The Hunger: Invasion of the Tekorei

The Hunger: Invasion of the Tekorei

by Aija Athene

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The Hunger: Invasion of the Tekorei by Aija Athene


“Taste me,” she whispers, “Open wide.”
A smell, like sweet amber wafts across her nostrils, sends tingles and goosebumps to feather across her skin. Her deep, brown eyes darken, widen like someone on the old earth drug ecstacy, once called “Molly.”
A white flash, as he parts his beautifully sculpted lips. It was as if he was made for her. Designed exactly by the Divine Goddess as the perfect lover. His smell...she could bathe in it. She would willingly die, just to feel him inside her once more.

For an instant, a row of teeth as sharp as a T-Rex’s fill her vision. The fear, sharpened by arousal, causes her clitoris to swell even more, bringing it in contact with her already swollen lips and she climaxes sharply with a piercing cry.

In a wink, the teeth remold, becoming human again, and perfect. So impossibly perfect, she leaned forward and ran her tongue against them, getting his soft, velvety tongue in exchange as her reward, his sweet cinnamon-y breath wafting over her face, and causing her to spasm with pleasure again....

He runs his fingers over her taut breasts....”

Tekorei have always lusted after Earth women. Huge, fearsome, with gigantic appendages, they are an alien race without any females of their own and they are said to be able to take on any form pleasing to women. And they’re sweet seducers.

Once existing only in the etheric spheres, the Tekorei are in a race to breed as many of their kind as possible. And since they want to experience earthly pleasures, no mortal is safe. Because the price you pay for heaven in a Tekorei’s arms is an excruciating death when giving birth to their offspring.

But are they creatures from another planet, or are they the leftover fallen angels--the Nephilim? And while it is said that their lovemaking can be “heaven on earth”, many impregnated die when giving birth to their offspring....

Now they're able to manifest on the physical plane due to the work of a mysterious, unscrupulous cult, hoping to fuse their DNA to a select few and gain power.

While scientists race to develop the CREDO, a grid-like structure to keep Tekorei out, while healers race to grow enough plants--earth natural defense--to develop an effective contraceptive, and while PRIME works to seek out, fight and destroy those Tekorei on earth, its director fights a lonely battle with her heart.

Katiija of Prime Council has been tasked to find and destroy all Tekorei, a job she has sworn to do....

Because Katiija’s secret lover is Tekorei. One who brings her such pleasure she cannot bear to give him up.


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BN ID: 2940148354680
Publisher: eEdgeMedia, LLC
Publication date: 01/23/2014
Series: Rise of the Tekorei , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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