The Hundred Cuts: Sitting Bull and the Major

The Hundred Cuts: Sitting Bull and the Major

by Colin Morton



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ISBN-13: 9781894543552
Publisher: BuschekBooks
Publication date: 09/01/2009
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.00(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue: The View from Indian Cliff 9


Her-Holy-Door Tells How a Bird Saved Her Son Sitting Bull 19

How Jumping Bull Was Named 20

Kootenai Brown Meets Sitting Bull and Lives to Tell the Tale 21

Sitting Bull Addresses Father de Smet's Peace Mission 22

Sitting Bull Tells How He Brought Destruction to Longhair Custer 23

Sitting Bull Speaks, Louis Léveillé Interprets 25

Gray Eagle's Complaint 26

The Force

Billy Walsh to Ma and Pa Walsh, New Year's Day 1874 29

Fred Bagely Remembers 30

Billy Walsh to Ma and Pa Walsh, New Year's Day 1875 32

Reveille, Fort Walsh 34

The Dressing Down 35

Major Walsh, Fort Walsh, to Colonel Macleod, Fort Macleod 36

Mission Creep: The Major on Leave 37

My Major: Louis Léveillé Speaks 38

At the Breachwork: Surgeon Kittson Speaks 41

Billy Walsh to Ma Walsh and Family, October 3, 1876 42

Words in Council

Tatanka Yotanka Speaks 45

Our Only Friend: Gall Speaks 46

Spotted Eagle Speaks 47

Crowfood's Advice 48

Sitting Bull to Louis Riel 49

The Hero Speaks for His Brother Broad Trail 50

Boundary Issues

Fair Trade: Jean-Louis Legaré 53

Four Horns Does Not Speak, Louis Léveillé Interprets Interprets 55

The Major Lays Down the Law 56

Major Walsh to Cora 58

The Major's Curse: St. Anthony's Fire 59

Country Remedies: Surgeon Kittson Speaks 60

Lakota Nights 61

Spotted Eagle Tells How Crazy Horse Defeated Longhair Custer 62

My Enemy's Enemy 63

Billy Walsh on Assignment for the Free Press 66

Colonel Macleod to His Wife Mary 68

Sitting Bull on the Major 69

Mary Elizabeth Walsh on Her Husband 70

Major Walsh to MaryElizabeth 71

Major Walsh to Cora 72

Seen by the Nation 73

Sitting Bull Dreams 74

Thrown Away

The River Between Us 77

Sitting Bull Takes His Last Scalp 78

Lieutenant Tillson's Report to General Miles, July 1879 79

Henri Julien Sends Mementoes to Mrs. Walsh of Prescott 81

Major Walsh's Transfer Out: Surgeon Kittson 82

On the Carpet 83

Brown Study on the Grey Ride Home to Brockville 85

The Major Meets General Hammond of the U.S. Indian Bureau 86

Impounded at Fort Randall: Her-Holy-Door 87

Songs of Sitting Bull 90

Epilogue: At Sitting Bull's Grave 91

Notes and Acknowledgements 92

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