they bordered on the instalove thing, I really liked them together and their relationship, especially as they found ways for their relationship to work. Overall, not a bad story, if you are reading it as a romance!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
The cabin in Black River, Colorado was supposed to be something fun for young Paige, but her parents’ constant fighting scared her so much, she decided running away had to be better. That’s when she found a cute little white puppy in the woods, and a few minutes of happiness and joy until she was surrounded by a pack of snarling wolves, protecting their little packmate. Her family never went back to that cabin, so when Paige’s father dies and leaves it to her years later, she returns to Black River to re-visit the memories and deal with what to do with the cabin, taking a leave from her coveted high-fashion magazine job in the New York. Alone in the cabin, Paige receives a “visit” from a large white wolf, but the sheriff doesn’t seem to be as concerned as he should be. Deciding that it’s better to keep the cabin in her past, she leaves town and is in an accident and is rescued by an Adonis of a blonde guy who is determined to keep her around, but again, she finds that her space is invaded by something that sheds white hairs. Again, no one seems concerned. What is going on in this remote little town? Why is this hot guy so determined to keep her around? And why is he completely naked so often? And finally, what do Norse Gods have to do with wolves? What are Varulv? The Howling Heart by April Bostic is part mystery, part romance, all paranormal and shows a lot of naked bits, by a lot of naked shifters. I like a good paranormal romance, love the tension, the danger, the confusion by the human until the light finally goes on and acceptance and more are achieved. I just couldn’t fully believe or connect with the two main characters as much as I wanted. I did find supporting characters that I wanted to know more about, and completely enjoyed, though! Paige was an educated adult working in the high-end fashion industry in New York, yet her character seemed too timid and too embarrassingly fascinated by all of the casual nudity, while her feminine feathers were completely ruffled by the thought of being subservient to a male for anything. Riley, our hotter than blazes shifter was the Alpha’s son and had decided as a pup that Paige was to be his mate. He never forgot her and went way overboard when she returned to Black River. As a character, he was not consistent and seemed rather naïve to the human world, and dare I say, often suffered from “dumb blonde” syndrome a little too much for my liking. To his credit, he did show some hot moves on the battlefield and in the bedroom, but I still couldn’t see him with Paige and there were times I questioned his actions. This is fantasy, we can be taken from pure and innocent to melting hot erotica in a matter of a few pages and that is where April Bostic took us, so I can’t say I wouldn’t let Riley shed on my bed! I wish to thank April Bostic for providing me a review copy of The Howling Heart in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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